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baby2mom is more than just an egg donation agency – we have a history of over 2500 successful egg donation programmes, and growing.

Our commitment to connecting egg donors and recipients with reputable fertility clinics that specialise in egg donation In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) contributes to our high success rate.

Our site allows you to match your traits to our extensive database of registered donor profiles quickly and accurately, with continuous support throughout the process.

Choosing the right egg donation agency is an important decision: it’s also a personal one. We want you to know that your needs and concerns are at the centre of our mission, and will provide you with professional and personal attention throughout your journey. Here is why we believe baby2mom is the ideal choice for you:

We have signed the SASREG code of conduct for providing egg donation services in South Africa.
Since 2007, we’ve facilitated thousands of donor programmes, making us one of the most established egg donation agencies in South Africa.
We’ve earned a professional reputation with positive client feedback.
Our website is constantly updated with our clients in mind.

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Our latest 4 donors

S – KM 4846, Vereeniging

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

S – MV 4845, Polokwane

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

S – CD 4707, Randburg

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

A – KC 4030, Rustenburg

Hair: Medium brown
Eyes: Green
Hello Jenny, I found out officially today that I am pregnant! Words cannot convey how much we appreciate your help and the donor for her kindness to us. I know there is a long way to go but so far so good this time.

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