Your Choice Has Made a Difference

Thank you for your selfless contribution of volunteering to donate your eggs. What you have decided to do is immeasurable in its kindness and is a gift that can never be fully repaid. You have made a difference by giving hope where there would have been none.

Your application has been received and your profile made available as an egg donor on baby2mom. Only potential recipients can view the non-confidential version of your profile. Please note that your profile and childhood pictures will only be available to potential recipients upon request. Your information is secure and can't simply be accessed from anywhere on the internet.

The More We Know About You the Better

The decision to conceive though egg donation is emotional and has a lifelong impact. By providing the recipients with as much detail as possible, you can help form a heartfelt connection. To help develop connections between donors and recipients we implore donors to:

  • Send pictures - We require childhood pictures up to around the age of 10 and an adult picture, which we will keep secure but will use to describe your features. It is really helpful for recipients to have a description of your facial features, skin complexion, build and other physical characteristics. You can send your childhood photos to us via email or MMS with your name to +27 84 465 8353. We would appreciate if you could send as many childhood pictures as possible.
  • Complete the whole form – Pictures provide a possibility for a connection based on physical appearance but true emotional connections are made by the details contained in the egg donor registration form. All the qualities that make you special are the ones that recipients want to embrace. Help them learn about who you are.
  • Please stay in touch - Let us know if any of your contact details change. You never know when you may be chosen as a donor
  • Convert more people into donor angels - If you come across anyone else interested in egg donation or surrogacy please direct them to baby2mom and help spread the deep, fulfilling joy of parenthood.
  • Once a baby2mom recipient has made a connection with you through your profile, we will confirm your availability and the preliminary process of egg donation can begin. A more in-depth discussion about the procedure will take place at the time. We will also need your acceptance in writing to proceed. You should view the donor commitment and acknowledge your part in this life-affirming procedure by filling in the form at the end.

Bless you for your amazing help!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

See more about the POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act.