Recommended Surrogate Lawyer
Contact Details of Surrogate Attorneys:
Anthony Wilton Thinane, Inc.
  • Facilitations of highly successful surrogacy programs in South Africa. 
  • Noted surrogate legal team was influential in leading the way with most updated methods to secure parental rights and responsibilities in favour of commissioning parents even before the legislation was promulgated.
  • Highly experienced surrogate attorneys in South Africa. 
  • Top surrogate lawyers offering best surrogacy solution with full support for the full surrogacy program, continuous association with advocates to offer professional surrogacy legal services.
  • Extensive additional research undertaken on Chapter 19 of the Children's Act pertaining to surrogacy.

Requirements for a Surrogacy Agreement:
  • Full name, identity number and dates of birth for surrogate as well as for her children
  • Full name, identity number and dates of birth for any children of the commissioning parents
  • A copy of any account which reflects commissioning parents' physical address and must not be older than 3 months
  • Medical report confirming the suitability of the surrogate to carry a pregnancy.
  • Psychological reports for both commissioning parents and surrogate mother as well as partners
  • Medical communiqué indicating the biological requirement for a surrogate and the reasons for the situation
  • Medical communiqué indicating that the genes of at least one of the commissioning parents will be used for conception
  • Fica Documents
  • Affidavits as required by surrogate lawyers

Please ensure that the above documentation is provided to the surrogacy lawyer to fast track the legalities of your surrogacy program.

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