I am home

Beautiful miracles

Dear Jenny
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and thanks to the donor also for the donation. May she be blessed with abundance ❤️ and may she never lack.
May you guys continue to do the great work that you are doing.

Good news

Hi Jenny I trust you're well . Just want to share the good news....I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the 21st February 2024. May God bless the work you do and may God bless enormous our donor who made our baby dream come true.

Life update

Just a little life update
Everyday I am thankful for the gift our egg donor gave me.
The twins are four now and I can not believe how time goes so fast. Both are very active, joyful and full of life. They have just started pre school preparing to start big school. Little lady has taken up dancing and loves doing ballet. Little man is living his best life being very active climbing and loves to build things. They are both thriving and learning new things everyday.
I am so grateful to have these two little miracles.

Good day Jenny Pregnancy was confirmed today. I am over the moon and praying that everything goes well and I deliver a healthy baby. Keep me in your prayers please? Mom to be.....

Hi Jenny! This year has been very blessed and we couldn't have done it without you! Always a pleasure working with you! 🧡❤️💛

Good afternoon Jenny Thank you so much to you and my donor for everything much appreciated, many the lord bless her abundantly I hope all with turn out well I'm grateful

Please thank our donor

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Monday. She came 4 weeks before her due date, but she is a strong fighter. Please thank our donor for us!

Bundle of joy

Good morning Jenny. Just thought I would update you on my precious bundle of joy... he was born on 19 October and has been such a blessing. Please send my thanks to my donor.

We serve a powerful God: our Alpha and Omega

Good morning Jenny Se Bea just informed me with the results 🌻 We serve a powerful wonder working God. Please send our gratitude 🙏 to our donor May God protect her always. May He bless her in abundance. The the grace of God follow her wherever she goes. My prayer for her is good health and wealth. Hope she is doing good after the retrieval. ❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 We will forever be grateful now😊🫣

She’s here

1 Samuel 1:27 For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him.

On the eve of egg retrieval

Thank you for being a Christian organisation - this alone was such a comfort to me. The Lord is using you so beautifully. If He blesses us with a little one. I will make sure that He is glorified! This little one will be His light in the world as you are.

Forever grateful

Good morning Jenny,
Sorry for the delay.
Here is a photo of our beautiful gift from God. 💚 hopefully this photo can inspire other people, like other people’s Journey helped us to have the courage to step forward into this journey.
Forever grateful,

First time in my life

I did a "skelm" pregnancy test 🙈. Bloodtests are on Friday and Monday. First-time in my life, I am seeing this. I am so grateful for the donor and to your agency.

Praise be to God

Good morning Jenny,
I wanted to let you know that welcomed a beautiful healthy baby three weeks ago.
I can't remember if there is a form I need to fill out.
We are so incredibly grateful for this blessing in our lives. Our donor has forever changed our lives with her gracious gift.
Praise be to God,

I am pregnant

Dear Jenny, I hope you’re well. I am pregnant.  We went for our first scan with Dr. Danie today.  Everything went well and baby is looking very good. Thank you so much for your help and being a part of our journey 🌈 Mom and dad to be and baby 👶  

Bless the Lord

Thank you my sister.  I really bless the Lord who has caused our pathways to cross, who has placed you to be part of my journey.  For the help and helpers He has provided, I can only ascribe all the glory unto Him alone.  He is worthy of my praise. My hope, my trust is unto Him and I commit everything and everything unto Thy hands. Thank you for the blessings spoken upon my life by you my sister 🌹🌹 and my response is like that of Mary the Virgin : Let it be unto me according to Thy word.

Positive pregnancy results

Good morning Jenny. I want to tell you the good news. My pregnancy results came back positive. Thank you so much to you, for the prayers and support through this journey. A special appreciation goes to our donor for the special gift that that he has given us, a chance to be parents again🙏🏼💐💞💞💞 The special gift that she has given us!

Cute baby boy has arrived

Hi Jenny long time our baby has arrived cute baby boy thank you 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️  

Our son was born

Hi Jenny
Our son, Jan was born on Saturday in Mauritius.
Thank you so very, very much for your assistance!  We are absolutely overjoyed.
Kind regards

All successful

Hello J, hope you are well.  We are delighted to officially tell you that all was successful. We very excited. Thank you Cathy🌷

God’s Plan!

Our miracle babies God’s plan, and thank you baby2mom with all your help😍😍😍   Thank you so much Jenny and the donor 😍🙏🙏

Good afternoon Jenny,   Thank you for everything!  

Little one

You are welcome to show the attached picture of the little one. All the best and thanks again for your kind and solicitous help throughout the process.

Beautiful boy

Hi Jenny,
Just to let you know that yesterday i had a beautiful boy...
Thank you very much for the help

Token of appreciation

It's always great hearing from you! I am glad you are well. We are doing fine too. Apologies for the delay in responding to your mail, had some "hiccups". Attached please find a copy of the photo, I hope it can suffice. I prefer the black and white to protect myself and the little one.

Feeling blessed

Good day Jenny 🥰🤗😅🙌🤗🥳💃🏻🕺🏽 My heart is full of joy and my Husby, we are pregnant. 🙏🙏God is good, thank you so much. May the Lord bless the young lady in a very special way and you and your. As I said everything in the Lord hand. We so greatful. Thank you for your patience and encouragement. May God bless you abandately. 💓🙏💐 😢🥰🙏🙌🙏🌺 I can't explain the feeling, all I can say. 🙏🙏💐

Healthy Baby

Dear Jenny Hope you are well. We've just had the 21 week anatomy scan. Baby has a clean bill of healthy and is developing normally... possibly a bit on the larger side with chubby thighs! I am also doing fine and have had an easy pregnancy so far. Kind regards (excited parents to be)

Thank you

Hi Jenny, I don't know where can I start when I said thank you, thank you so much Jenny and keep on helping families, first beta was 250, second 613 , And thank you so much to our donor for giving us a chance of being a parent again after so many years of struggle, Thank you, God bless you and your company 🙏

9 fertilised eggs!

Hi Jenny,   Thank you very much!   We received 16 beautiful eggs of which 9 fertilized and we are utterly thankful!   I have left a pot with flowers from Woolworths (the little pink Arum Lilly) at the clinic as a special thank you to our donor – I do hope they have remembered to give this to her and that she likes them.   If all goes well we will have a transfer done on Thursday and I cannot wait – over the moon with excitement 😊   Thank you once again for all your help and assistance.   Now it is all in God’s hands – we have done our part and God will take care of the rest!

Baby C

Hi Jenny, Hope you are well. Wanted to share with you that C was born on the 2nd March and all good with her, but I had severe trauma as I bleeded extensively and they couldn't stop the bleeding. They had to do a hysterectomy and 2 other ops to help stop the bleeding. I was in ICU for 6 days. I'm much stronger now and grateful to be alive ?Here are some pics of C:

Baby Girl

Hello Jenny, Shalom and Greetings to you and your family. Thank you so much for helping us throughout our difficult journey of infertility. We will forever be grateful for your help. On the 7th of March God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl. We are still in awe of what the Lord has done for us. Please convey our gratitude to the angel that made this journey possible 😘😘 😘 we love our little girl she is amazing. J

Great News

Dear Jenny, I hope you and your team are doing well I am happy to share some wonderful news with you - we are expecting a baby girl in October! We are so grateful to you and our amazing donor for helping us grow our family!  Please pass on our love and blessing to her as well. R

Positive Pregnancies

Hi Jenny, hope all is well on ur side. I went to do pregnancy test today the test came back positive. We thank God 🙏🏽🙏🏽

To our dear donor

To our dear donor, I don’t think I will ever have enough words to express my gratitude towards you for embarking on this journey with us. I fell in love with your profile, as you remind me so much of myself. I love baking, the outdoors, and above all - my family and my husband are my world. My sister and I have watched “Dirty dancing” so many times - I think we know the words backwards. ;) The notebook is one of my all time favourites too!!! I have always loved children, and I know that I was born to be a mom. It is a passion of mine that I have pursued as a career as well. We are the proud godparents of 6 children whom we absolutely adore. I have had 3 miscarriages with my own eggs, and have been advised that my only option is to use a donor. My miscarriages were absolutely heart breaking, as I long to have a baby of my own. For being our donor, I want to thank you for the amazing chance that you are giving us to be parents. My husband will be an absolute amazing dad, and I truly cannot wait to hold our own little bundle of joy in my arms. Thank you so much for your being apart of our journey. I will be forever grateful. “Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.” Thank you for being our blessing. Lots of love. xxxx

Thank you!

Dear Jenny Sorry for the late reply. I am pregnant! I have not been for a scan yet, so they cannot conform if it is twins. I will let you know next Wednesday after the ultrasound scan.

Praise the Lord

Good morning Jenny, Thank you for your email. Helen had 2 pregnancy tests, both were very positive. We will go for an ultrasound this 28th March. Praise the Lord! Aleluya!

Receiving donor eggs

Dear Jenny, Firstly I would like to thank you once again for guiding us patiently through this process of finding a suitable donor. Your efforts have been much appreciated by the both of us. We are very happy to receive the news of our donors aspiration date being set for Tuesday and that they have found 11 suitable follicles. She definitely has been a superstar. We look forward to sharing our geed news with you soon. Thanks & regards

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

In abundance

I hope you are well. 😊 We waited to see all goes well in the first trimester... Yes God has blessed us.😊.. We are expecting..# Baby 1 and #baby 2!! Jenny I will never forget you as an agent and your compassion and commitment when all seems to he failing for us... You reminded me about hope and faith and that God knows when it's my time 😊😊🙏 May God bless you always... I am over the moon and enjoying this beautiful experience and journey.😊🌹 We will be in touch sooner to my due date, I will ask you for your link where you have posts, where I can boast about you and show off our rewards that was possible 😊 with your unwavering commitment and making sure hubby and I have our family.

Life changing

Hi Jenny 😊 Happy new year, wishing you and your family only the best for 2022 😊 Just wanted to give you an update, we will be 13 weeks tomorrow. Went for our risk assessment and measurement scans yesterday – everything is 100% Just wanted to thank you again for all your help, this has changed our lives. Please can you send my donor a message as well, please send on my warmest thank you for what she has done for us.

Enjoying every minute

Hi Jenny you can absolutely share a pic of our princess I will send you a photo. We are doing so well we as parents are so proud of her she is doing well and we enjoy every moment with her. We have been trying for 6 and a half years so having her with us is a dream come true. We prayed for her and the Lord blessed us. God’s timing is so perfect!

Feeling so blessed

My wonderful gift from God

Look at my wonderful gift from God. Once again thank you for arranging my egg donor back in January. Born September! Healthy and strong! God is amazing! I cannot stop thanking Him for my gift.

One week old

Jan 22 miracle baby He’s just such a blessing, I still cannot believe it!

From Germany

Every year brings along new opportunities and new challenges… I wish that with your magical medication, you are able to treat each and every patient and earn more fame because you are the best doctor and nurse. Best wishes on New Year to you… have a blessed and prosperous year. There are not enough words to describe how thankful we are for your wonderful care during my pregnancy. You've helped bring a perfect miracle into our lives and we couldn't be more thrilled with her! We're grateful to have worked with such a knowledgeable, friendly doctor's office!

My mischievous little joy

Hi Jenny Thank you so much! Something to look forward to this year ? My little L is such a joy. He’s so mischievous! Have a great day L

Making the barren woman a mother

Psalm 113:9 He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children. Praise the LORD!

We thank God every day

Hi Jenny. I know it's late but I keep seeing your status updates and then I always think I should reply to you, but then life happens and I forget... So here I am now ? The pregnacy went well and baby was born July last year. She has been an amazing blessing and filled the last corner of our hearts ? She is amazing and we thank God every day for such selfless people out there who help people to make their dreams come true. We also thank you for your help. You are an angel.

Then sings my soul

All glory to Jesus, the author of life!

Our pretty girl

To my stunning donor

To my stunning donor.? I have heard amazing things about you and I feel very blessed to have you as the main part of our beautiful journey.? From the bottom of my heart I thank you for giving me a precious gift. ? Both my husband and I are very excited. ?You are most compassionate and have a beautiful heart and soul doing this for us. I can finally make my dream come true ?that is give my dearest husband a family and to be the best mother I can be. Again God bless you always for being so patient, committed, most loving and caring . Take care and be safe?. I have prayed for you this morning and when Jenny approached you initially and will always do so in this miraculous journey we take on together. Thank you ? again. ????

Precious one born

We are so grateful

Hi Jenny Hope you are well... sorry for the late message We received good news today from the lab.... we are positive and very excited 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽I couldn’t sleep without letting you know Thanks so much! We are so grateful for God’s mercy 🌻🌻 James 1:17  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

One, two, three, four months pictures


Hi Jenny, the doctors phoned this morning I’m pregnant! Thank you so much I really appreciate all you do to make so many women happy.

Our donor is the best

Dear Jenny, Hope you are doing fine! We are very happy to let you know that our son C was born on 28 Jan 2021. He is doing very well. A very relaxed baby. Maybe you can let the donor know that we are very grateful. She is the best! Please find some pics attached. Kind Regards,

Growing so beautifully

Baby girl coming

My wife is 23 weeks pregnant. Both baby and mom are healthy. We are expecting a baby girl. Thank you so much to our wonderful donor and to you.

In awe of God’s goodness and faithfulness

Hi Jenny, I have some exciting news... I'm pregnant!! Had our IVF in Feb and had 1st blood test on Friday and 2nd one yesterday and we are officially pregnant! I know it's early days but we are celebrating every day that we are pregnant! My levels are looking great and I'm on additional progesterone etc to keep these babies comfy in my womb! We put 2 embryos back so chance of twins! We have our 7 week scan on 29th March where we'll see whether there's 1 or 2 in there! We are beyond happy. 14 years, 9 IVF's and our prayers have been answered! In awe of God's goodness and faithfulness xx

News from our Mozambique couple

Good afternoon Jenny, thank you so much for everything, I did the first test the second everyone was positive it looks like God heard us. Watch video

Pregnancy news from our recipient

Hi I wanted to let you know that Lizette phoned me last week to tell me it was a success. I'm pregnant! I wish I could say thank you to my donor in person but please could you let her know that I'm so grateful for her helping me! And thanks to you too. Thanks for helping me!!! May God bless you both abundantly!! 🤗🤗🤗

Already 8 months old

My baby boy born today

Hi Jenny, He is my miracle baby!

Seven months already

Our blessings are here

Good day Jenny.. our blessings are here, they are 2weeks old today. Will be forever greatful to you and our donor. ???? King Jesus’s mercy rewrote my life!

Our egg donor

We always think of our wonderful donor fondly!! Our daughter is about to turn 6 and is finishing her first year at primary school (most of her study has been at home due to the COVID issues in Melbourne). She loves her dog, pictured with her. She has boundless energy, loves to create endless amounts of art, loves to run and go on countless adventures in nature. She has many friends and is happy, healthy, kind and very smart (she was recently awarded Learner Of The Week in school) and excels in english, art and math. Lots of love

Five month twins and mom is still sending love to her egg donor

Baby is doing well

Hi Jenny... We tested on the 9 and 11 August, both beta levels were good. We had our 10 week scan with Dr and baby is doing well. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Pregnancy news

Hi Jenny 🥰 just wanted to let you know I'm 12 weeks pregnant 🙏🏼🙏🏼 I think I did email you but wasnt quite sure... anyway thanks again for your part you played in this miracle 🌈🌈

I am pregnant

Dear Jenny I want to share the wonderful news with you that I am pregnant! I had my second blood test today and all looks good. I will be going for my 7 week scan on the 22nd of September. I know it is still very early days but we are so happy and feel very blessed and above all so thankful towards our lovely donor, she will always have a very special place in our hearts.

8 weeks

Morning Jenny, I’m 8 weeks pregnant with baby girl. God is great all the time. 😃🥰

Twin pregnancy following frozen embryo transfer

From our recipient: I am so humbled and still can’t believe that my life has gone from being barren to being a mum of almost three children. It’s mind-boggling. Beyond excited! Man plants the seed and God gives growth (1 Cor. 3:7).

He is an amazing blessing

So grateful

Hi Jenny Thank you so much ? I got a call from the clinic and was about to message you ? I really hope our egg donor is doing well and not in too much discomfort ?? Thank you so much for all the good wishes and for always keeping me informed. I did write her a note, which I’m sure Medfem passed on to her. But just to let you both know how incredibly grateful we are for everything she has done ?? we are completely overwhelmed that someone we have never met has shown us such kindness. We can only hope that she receives so many blessings in return.

My angel

Hi Jenny hope you are well I would like you to see my little angel.

Baby is eight months old

The baby boy is 8 months old and so happy. I would like to sat thanks to yourself, sister Lizette, Dr Trouw and Tanya.

Glory be to God

My boys are four months and growing up as we speak.

Such a blessing

Special twins, our recipient says, Thank you Lord, they are such a blessing to us!”

Two years since pregnancy news

Two years after asking a wonderfully kind hearted donor to help, our recipient shares her special pictures of her little miracle ...

Four months of joy

The Lord has blessed me with a son

Good morning Jenny, The Lord has blessed me with a son.

Our little boy turned 17 months

Dear Jenny Hope this email finds you and your family well. Our little boy just turned 17 months. We are wondering how our donor and family are doing. We understand that the situation with Covid19 is getting worse in South Africa and we want to wish her well and see if there is anything we can help to assist her. Our donor responds with: Hi Jenny Im overwhelmed with joy and happiness..... I really prayed for this to have happened, God has made it possible and I am so graceful and excited that I have helped my receipt experience the blessing of having her very own baby boy.... Wow?❤️tears of joy..... Is it possible to send my happiness to the family too....

Positive pregnancy test

Hi Jenny I just needed to let you know that results came positive and thank you for your direction and support ??

Healthy baby to God’s glory

Hi Jenny, This is to thank you and your team. I had my baby boy this Saturday in Houston, Texas. Very healthy, to God’s glory! Thank you so very much for bringing joy to my family!

I’m so grateful to my donor

It’s a boy! God is faithful!

Our baby girl

Hi Jenny, Hope you are well. Just wanted you to express our gratitude to our donor and yourself. Our baby girl was born yest at 10.42 weighing in at 3.4kg. Baby and mom are very healthy. Thank you

My bundle of joy

My bundle of Joy. Thanks ??? to you Jenny for all your support. Was born yesterday around 09h00 in the morning.

Growing our family

Dear Jenny, After all the struggle to fall pregnant again, our beautiful twins were born this month. They were worth the wait! Thank you for all your caring support. Words cannot explain our gratitude and joy. We would like to thank the donor. We only have words to thank you for what you have done for our family. We cannot say it enough... Thank you! You have given us the opportunity to grow our family. Without you, this would not have been possible. We wish you all the best in life! Kindest regards

No words

Hi Jenny, We very excited to tell you that we are pregnant. We found out today. No words can express what both baby2mom and the donor has done for us. May you all be blessed beyond measure.

First Mother’s Day

Thank you, Happy Mother’s Day Jenny. Thank you for being part of my journey to motherhood. I will forever be thankful to you and the beautiful woman who was my donor.???Today was my first mother’s day as a mother.?


Hi Jenny, tell my donor that I'll forever be grateful. My daughter turned one ??? on the 12th of last month. I have planned a big party for her but unfortunately COVID-19 ruined the plan. But I still thank you and your team to make this dream of Mommyhood to happen. Keep blessing others. ??????????

Beautiful babies

Our babies are doing so well. They are extremely good. Please tell my donor that you again and we think she is amazing.

Bouncing baby boy

Dear Jenny and the baby2mom team, As my little man is about to turn 3 years old I wanted to take the time to once again thank your agency and our very special donor for providing us the opportunity of completing our family with our baby boy. He is my sunshine and brings delight to our lives every day. Kind regards, Recipient

I am grateful every day

Dear Jenny, I hope that this Corona virus emergency is finding you well. My little one turns a year old tomorrow and I wanted to let you know what a wonderful little person he is. I'm not sure whether you can pass any messages onto his donor or not (or whether its even appropriate). He started off a whole seven weeks early but has caught up and is doing beautifully. He is healthy and robust, very settled, kind hearted and amazingly happy. He is adored by his older brother. His sunny disposition will get him a long way in life. He smiles all the time and loves life. Everyone who comes into contact with him just loves him. He's also very cute and he sleeps well which helps! I can not express my gratitude enough to our egg donor. I am grateful every day for this beautiful gift I was given. I work hard to be the very best mum I can be to him, always aware that someone else's gift allowed me to be this precious little boy's mummy. Really I just wanted to say a huge thank you to our donor and to you for the wonderful work you do.

Less than four months to pregnancy

Thank you so much for all your help. Without your services the twins would not have been possible. The process was efficient and professional. From the date of first engagement to being pregnant was less than four months. Thank you again!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dear Jenny, Hope you are well! We would like to say thank you to you and our donor. You have given us an opportunity to start a family which we would not have had otherwise! Words can not explain our gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! We hope she has recovered from the procedure and is doing well. We have 3 fertilised eggs (maybe more) and will know tomorrow if they have matured to blastocyst stage. Lets hold thumbs! Thank you for always keeping us in the loop during the process.

It’s a boy - from Australia

Dearest Donor There truly is no sound quite so sweet as the pitter patter of baby feet! A baby boy has been born and he is amazing. He has blue eyes and chubby cheeks and the most wonderful smile. He giggles and babbles all the time. We feel so blessed and thankful. I think of you always and you are in my prayers every day. How generous you have been to me. We are connected forever. Love and light always. Here is an image of his tiny baby feet.

Two positive home pregnancy tests in Australia

Hi Jenny, I hope you're well & everything is going ok with the lock down in South Africa. Just letting you know that I've now had two positive home pregnancy tests which is fantastic. I can't do my blood test until next week when I come out of quarantine but everything seems to be processing very well and we are so excited. Warm regards

The Lord God delivered

Hi Jenny, Hallelujah, to the king of kings. We can never thank you enough but your work in this earth is super amazing. Please meet this 2 beautiful gifts, the Lord God delivered again.

It’s two

Good evening Jenny, just an update yesterday was our first scan... and we were so shocked when she told us it's two and the measuring at right size and their breathing is normal. There's absolutely no words to express our emotions yesterday , we're crying and over joyed sametime.??

Letter to our donor

letter to our donor Our egg donor responds: I just clicked on the link, I mistakely thought it was the blog post under it. But wow... I want to burst into tears... No words can ever explain reading a letter like that! I am so grateful to have been a part of this journey, especially for this deserving couple. Like she said, God always knows better and he planned all this in his timing. I am so honored to be a donor, especially for B2M ? my heart is feeling so overwhelmed with joy and positivity

Coming from Australia for donor eggs

Thank you Jenny, We really appreciate all your help with everything from the start. I have just had two embryos transferred and will test in 10 days, hopefully with a positive result. Will let you know the outcome. You have all been amazing ❤?

Over the moon

Hi Jenny. Hope all is well by you. We were finally able to transfer our donor’s eggs in November last year. All went well. We have a successful pregnancy. Currently 19 weeks with a baby girl. We are so so thankful and over the moon. Cant wait for this little bundle of joy to join our family. Kind regards Recipient

News in this morning..Am pregnant

Thank you God for sending me our donor for helping us. God bless her! God is great! I am pregnant. I am the happiest woman on earth!

Pregnancy test was positive

Hello Jenny, We are so pleased to advise that our pregnancy test was positive and we go for our 8 week scan next Saturday, we are super excited. Thank you once again to you and our lovely donor for everything and for helping our dream come true...it is such a special gift. Take care Jenny,

My children

Hi baby2mom, Enclosed pictures of our babies. The LORD our God Psalm 113:9 He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children. Praise the LORD!

So grateful

Hi Jenny, I will forever be grateful to you and your marvellous team. Actually I wish the whole world would know!

Safe arrival of our baby boy

Hi Jenny, We would like to announce the safe arrival of our beautiful baby boy on the 30/10/2019. Once again thank you for all your help with finding the perfect donor for us. Our dream has finally come true and we couldn't be happier and more thankful. Kindest Regards, Recipients

We are ecstatic

Good evening Jenny, Been dying to share the news with you, HCG test is positive. We did another test and the numbers are still going up, so it is fair to confirm that we are pregnant! We are ecstatic with the news. We thank God and the donor for her selfless act of kindness.


Good day Jenny, Hope you've been well. Some wonderful news on our side. Baby K was born on the 3rd of December. She is the cutest baby I've ever seen:). Could have informed you earlier but it is only sinking in now that we do indeed have a baby girl. Please tell our donor that we are eternally grateful and indebted to her. There are no words to describe the joy that this baby has brought into our lives. Thank you so so much to you too for your support especialy for those bible quotes during the darkest days when I seemed to loose hope. You managed this process with so much grace and my husband and I are sincerely grateful. Keep well and give our regards to our angel donor. Kindest regards,

Good news from Australia

Hi Jenny, Just letting you know the babies have arrived on the 11th February 2020 by c section.

Egg received

Thank you Jenny for all your assistance and wishes and of course to the donor who I believe was a star. Today is a special day indeed! Glad to hear all worked out with the travel arrangements too. It has been a pleasure dealing with you so far?

Meet our little princess

Hi Jenny, Thank you ?, and to our beautiful donor for giving us a chance to be parents. We are really grateful. God is good. Please meet our little princess, thank you for assisting us throughout the process, it really gave us hope and a chance to be parents?? and I'm proudly a baby2mom egg donor reciever??

Opportunity to thank God

Dear Jenny I’m happily informing you that I gave birth to my beautiful boys perfectly well and healthy. I’m taking this opportunity to thank God who uses you to help us fulfilling our dreams may the almighty God bless you and your entire generation. With love

So grateful

Good day Jenny Our donor has done so well, the clinic retrieved 12 from her. The word of thanks to both you and her is not enough. But God knows how grateful we are. We earnestly appreciate your support. ??? God bless you.

Hi Jenny, Our twins are now five months. They are such a blessing to our family Thank you, I feel blessed.

Daughter born

Thank you for everything you did for us. Throughout our journey we have been blown away by people like you who make the seemingly impossible, possible and where our extraordinary is your daily 'ordinary'. And to our donor, we will never be able to say thank you enough...you have given us the best gift we could ever have imagined. We appreciate everything you endured to assist us. My pregnancy was very rough and our daughter was born premature but she's a survivor and she's absolutely thriving now! She's a strong, feisty little baby with an infectious giggle - we like to think of her as a combination of everyone who helped us in our struggle and played a part in God's plan for our lives?

Dear Jenny, Thank you so much the huge role you played in making this a reality for us. We are so blessed. Please convey our gratitude to our donor.

All glory to God

Everything with my pregnancy is going well and I have done my down syndrome test which also is good. I really give glory to God for give me the opportunity to go through this journey and thank you and your team for making the wisdom and strenght that God gave you without your agency this was not gonna be possible. Thanks ?once again.

Twins coming

Hi. Just wanted to let you know everything is going great and we are expecting 2 boys!

Beautiful babies

Hi Jenny, I hope your well. Here are some pics of our little cherubs! We are all going very well. Thank you again for all your assistance! Have a wonderful week. Wishing you a safe and Merry Christmas. Bless you and your family.


Just over 20 weeks now!

Hi Jenny Just letting you know I had my beautiful little boy. He’s truly gorgeous and I get so many people commenting how sweet he is.

God is great!

Jenny, I am pregnant! Thank you so much my dear for everything. I cannot express my feelings! Thank you.

My first test is positive

Thank you so much for all your help!! All glory to God, I am so thankful!

Be fruitful and multiply

From as early as Genesis 1:28 God commands mankind to be fruitful and multiply. After the great flood, this commandment was repeated in Genesis 9:1,7. Having children and a family is a beautiful gift God gives to us to enjoy when a man and a woman come together. Sometimes people really struggle to fulfil this commandment and to have this great blessing, leaving a hole in their lives. We know that Sarah was barren, her natural menses had ceased (Gen. 18:11) and yet she bore a son when she was aged 90 (Gen. 17:17; 21:5). We are also aware of other cases Scripturally where barren ladies’s wombs are opened. Rebekah was barren (Gen. 25:21) and God opened her womb after Isaac prayed for her and Rachel too was barren (Gen.30:1,22). It is important to remember that these scenarios are cases where God has chosen to reveal himself to mankind so that we may have an opportunity to learn and understand his greatness per 2 Timothy 3:16. God still speaks to us through his word and to be open and try to understand we need to soak ourselves in prayer and dedication to God. Ultimately all life comes from God and any means to conceive will only be successful if our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ approves such life as we know that nothing was made unless it was made through Jesus Christ, King of the world (John 1:3). May all our efforts, be they to conceive, to serve and even to sleep be for the glory of our Lord. This picture was kindly given to me by a dear friend, Anna, who is known to be praying for people at every turn she makes. Thank you for this beautiful image of a new mom loving and serving her new child.

Walking on clouds

Hi Jenny, I would just like to let you and my donor know that the last procedure was successful and I am 10 weeks pregnancy! Walking on clouds! I would like to thank my donor. I hope someone helps her in future in the same way she helped me with this wonderful blessing. Thank you for your professional handling of the matter. I’m so glad I found you!

Bundle of joy arrived

Good day Jenny, Our bundle of joy has arrived. It’s a baby boy. I will forever be grateful for you and my donor, who gave me a chance to be a mother. Here is a picture of our miracle! We are so happy and humbled.

Miracle of God

Dear Jenny. I post this video with tears of joy in my eyes. I never thought it was ever going to be possible for me to be a mum but today I'm a proud mum of this little miracle I can not believe that he is already a month old today. I sometimes have to pinch myself just to realise that I have made this beautiful miracle of God reflection in my life. I cannot stop staring at him I can't stop looking at him and it's all thanks to the Almighty. I would also like to thank you for everything you did for this to be possible. You're always be that part of my life that will never be forgotten. Thank you so very much to you and the Doner you both have given my life back I had given up on everything I lost all hope that I will ever be a mum today I am a mum because of you in that beautiful lady. Watch here.

Eternally grateful

Hi Jenny, We are very excited and delighted to tell you that our blood test came back positive!!:) Thanks so much to yourself and our donor for making this possible for us! We are eternally grateful!! Thanks so much:)

Good evening ma’am, We had a beautiful baby girl on Thursday. Thank you for your assistance. ??

I want to thank you

Dear Jenny, I want to thank you for your help. I now have a baby who has just turned one. Thank you so much for your help to me. Thank you!

I am pregnant

Dear Jenny, I hope you're doing well. I am pregnant. Also, I have 2 on board. ?❤ Thank you for making this possible. ? Lovingly,

Hello Mrs Jenny

Hello Mrs Jenny, happy to inform you that I had a positive pregnancy test yesterday. Thanks so much for your efforts.

Family complete

Hi Jenny, This is a courtesy email to let you know that our son was born on 24/04/2019. We had used one of your egg donors. Thanks so much for your help. Our family is complete. Best regards!

Our bundle of joy arrived

Good morning Jenny. OUr bundle of joy arrived yesterday afternoon. He is strong . We are both doing well. It's a baby boy. I will forever be grateful for you and my donor, who gave me a chance to be a mother!

Twin pregnancy following frozen embryo transfer

Our recipient says, 'Im pregnant!

I have a beautiful daughter

Hi Jenny, I just want to let you know that I have a beautiful 7 week old daughter. Thanks to my donor and you for making my dream of becoming a mom possible. May God bless you both.

Superb job

Hi Jenny My donor did very well and so many eggs were harvested. I am going for my embryo transfer tomorrow morning so am very excited. Please can you pass on my thanks and appreciation to my donor. She did a superb job. I will keep you posted on my progress. x

Joy in Gabon

Thanks a lot says our grateful and delighted recipient.

Pregnancy confirmed

Hi Jenny, I just wanted to let you know that the threatment worked. I am 5 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Please tell the donor that I will be forever garteful for this gift she has given me.

God's promise

Hi Jenny, Our first embryo transfer resulted in a pregnancy and a baby girl is coming in July. We are so thrrilled and feel to gratefu to her. It is a complete miracle which we never thought could happen for us. God's promise is all that kept us going. The devil tried his best, but nothing could stop God's plan for our lives.

So grateful

Hi Jenny, My husband and I are so grateful. I cannot begin to count our blessings. I pray every day for our egg donor and the process.

Thank you

This is to say thank you to the lady who allows us to be parents once again. These ladies (egg donors) are a blessings for our life and our families. Thank you God and thank you to the lady and thank you to you Jenny.  

Overview of baby2mom as at May 2019

Shock of joy

Morning Jenny, Thank you so much for the words of encouragement in your previous email. My test yesterday came back positive. I am still in shock especially because I started bleeding on Sunday and I thought my period had started. My beta was good at over 300. Now we pray that all goes well and we get to hear the heartbeat in 2 weeks. Thank you so much for your continued support.

We are ecstatic

Dear Jenny, I hope this email finds you well. I was waiting to receive my results for the “1st early pregnancy scan” which I received this afternoon and yes, I am pregnant, about 8 weeks. The foetal heartbeat is present at 171 beats /Min. and all is well, except for some morning sickness. We are ecstatic and ever so grateful for baby2mom and especially the donor who provided us with this special gift. I will keep you updated throughout the whole process, and once again, Thank You very very much!

May God bless our egg donor

Good day Jenny Hope you are doing well. We managed to get pregnant. This year I gave birth to a baby girl. We are very grateful - me and my partner for this wonderful gift. We would like to say thank you to our egg donor. This is the best thing that has ever happened to us. May God bless her.

He is perfect

He is absolutely perfect and I’m so in love. Thank you so much for helping to make my dream come true! Xxxx

Beautiful twins

Very healthy and smart babies!

Thank you for your help

Dear Jenny I am dropping in to say hi I hope u are well My babies are doing so well They are so very beautiful and they bring so much joy into my life every day! Thank u ever so much for helping bring them into my life! We celebrated their 1st birthday on 16 Feb – what a wonderful party :) They were as charming as ever and gorgeous MANY THANKS

Strong heartbeat

Hi Jenny, I hope you are well. I have some good news, I just had my first scan and I have a confirmed pregnancy of one embryo. The heartbeat was strong at 144bpm so I won’t need another scan until my obstetrician at 8 weeks. Once again, words cannot express our gratitude to yourself and our beautiful donor. We feel truly blessed! Kindest Regards

Thank you

Hi Jenny, I had a bouncing baby boy five months ago. Thank you for all your help and to the egg donor too. Your work is truly God’s gift, we are blessed to have dealt with you. Thank you.

Letter from recipient

Hi Jenny, I would love to provide a reference for you and have written a few words below - to be attributed anonymously. Working with Jenny was an absolute pleasure. She was professional, swift, attentive to detail and in all things professional. Egg donation is potentially a very complicated journey. Both she and Cape Fertility Clinic made our miracle happen in less than 2 months - from first contacting both parties - to a positive pregnancy...and we live 2 international flights away so everything was done by email. Every aspect went smoothly and swiftly and this is also testimony to the careful screening of donors. Our donor was an absolute gem - so cooperative and supportive. Jenny's efficiency and compassion are outstanding. All who seek egg donation have walked a journey of pain...this organisation transforms the pain into hope...and with comparative ease. I endorse Jenny and her work wholeheartedly.

Twin babies arrived

What a wonderful gift!

Enjoying Motherhood

Hi Jenny!
Just a couple more pics for you..
Today was my birthday and I feel so incredibly blessed to be experiencing motherhood later in life where I otherwise would never have had the chance!
I am in love with my little bundle and he is toooo adorable!
Best wishes

Joy arrives to a family

Hi Jenny,
We have thousand pics as you can imagine but l thought these will do for you
God bless you with the wonderful work you are doing!
You bring joy to childless families.
Today we have a complete family and we are humbled and overwhelmed.
What a journey of faith.

Totally Smitten!

Dear All,
Just to let you know today marked the day of this little blessings birth .. delivered safely via C Section, in perfect health .. the cutest little boy!
After a very long journey as we know, it was a remarkable and most happy moment.. I’ll def bring him in when back home towards end of year.  Thank you all for your assistance along the way.

Psalm 127:3

Dearest Jenny,
Sorry it’s taken me so long to write a testimony for you. I’ve also enclosed a picture for you to post if you want.  We are so thankful and grateful that you have facilitated this miracle for us. Although we failed the first time a few years ago, we are so happy that we decided to try again.
You have helped us form our long awaited family!
Please convey our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our very generous and wonderful egg donor. She has given us our miracle and we finally have our own family after trying for 13 years!!
Your kind understanding and efficiency has always been beyond par and we are so blessed to have our beautiful baby boy with us - giving us constant joy, love and laughter everyday!
We are truly blessed! Ps 127:3 Children are a blessing from God, a reward from Him...
God bless you and your work!
 A & E , Australia

Great News!

Dear Jenny,
We hope you are doing well!  We have very good news! - Last Wednesday our daughter was born, 3515g and she was 54cm long.
She is healthy, strong (she lifts up her head already!) beautiful, … she sleeps a lot … she is a perfect baby! We have attached some photos from the day when she was born short after birth.
She is also well.  But we think that’s normal. For us a dream comes true - a beautiful journey has started now.  We are so happy.
Thank you very much for your support!
Take care of you!

Feeling blessed

Hi Jenny,
Just a quick update. I gave birth on the 16 Feb to my precious, healthy twin girls.  We still can't believe that they are ours. I am so blessed to finally be part of the journey called motherhood.  Thank you to you Jenny and our wonderful donor who gave us this amazing gift you will always be in our prayers.

Miracle baby born

Hi Jenny, Would just like to share that your miracle baby has been born!

News from Australia

Hi Jenny, I just wanted to let you know I had a little girl on 6th March and I'm absolutely elated. Thank you so much for all of your help and support from your wonderful donor agency Lots of love xxx

Baby Boy Announced

Dearest Jenny, Thank you in being so instrumental in helping us have our miracle boy. We are so blessed and grateful to you & our donor in helping us create our family. God bless, xx

Joyful News

Dear Jenny,
We would like share our joyful news – we delivered a healthy baby boy last week thanks and blessings to our donor.

From our donor

Hi Jenny,
All went well. Everyone was very pleased.
The clinic all love you so much and agree you do such a brilliant job!

We are Pregnant!

We are pregnant!
Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.  You made this journey so much easier and without you it would never have happened.  I am still in shock.
We just can't believe it.  We are so happy.  Really thank you so so so so much Jenny!
It really takes a special kind of human being to do what you and the donors do. Please thank donor again. Hope she is doing well.

Baby born

Hi Jenny,
Hope you are well!!  Just wanted to say little J is now three weeks old and we just can't get enough from her!!
Thank you so much for everything you did for us... this is the biggest blessing ever!

Pregnancy News

Hi Jenny,
Hope you are well. I just wanted to share our update with you.  All is going well.  Baby is growing well and all is healthy. Dr is happy. Just have a few weeks to go and counting the days until I hold my baby.
Baby is 2.2kg. at our last appointment and our last prenatal. We opted not to know the gender as we want it to be a surprise.

Egg Donation Pregnancy Confirmed

Hi Jenny,
Today I did my serum pregnancy test and the result is positive.
The doctor requested for Beta HCG , the result is 393.
I am so overjoyed. I cannot contain myself.

Most Beautiful Baby in the World

Hi Jenny, We just wanted to give you an update on our little baba. She is surely the most beautiful baby in the world.

Praising the LORD

Hi Jenny
Trust you are well.
Praising the Lord like never before right now.  Feel blessed.
Lines are falling over me.
Kindly receive the most beautiful news of our lives with attachments.
Long waited finally becoming reality.
Again please send my love to my donor.  I will write special letter as time goes on when we have had scans, it's likely to be twins l believe but the 6 weeks scan will confirm.   This coming Wed l lol be 5 weeks pregnant!

Special Thanks to my Dear Donor

Hi Jenny,
How are you?
I got my first beta yesterday and I got a positive result. I am so happy!
Thank you once again for your professional support. It means alot for me. I will keep you updated.
And a special thank you so much to my dear donor!

Birth Announced

Baby born ...
Hi, Jenny.
Hope you are well I was blessed with a beautiful healthy baby boy on the 1st of August 2017.
Thank you so much for your help.  May God richly bless you.  I will forever be grateful to my donor and will keep her in my prayers.  Thanks again.  He has brought so much joy and I love him to bits.

Over the Moon

Hello Jenny!
I just wanted to tell you the incredible news ..
I heard yesterday that I am finally pregnant!  After years of trying it finally worked!  Thanks to our wonderful donor!!
Thanks so much for recommending this donor!  She was wonderful!  I will keep you posted on developments and once again, thanks so much for all your assistance ! It is quite simply a dream come true for me.
Never too late as they say!
Chat again and best wishes

Busy with Twins

Dear Jenny,
Sorry it's taken so long....we have been a little busy.  Our twins, arrived on 26 May.  They are doing really well.
They are being fully breastfed and we are so proud of them and so in love with them.
Attached is a card recording their birth.  Please pass on our deepest thanks to our donor and as much information (including pics) that you are allowed to pass on!

Egg Retrieval Done

All done and dusted, eating now. Thank you Jenny for being so awesome!

Careful What You Wish For

Dr Rod was joking this morning that the HCG is high and he wonders if 1 of the eggs had split in 2…….I laughed it off, until now when I spoke with u I realised my donor is a twin !!!! If that is the case, then it will REALLY be a case of "careful what u wish for !” Anyway, thought that was funny and wanted to share :):):)

Egg Donation Pregnancy Going Well

We are now officially 13 weeks but the bubs is about 12 weeks, but all looking good so far.
Thank you so much for all your support and thank you to our amazing donor.

Our Egg Donor's Participation

Jenny, thank you so much for the package, brought tears to my eyes.
Much appreciated. God bless!
Thank you for all the support thusfar.

Twins Born After Egg Donation Help

Hi Jenny,
I gave birth in June to our twins. We are delighted with our new family.
Please do pass on news to our dear donor.
We couldn't be happier with what the LORD has blessed us.

Today's Updates

Morning Jenny,
After more then 10 years I can finally say the word, I am PREGNANT!
Me and my hubby feel so much Love & Gratitude towards our donor for without her selfless act this would not have been possible.  Please pass this message to the very special lady who was our donor.
Jenny continue the good work.

Delighted Parents After Egg Donation Treatment

Dear Jenny,
We chose one of your lovely egg donors and were successful in having twins.
We have been blessed with two beautiful boys from her gift.

Egg Donation Process Went Well

Dear Jenny,
Thank you so much and thank you for the facilitation.  It seems like you picked a wonderful lady for me – all at Medfem really speak so well of her.
I am very grateful and I pray that tomorrow goes well.
Please send her my love and let her know that I am thinking of her.

Best News Ever

Dear Jenny, I had the first blood test and this is positive: I’m pregnant!!!

News after Egg Donation Treatment

Hallo Jenny,
The miracle happened, my wife is 5 weeks pregnant.  This journey took us 17 years and finally God answers our prayer!
I will be in touch.
May the Lord bless you and keep you!

From our Recipient After Egg Donation Treatment

Hi Jenny,
I hope you are well! Just to let you know that we are 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow!
All is well.  Thank you for helping make this possible.
Please pass our thanks to the donor again.

Baby boy born

Hi Jenny,
Just wanted to let you know of the safe arrival of our son.  He was born early, at 35+3 weeks but is happy and healthy. If you could please pass this on to our donor along with our deepest gratitude for such a precious gift.

From our Recipient's Translator

It was a pleasure working with you if I know someone that needs help I will recommend your agency.  We love you and donor!

From our Recipient After Egg Donor Help

Dear Jenny,
I had the embryo transfer on Saturday and felt I needed to write to you today.  Your team have been an integral part of this process and I firmly believe that the good energy that your team and the donor brought to this process has been monumental.
I am also grateful for the communication you provided and then the thoughtfulness of a gift for the donor.  These small precious acts, regardless of the outcome will not be forgotten.  
I will let you know once I have the blood test if the procedure has been successful or not.
I trust that you will continue to send good vibes.
Thank you again.

News From Australia

Dear Jenny,
We are thrilled to share the news that we delivered a healthy baby boy at 7.48pm on Monday 1st May, he weighed 2.91kg, length 48cm, head circumference 35cm.  He is absolutely perfect and we are so happy we made the journey to Cape Town and with your help created this little man.  His big sister absolutely adores him and our family is now complete.  We would appreciate if you are able to pass on the information to our donor - without her kindness and generosity we would not have this wonderful little man in our lives and we are forever grateful for her help.
You provide a wonderful service for parents to be who have run out of options and I am very happy to support your service.

Gave birth to Two Beautiful Baby Girls

We received donor eggs through baby2mom last year and recently we gave birth to two beautiful baby girls.  They are so perfect in every way. We now couldn't imagine life without them and thank baby2mom for giving us the opportunity to receive donor eggs.
Thank you also to our wonderful donor who really did give us the gift of life.
Jenny made the whole process smooth and easy.
We would recommend baby2mom to anyone looking for donor eggs. Thanks once again.

Twins Born Thanks be to God

They were born in February.
I wanted to let you and my donor know and I do reiterate my sincere thanks for your important support to this project for which I have been caring.

Feedback from Fertility Clinic

Hi Jenny,
Some positive results from your lovely egg donors - two pregnancies.
Excellent news for the recipients because both of them have been through such a fertility journey!
Thank you very much for all you do and the way in which you do it!!
Also huge thank you of course to these ladies for their sacrifice in time and effort! Have a lovely day!

Pregnancy News From Australia

Hi Jenny,
We are ecstatic – we had a positive pregnancy result from bloods yesterday (on my birthday) which was extra special.
Can you please let our egg donor know that we are very happy and grateful.
Thank you.

From our Egg Donor Recipient

Hi Jenny,
Thank you, so much for the progress.  I appreciate your warm Thoughts and Blessings.  It really means a lot to me.
From the first time, I have been in contact with you and your company, until the time we spoke and every step of the way you have been a real blessing in my Life.  Continue to do the work, that you do that gives Hope to so many people like me, who have tried everything and failed, and still believe, and remain positive that I am going to be Mother really soon.

Egg Donation Pregnancy Confirmed in Cape Town

Hi Jenny,
Thank you for your encouraging words.  Yesterday I got my results, I am pregnant.  I am 10 days now.
Thank you again for our egg donor and for you.

Baby Daughter Arrived

Hi Jenny,
I am pleased to announce that our little girl arrived on 16 January.  She was born 3.5 weeks before her due date and in perfect health.
We're very grateful for the role that baby2mom and our egg donor played in our journey to have a child.

Feedback from Australia

Hi Jenny,
Glad to hear that the donor is doing well.  We got 10 eggs and out of those ten, 8 have been fertilised.  My transfer is scheduled for Monday.  We are praying that the transfer is a success!
We are very pleased with the donor's generosity and with the service you have provided.

From Durban Egg Donation Recipient

Greetings Jenny,
I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding service provided by your team.
I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing donors and recommending them.  Your advice was very helpful and gave us a new perspective on available donors.  We especially appreciate your offer to assist us further and emailing us vital information.  Your suggestions was really helpful in our selection of a donor.
Again, thank you so much for your help.  I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided.
I would love to recommend baby2mom to anyone who needs donors in the future.
Keep up the good work.

Pregnancy News In After Egg Donation Treatment

Hi Jenny,
All the best for the new year!
Just wanted you to know that I had a positive BHCG test today and that the numbers look excellent!  We transferred only 1 embryo and they were able to freeze 3 more.
Very thankful and blessed.
Thank you so much again for your excellent service and support - I will definitely recommend baby2mom to anyone who needs donor eggs!

Baby born from Egg Donation

Our precious gift

What People Think of baby2mom Donors

Hi Jenny,
Just a quick note..saw L today. What a nice person. I love the baby2mom donors!

Egg Donation Baby Born in England

The new baby was conceived with frozen embryos from the same batch our first daughter. I suppose they are twins.

Pregnancy News From Australia

Hi Jenny,
Hope you are doing well.  We have a very good news to share, my blood results says we are pregnant :)  Thank you so much for everything, and please convey our thanks and best wishes to the donor, we hope she is doing well.
We are very grateful for all the help. Cheers,

Hi Jenny

You have no idea how special you are in my life and an unforgettable person.
Jenny - you are blessed and remain blessed.  Thank you for every single minute you spent helping me. It can't be rewarded with money. May Almighty God bless you and your family.
My little one at one month old, she is your baby too.

From a Fertility Clinic

Thank you Jenny, you always work so fast and efficient!

Feedback from Australia After Receiving Donor Eggs

Dear Jenny,
Thanks for following up with us.  The lab has given us an update and as at Day 3, we have 8 good embryos growing.  Two are slowly growing but hopefully will continue to grow.  They will proceed to grow them to blastocyst and let us know on Sat!
We're very excited and thank you so much for running such an efficient organisation and all thanks to the very amazing and generous women who sign up with you! & especially our donor!!!  Wishing much blessings and appreciation to her.
God bless!!

Coming from Namibia to Cape Town For Egg Donation Treatment

Jenny, you too are an angel and your blessings means alot to us.  I am thinking about you too.  I really don't have words to express myself.

Our Gorgeous Little Boy Arrived

Hi Jenny,
I have been meaning to find a spare moment to let you know that our gorgeous little boy arrived 13 weeks ago.  He is such a delight and character already.
The first 13 weeks have gone so quickly and he is growing fast and strong!  We are so eternally grateful to our generous donor and for all your help to bring him into our family.
Attached are a couple of photos of when he was about one month old!
Hope all is well and thanks again!
Little Boy Conceived from egg donor

Heartwarming letter to her egg donor

Dear Donor,
It is more than a year ago now that you accepted to be our donor.  Our beautiful daughter was born in March 2016.   She has changed our life in the most wonderful of ways.  She is a very happy baby, lots of smiles and laughter (and of course the occasional screaming fit).   We’ve watched her grow over the last 7 months and every day we feel blessed to have her in our lives.
Children are a gift from God, and we thank God for his blessing.  We are travelling to our home church in December and are planning a dedication service for her there.  At the same time, we would like to thank you for your gift to us, in enabling us to have our daughter – we truly believe that God works his purposes out through each of us, and that He enabled us to receive the donation from you.
Once again, our thanks and our gratitude go to you for your role in enabling us to have such a wonderful daughter.  She truly is the greatest of all blessings, and we wish that in the future you will be blessed with similarly wonderful children.
Your grateful recipients.

Baby Born Following Egg Donation Assistance

5pm, 2.86kg.

Pregnancy News After Johannesburg Egg Donation Treament

Hello Jenny,
I just came from the clinic and... I am PREGNANT! :-))) I was so surprised! I guess I prepared to much for the ´NO´... It´s really an amazing feeling!
Thank you so much for your support!

From Our Cape Town Recipient

Jenny, your agency is quite the best as you are the only person to have responded to our mail first time.  My heart is set on your agency and hope for the best.

First Scan After Egg Donation Treatment

Hi Jenny
We hope that you are well?  We had our first scan today with Dr Clark and are so blessed to let you know that we have two healthy and strong heartbeats.
Please will you let our egg donor know that she was my first thought today during the scan, without her gracious gift we would not be sharing our joy with you.
Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts.
Much love and light

Amazing News in the USA After South African Egg Donation

Hi Jenny,
It appears I'm pregnant with twins.  We are still taking it all in.  It's a little unbelievable :)
Thank you so much for all the help and support you gave during this process.  You have been wonderful and I feel lucky to have fallen into finding someone as awesome as you.
I'll let you know how everything goes.  Thank you again.

First Days for Baby Conceived Through Help of Egg Donation

Hi there Jenny,
Our baby was born on Monday, 34 weeks and 1.945kg. Baby is doing well.
Thank you for everything that you have done.
Lots of love

From Australia

Hi Jenny,
Yes all has continued to be a positive experience, as the Dr put it he had too much choice in picking which eggs to use.  The note from the donor is a lovely idea, the more I know about her the more amazing she sounds.  Plus there is an added connection, this is our third time and the familiarity with the clinic and the process does definitely make a difference.
Please send our love and blessing to our donor and her daughter, we are very lucky people that they have come into our lives.
Plus thank you very much for all of your help, you have turned this process from chaos to a pleasant joyful experience, so thank you very much.
Warm Regards

Angel Twins

After more IVF's than fingers, our recipient cries of pure joy to finally have these angels in her life.

Feedback from Australia

Hi Jenny,
Just wanted to drop in and pass on our huge thank you to our donor and yourself.  There has been a good result and we now just await further fertilisation results.  I hope our donor got her gift I left for her at the clinic as a small token of our appreciation.
Words can't express how grateful we are to her.


Hi Jenny,
Hope you are well.  It has been a while. Our baby is almost two!  Is it possible for you to send/ email our lovely donor an image of her?
Have attached one.  Taken at 1 year.

Life Changing

Hi Jenny,
My husband and I were successful 3 ½ yrs ago using an egg donor of yours : )
We wanted to send you some updated photos and show you the special little girls we have, we think of you and the Drs at CFC often and how you all made our dreams come true.

Arrival of Gift of Life

We are happy to inform you and our donor about the arrival of our previous gift of life. Health baby boy was delivered on Thursday.
Thank you so much.   We can't even stop looking at our bundle of joy.  May God bless you all. We don't even know how to express out gratitude, happiness, joy, excitement to mention all... thank you.... thank you ... thank you!

After Egg Donation Treatment

Absolute miracles!

We are Pregnant

Hi Jenny,
I’m so happy to be able to write and let you know that we are pregnant!!  Our fabulous donor has done it again!   We are over the moon and although it is early days we are very excited and hopeful that everything will progress beautifully.  Thank you so much again for your support and kindness over the last 3 years.  It has been an up and down ride but we have come through with the blessing of two little munchkins and we are beyond words.  Our life is so fulfilled by love and laughter and we couldn’t have done it without you and your donor - who is a star!!  We will keep you updated on how we go in the lead up to meeting our new addition.   Thank you a million times over and please pass on our love and thanks to our donor.   I will write her a seperate note of thanks too.   Have a wonderful day.
Kindest regards and love

Pregnancy News After Egg Donor Help

Hi Jenny, Our first BhCG result was 38 today.  We are very excited and will go for a second blood test on Tuesday.  Well keep you updated.

Hoping for a Miracle

Dear Jenny, Hope you are well. How is the donor doing? Hope all is well. We had our ET today we had two healthy blastocysts to transfer. Thank you for all your support we really appreciate everything

Beautiful Baby Born

Dear Jenny, Our beautiful baby was born in July 2016.  Thank you for the support and for helping us find the perfect donor.  Words cannot explain our joy and gratitude. Please continue helping other couples out there who are yearning for a baby of their own. I don't know if it is possible to send the below message to the donor... Dear Donor, We don't know how to thank you for what you have done for us, words cannot adequately express our gratitude. You have given us the opportunity to become the parents we yearned to be for so many years. We wish you the very best in life.

Coming from Australia For Donor Eggs in Johannesburg

Hi Jenny, We did our transfer today - two miracle embryos, so fingers crossed!!! Please send a million thanks to our beautiful donor. Also a big thanks to you for being so supportive. xxx

Feeling Blessed On Egg Retrieval Day

Hi Jenny,
Thank you very much.  We are feeling so excited.  We got 10 eggs :)
Thank you so much for your assistance in all of this and please can you send a special word of appreciation and gratitude to our egg donor.  She has been a real blessing to us!
We leave the rest in the hands of our Almighty God.

So Much Appreciation For Our Lovely Donors

Dear Jenny,
Thanks for the message.  Our donor did exceptionally well.  We have 12 fertilised eggs sofar.  Will let you know how all goes.  Now I really hope and pray that our donor will recover soon without too much discomfort.
Thanks again for all, we are overwhelmed with joy, and just thankful.

From Our Recipient From Australia

I feel blessed to have you and such a committed donor on this journey!

Amazing News

Hello Jenny,

I found out officially today that I am pregnant!

Words cannot convey how much we appreciate your help and the donor for her kindness to us. I know there is a long way to go but so far so good this time.

Beautiful Donor From Your Agency

Hello Jenny, With great happiness, I send you this email.  After having my transfer last September 2015 from the beautiful donor, (beautiful profile about her personality as well), from your agency, I have given birth on the 25th May 16' to a healthy, perfect, beautiful baby girl from this donor..... We have named her J.... She is totally divine....and we love her with all our hearts.  It is the most amazing gift that the egg donor has given us. But read on..... This is J.
I had all three eggs transferred and 2 eggs worked out, resulting in twins, which we now know are genetically one from each donor.  Double blessing.... Two beautiful girls....who will have each other to grow up with. Thank-you Jenny for co-ordinating the donor in a supportive caring approach. With Kindest Regards, K....xx

Our Egg Donation Recipient Excited With Her Donor

Thank you so much.  We are at Medfem and will see Sr Krina then as well to settle our documentation. We just want to say a big thanks for bending over backwards for us, you have been the only Agency to assist us and it is a pleasure dealing with you. Thank you for being with us during this incredible journey we are taking. Warmest Regards

Positive Outcome

Hi Jenny, We had blood test back today and am very pleased to say we are pregnant!!!  So so excited. Early days but feel very confident with this. Thank our donor so so much, we believe she was the best we have had so far in terms of the quality of the eggs.  Words cant explain how much this means to us.Will keep you updated as we go along. Thanks so much for having this donor on your file....

Birth News from Australia

Hi Jenny, Our beautiful baby boy was born on 13/4/16 at 1.27pm.  He is just so lovely, and doing really well.He will be 7 weeks old on Wednesday.  His older brother is besotted with him, and it's just so lovely to see them together. I trust you will pass on to our donor our happy news (if it's allowed). Thank you again.

From Fertility Clinic

I also just want to say: Thank you very much for your excellent service Jenny!  You make everything so easy and hasslefree for us and we really appreciate it!!!

Hosanna in the Highest

Miracle baby boy born

Experience from Australia

Thanks for your help in getting this organised.  Our embryos are doing very well and we look forward to an update on them tomorrow.  Very exciting and we are feeling so blessed and happy.  

Thank you Jenny for again helping us to make our dreams come true.   It is so lovely communicating with you and we are so very, very grateful for your kindness and efforts. 

Our baby girl is 1 next month - we wouldn’t have her without your help and the incredible gift from our amazing donor.  She is perfect and brings us such happiness - we are totally in love and are so lucky to have her. 

Thanks again and I will keep you updated on how we go this time! Fingers crossed we can email with the good news of another little miracle!! Talk soon and thanks again  xx

Postive Feedback from Australia

Hi Jenny, I want to give you some positive feedback after dealing with different agencies, as I loved how attentive you have been, replying to emails quickly and using whatsApp, plus following up on everything.  Each agency varies quite a bit and your attentiveness stood out.  Another thing that is a massive help is that your donor profiles are the only ones that are easily printed.  Other agencies have annoying databases where the profile looks fine online but they're set in tabs so it takes many clicks to print it and you end up using about 10 sheets of paper per profile! Anyway thanks again for your warmth and help during what is a tough rollercoaster of a journey...which is still not over! I really appreciated the lovely messages you sent me in whatsapp.  It helped me not feel so alone snd gave me reassurance. Thanks again for everything.

Our Twin Girls

Hi Jenny,
As promised here is a pic of our twin girls.  I consent to you posting on your site.
Once again - thank you!
You have been a pleasure to work with I have recommended you to others considering going to SA for egg donors.

Delivering the Good News

Dear Jenny,  

We underwent IVF in with a donor egg via your agency.  My husband and I are delighted to inform you that our precious baby boy was born a week ago.  

With love and gratitude to you and our donor,  

Miracle Twins

Hi Jenny,
We finally had the photographer around - and am happy to share some pictures.

From Fertility Specialist

Jenny, jou donors is fantasties. 

baby2mom is 'n ander klas!!

From our recipient awaiting her donor to undergo her screening...

Dear Jenny, 

Thank you for being the person who brings us all together.  May you be abundantly blessed for the love you bring into the world....hug

A Blessing

Hi Jenny,
We are blessed with a baby girl born on 1 March, at 9:21am.
She changed our loves with her magic beauty.
Praise the Lord!  Thank you for your amazing work throughout this whole process.  God is using your work for so many blessings and we are one of them.

Hoping for a Miracle

Dear Jenny, 

Thank you for your email which I opened last night. We are so very happy... We are also silenced to think a miracle may happen.  

We will be thinking of our donor all the way and throughout her screening...may God bless her kind heart... Many blessings and heartprints

Miracle News from Canada

Hi Jenny,  I hope you're well!  Our boys were born on February 20th. I was just over 36 weeks.  One baby weighed just over 7lbs and the other just over 6lbs.  We are all doing well and everyone is happy and healthy.
They really are perfect little angels!
Once again thank you for everything!

After Umhlanga Egg Donation Treatment

Hi Jenny, 

Was going to msg you on Tuesday, after our first dr's appt.  The procedure was a success so I am pregnant, so the journey begins. 

Can't wait for the first appointment when we get to see baby. 

Thank you so much for everything, words cannot express our gratitude to the donor.

To Africa from Australia For a Miracle

Thank you very much for everything and for finding me an egg donor.  Had transfer this morning and now off having a relaxing day with my 1 embie on board.  One frozen today..  Other 9 being grown till day 6 and hopefully there may be more to freeze.
Will keep you posted after I have my pregnancy test.

Start of Life

Hi baby2mom,
I want to say thank you for the donor, I got a baby boy!

THIS is why I donate

Letter received from our egg donor sent to her from her recipient, generating feelings of sheer happiness...

Starting on a High

Hi Jenny,
Complements for the new year.   We started on a high note this side.
Our babies were born - 1 boy and a girl at 2.3kg and 2.1kg. respectively.
We are happy and forever grateful to you.

Miracle News

Dear Jenny, Little M is 6 months now and we're so in love.  He smiled at 2 weeks (no not wind) and is such a happy little treasured boy!! Totally adored by his twin sisters who spoil him rotten.  It would be nice if you can tell our special egg donor but understand if that's bit possible. We're so very grateful for what she's done for us.  The most wonderful gift of all. Thank you for your super help with our fertility story. We are very very happy. Best wishes.

New Arrivals

Hi Jenny,
 We are proud to announce the birth of our beautiful twin boys arrived on Thursday at 11:55.  Weights were 2.05kg. and 2.45kg. respectively, and being two weeks eary are spending their first days in NICU.
We are so grateful and wanted to again say THANKS!

Letter from our Australia donor

Our Recipients from New South Wales have this to say about baby2mom's services

Thanks so much Jenny - it's been a pleasure dealing with you. Will definitely recommend you guys.

To My Special Donor

My husband and I have been married for a little over 5 years - and they've been 5 happy years! He's truly my soulmate and we have so much fun together. I was 32 and we started trying for a baby straight away but we realised that something was wrong after months of disappointment. I finally fell pregnant, we were on top of the world but I lost the baby at 8 weeks. We were devastated. We fell pregnant again 6 months later, but again I miscarried, this time needing emergency surgery due to complications. Since then we've tried 4 IVF cycles with my own eggs but with no success. Basically my eggs are old and don't make viable embryos, so we need a little help from a younger donor such as yourself.

Family is very important to us and we spend as much time with them as we can. We have two fur-babies who are the light of our lives, we simply love the morning snuggles and endless affection they show us. Nothing would make us happier than to add a child to our little family, we have so much love to give and it would make me the happiest woman alive if I was to be blessed with my own baby.

This struggle certainly takes its toll and makes you feel less of a woman, being unable to do the one thing that comes so naturally to others. Thank you for agreeing to donate for us and for helping us fulfill our dream of becoming parents. This is such a selfless and kind gift to give to a total stranger and we're grateful for your incredible generosity - you have no idea how much it means to couples such as ourselves.

I hope you will be endlessly blessed in life.

Thanks again and lots of love x

It's a boy!

This is my bundle of joy.

From our Recipients


My wife and I want to thank the baby2mom for all, and have demonstrated professionalism at what they do.  We thank you too Jenny for warm availability to enlighten us all our doubts.  We want to send our special thanks to our donor, by humanism with which embraced the cause to help couples achieve their dream of parenthood.  She will be always a special person to us.  

The way for us still continues, we have faith that everything had gone well.

Precious Baby Born

Our precious 'I' was born today, 3kg. and she is so beautiful. Thank you so much for making this miracle possible.  

Successful Pregnancy

Hi Jenny, I have had a successful pregnancy and now have a beautiful little three month old baby boy. It would be great if you could put the pictures up. Thanks again.
baby from egg donor baby picture from egg donor child

Sharing of Good News

Dear Jenny, 

Thanks for touching-base.  We're thrilled to be able to share with you that we are indeed pregnant!  My initial urine and then two blood beta hcg tests not only indicated a positive pregnancy, but then continued to demonstrate a strong doubling after 48hrs.  

We hope and pray that this journey will continue to be a successful one for us!  

Thank you again to both you and our donor for helping to make our baby dreams one step closer. 

Be well. 

My Miracle

Hi Jenny,
Hope this finds you well.  I can't believe how time flies when you have a baby.  M is already 7 months old!
Not a day goes by without me thinking of our donor and of course you for all you do.
Thank you once again, we are truely blessed to have had the two of you involved in our big miracle. Take care and lots of love.

After Second Egg Donation Experience

It's my second time being a donor... but the experience feels like the first time cause you get a good doctor and nurses who are always there for you, not forgetting Jenny - she is the best... Thanks to Dr Pentz, Genesis and baby2mom for their kindness and loving hearts.

Impacting lives

thank you to my donor

From our recipient starting treatment

Love your work! 
 Thank you again, you really are an angel shining light on this difficult journey x

Egg retrieval day tomorrow

Just before egg retrieval from our recipient...

Morning Jenny, 

We thank God for everything.  Also thanks for updating us.  I am really pleased with your service and concern. 

May God bless you!

Egg Donation Twin Pregnancy Half Way

Hi Jenny, 
I hope you are well.  All is going well with me, I went for 20 weeks anomaly scan today everything is going well.  It's a boy and a girl, I am so excited beyond words. Thanks God I found you. 
Take care!

Personal Letter to Our Egg Donor

Dear Jenny,
Can you please pass this message on to our donor?:
Our precious son is almost 5 months old now.  We would like to thank you again for your kind donation.  What you have done for us has transformed our lives.  Having a child has been every bit as amazing as we hoped and even more than we dreamed.  Every precious moment with him is a gift – even 2am feeds!  He is such a delightful child who watches everything around him.
His favourite things to do are to play with his ball, rattle, nappy free time and standing up on our laps (with support).  His favourite colour is yellow. He doesnt really like tummy time much. (We think he has your eyes, nose and chin.).
We keep a magnet of the South African flag on our fridge and can’t wait to take our little springbok back to Africa to see where our miracle occurred – it may be quite soon as we are hoping for a brother or sister with the embryos that we still have in Cape Town.
Thanks a million times over for making this possible for us. If karma exists, then we believe you deserve the most amazing and rewarding future!
You will always be in our thoughts.
Thanks so much, S and H (and little F) X0XX00
egg donation baby growing

Update from Australia

Hi Jenny, 

Hope this email finds you well. Great news to share with you today.... we have a positive result. We are very, very happy. It's very early days, but so happy to have two positive blood tests and another next week to ensure those numbers are increasing. I hope you can share with our donor our happy news, and again thank her for her kindness and generosity.  Do you know if she wants to know any further updates, or would she prefer this the end of any further information from us?  If you could let us know please, I would very much appreciate it.  

My husband and I would like to thank you sincerely for helping us find our donor, and to get this great result (and to also have one frozen embryo as well). 

Thank you, and take care. 


Here is a letter to our donor

Dear Donor Angel, 

We are writing to let you know that our dreams have finally come true.  We welcomed our beautiful little girl into the world and are both over the moon with happiness at finally being Mum and Dad. She is more than we could ever have hoped for, both beautiful and so very relaxed too! Her favourite things to do are eat, sleep and smile!

We are totally besotted with her and spend hours just staring at her sleeping and cuddling her.  We knew it would be special but we didn’t realise how much you could possibly love someone - it is truly incredible.  How can we say thank you to you for making this happen for us? Your gift is something that cannot be put into words. 

Thank you a million times over.  Years and years of heartache and sadness have been pushed aside with such love and happiness.  You have really changed our lives and we will be eternally grateful to you and your special gift.  We just wanted you to know that what you have done is beyond our wildest dreams and both yourself and the amazing Dr le Roux will be in our hearts forever.  A little piece of South Africa is very loved here in Australia.  

Thank you again and again. I’m off now to snuggle with our little miracle. 

Kindest thoughts and wishing all the happiness that you have brought to us. 
A & M xx

Feedback from colleagues

You are a star!! 

I must a lot of my recipients are very happy with your service and assistance – you come highly recommended!

Egg Donation Baby Born

Hi Jenny, 

I have been wanting to email you for ages but life is a little busy at the moment in the most wonderful way.  I gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby boy, he took us all by suprise arriving 4.5 weeks early but was still an impressive 2.8 kg (6.3 pounds).   

We can't begin to find the words to thank you and our amazing donor for allowing our dream to become parents.  Our little boy is the love of our lives and brings us so much joy.  He is such a relaxed baby who feeds and sleeps really well. 

Please pass this message onto our donor. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Love R  x

Miracle News

Hi Jenny,
Well - here she is! D was born on the 17th June and she is absolutely perfect in every way.  We are over the moon and loving every second of being mum and dad.  We couldn’t ask for a better baby - she loves smiling and sleeping!  A complete dream!!  Thank you for all of your help and support during this long journey.  Every second has been worth it and we are so very grateful to you and of course to our very special donor for making our dreams come true.  Thank you both a million times over!!!! Here are a couple of pics of our girl.  Perfect!!  Thanks again Jenny.  You are a miracle worker and we are so lucky to have found you.
 egg donation miracle

Twin Pregnancy Following Egg Donation Treatment

Hi Jenny, Just been for the 10 week scan, and all is well! Two beautiful squirming little peanuts and our surrogate is doing well. J
Baby scan
Egg donation twins in surrogate

Baby Boy Born

Hi Jenny,

We are blessed with a baby boy, born 16 July.  My husband and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your kind service and best wishes.


Thinking of Our Egg Donor

Hello Jenny 
How are you, hope you are well.  Our trip is only a couple of weeks away now, we are busy preparing - we are very excited! 

I was hoping you could pass on a message to our donor please (if that's okay). Please let her know, that we are thinking of her, and the next steps she has to take for us (the needles, the appointments, the scans… all very invasive we know too well). We appreciate her very much, and hope the cycle goes well.  Please wish her safe travels to and from the clinic, and again a big "thank you" for being our wonderful donor. 

Thank you. 

Twin Egg Donation Pregnancy

Hi Jenny, Just been for the 10 week scan, and all is well! Two beautiful squirming little peanuts and A is doing great!

Twin Pregnancy News Just In

Hello, I just had my 6.5 week ultrasound and we are expecting twins! So exctited. We are so blessed, thanks to you and our beautiful donor.

Egg Donation, then Pregnancy, then baby

Hi Jenny,
Could you please let our egg donor know our beautiful baby boy was born @ 39weeks weighing a massive 9 pounds, 7 ounces (4.3kg)!   He is the most precious thing we have ever laid our eyes on.  I think he looks like a miniature version of my husband.  B is doing really well, a bit on the gassy side but healthy and happy otherwise.  I wish there was a way to express the overwhelming gratitude we have for our donor.
I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined how deeply I could love another person the way I love my little boy.
Sending all my love to our donor xox, K

Starting an Egg Donation Cycle From our Recipient

I researched a lot of agencies (promise) and I must compliment you - the best agency with the best egg donors and very good service! 
Well done! Your hard work pays off!

On the eve of egg retrieval day Our recipient is excited

I must just compliment you Jenny.  You are incredible with your empathy, your follow up, your discretion, your kindness, your understanding and how you manage your business. Thank you so very much..I so hope and pray we are blessed with this gift to love and treasure. X

Hoping for a Miracle Accompanied with a gift...

Dear Donor 

Thanks!  Your donation increased my hope that I might be a mother, that which comes so naturally to others.  My loving husband normally does not show emotions, but the tears in his eyes the day after told me everything I needed to know and more. Take this small gift as a token of our appreciation for my words fail to describe our dreams and emotions.

From USA

Jenny, I just want to say how grateful I am that South Africa is an (affordable option) for me.  

Not only that, but the care is top notch and the "human touch" exists in a way here that you don't find in the States. 

Now just say and prayer and fingers crossed, 

From our egg donation recipient

Hi Jenny,
All is well.
I have just given birth with my last frozen embryo.  Thank you for everything.

Egg Donation Pregnancy in Port Elizabeth

Hi Jenny - we went for 1st scan yesterday - I'm 7 weeks and baby heartbeat strong. So far all going well. 

From our egg donor

Jenny you are amazing! Your compassion is a gift and i think we are all blessed to have a woman like you in our lives!

Hoping for a pregnancy

Dear Jenny, 

Our dear special donor Angel has far exceeded our expectations.... we are feeling beyond blessed and so very proud of her.  Please send her our many thanks and very best wishes for a super speedy recovery.... I'm sure after producing so many wonderful eggs for us she will be feeling sore which hurts me so much as I wish there was an easier way and I could lessen the discomfort.  We will find out tomorrow how many embies have grown with transfer at his stage planned for Wednesday.  I am busy with meds and needles morning and night getting everything perfect for transfer and beyond.... it is a hopeful time and we are staying positive and as calm as possible.  We left a card and gift for our donor with the nurse at CFC.... did she receive it?  Can you please check it was received?  We do hope it has been passed along.  Once again many thanks to you.... what a joy it has been using Baby2Mom!!  

We will keep you and our wonderful special donor Angel updated as our journey continues. Much love and gratitude, .x.

From Australia Heading to Cape Town

Thank you so much for the update Jenny - so thrilled to hear that everything is going great with our special donor Angel. 

We are so touched by her lovely letter and are carefully wording a thoughtful response.  We truly feel blessed right now that she is a part of our lives and can't thank you again enough for your guidance, support and help throughout this process.  Just over a week and we will be in Cape Town.....can't believe we are doing this again but so thrilled at the same time.  Such a conflict of so many emotions and feelings but to chase your dreams and be so well supported......it's truly special and so very appreciated. 

Much love, 
S xxx

Egg Donation Baby Born in Australia

Hi Jenny, 

Lovely to hear from you.  We are delighted to let u know we have a beautiful baby boy.  He is now 4 months and just perfect in everyway! We were having twins but lost one of them at 18wks.  We were obviously devestated at the time but are now just delighted with our little bundle of joy.  

Still can't quite believe we have two of the most gorgeous children and feel so blessed!  We wouldn't be in this position if it wasn't for our beautiful donor.  We just can't thank her enough.  She is an amazing and wonderful human being who I only hope is blessed with happiness and love throughout her life.  

Please send her our love and wish her all the the best.  Thanks to you too Jenny for everything. 

Kind regards, 

Baby H

Hi Dr Heylen, Heidi and Jenny,
I just wanted to make sure that you all received my email about the birth of our daughter.  N was born on 26th August via C Section (breech presentation) weighing 7lbs 8oz.  She's 7 months old now and absolutely beautiful!  Thanks again for all of your help and support on our journey to have a family.  I've attached a picture of N.

From a very happy mama to be

Hi there,
I just wanted to let you know that I had my 12 week scan the other week and everything is looking perfect.  They think it's a boy and he was very active on the scan.
Thanks again for this amazing miracle you have given me!! I can't wait to meet him!!
A very happy mama to be

Miracle at their Best

Hi Jenny,
Thanks so much once again for all you have done and still do.  Please thank our very special egg donor for her indescribable blessing.  Our precious son was born via caesarian section on Friday morning, weighing 3.84kg and 56cm long.  We were discharged home yesterday and besides sleep deprivation we are doing well.

From Germany

Dear Jenny, 

Thanks for thinking of us and for asking how all is going.   We've gotten the results of the first blood test from this morning and can very very joyfully say that the result is positive.  We are both incredibly happy at the moment.  The next blood test will be on Saturday. 

Again thanks for everything and we will let you know how things progess. 

Kindest regards,  

Our Recipient Says After Embryo Transfer

Dear Jenny,   

Just a quick thank you for your guidance.  The fertilised eggs (2) were inseminated early today.  They were of excellent quality.   Would you mind notifying the egg donor if possible. 

Please let our donor know that we are forever grateful for the opportunity she has given to us. 

Kind regards, R

Heartbeat in Australia

Hi Jenny,   

Just letting you know that I had my first scan the other day.  We saw one little heartbeat and they said it was really strong.  Obviously very early days still.  But so far so good.  I will let you know how I get on at the next scan. 

Thank you so much, 

Miracles From Australia Following Egg Donation Treatment

Hi Jenny,
I certainly hope this email finds you well.. My apologies for not being in touch sooner.
I would like to introduce Angel 1 and Angel 2 born 2/11/14, 28 weeks, in Adelaide, South Australia.  Both home now and doing exceptionally well.  We think of you often, and thank you again for your assistance in egg donation to make our beautiful family complete.
With our love and blessings xoxoxo
Miracle from Australia 2
Miracle from Australia 3
Miracle from Australia 4

News of Twins

Dear Jenny 

It has been a while since we spoke. I hope all is well with you. I thought I shall give you an update as to where we are at... It has been quite a journey, but all worth it...we are expecting twins!!! We are expecting a girl AND a BOY!!! L and L will be the names. I can not believe our luck and I cant even begin to describe our gratitude. We feel very blessed and you are a big part of it. 

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!!! Have a great day! 

Kind regards,  

From New Pregnant Mom

Hi Jenny, could you please forward this photo to our egg donor? Sorry it's a bit blurry because baby wouldn't stop wiggling. Thanks so much.

Pregnancy News From Australia

Hi Jenny, 

We just had our 20 week pregnancy ultrasound and everything is going great! 

Not sure if our egg donor would like updates but if she does you can tell her baby looks perfectly health and is a little wiggly boy?? 

Have had a dream pregnancy so far!?? Thanks, K

After egg Retrieval from Our Egg Donor

All went well, 11 eggs, Doc happy! xxx 

Please could you thank our recipient for the gift. Really appreciate it. Loads of love and good luck with their procedure. Holding thumbs all the way. 

Please keep me updated!

Message from Australia...

Hi Jenny, 

Hope this finds u well. I wanted to wish you a very happy Christmas and all the best for the year ahead.  We are heading out for a break. 

I do often think of u - I am now 26 weeks can u believe it?? Every day I count my blessings and it all started with you!! You are a big part of this journey & I am ever grateful. 

Blessings for a wonderful Xmas. 
All my love,  

Recipient Feeling Warmly for her Egg Donor

Hi Jenny, Thank you. 

I will be very interested to know Dear Donor experience. 

I hope she was treated with the utmost kindness, respect and reverence for what she was doing.  I think the staff at Aevitas is very kind and professional. I know that in my years of IVF treatments I did not always "feel the love" from doctors and nurses, but I admit I was fragile, sensitive and on edge therefor I took everything so hard.  But I hope that her experience was good...again, her gift to a stranger (me and others) is beutiful and if I am blessed I will make sure to honour and protect her gift with my life. 

With thanks, 

Selecting an Egg Donor From Australia

That is absolutely brilliant Jenny, 

Thank you so much for understanding our concerns and for your efforts in gathering this information for us..... it is such a big decision.  For my own piece of mind is it possible for me to provide some photos of myself so that perhaps a comparison, or otherwise, can be provided? It's a funny thing dealing with being genetically obsolete but having an amazing opportunity like this.....I do find myself wondering what my child could have looked like and now on choosing a donor what traits may be similar or otherwise. 

This donor is very beautiful in the photos provided so that is more than enough for us and we already know she (in fact all donors!) must be even more beautiful on the inside to be offering infertile couples such as ourselves this lovely, selfless gift.  As an aside, it appears she is a Capricorn just like me so when reading her profile I often found myself nodding my head at how she had described herself..... she sounded so similar to me!!! That is just one of the reasons we have been so happy with your match making in this instance. 

Jenny, you have been amazing to deal with and no matter the outcome we will be certain to talk of you highly and recommend you to others….

Thank you for helping us so much on this, our last chance journey. We will await your further advice.  

Have a fabulous day, 

A Special Letter To My Recipient From Your Egg Donor

To my recipient,

Whatever your outcome, please never forget the priceless love given by a stranger with no regrets. Life is a cruel journey, plagued by heart wrenching chapters and I am so overwhelmed to be part of your story.

We came together to reach a precious goal, sharing the same DNA for a short while. And now only time will tell if hope is on our path.

I wish you the best for all the years to come. Always remember time is precious and enjoy every single moment as a treasure.
Love your egg donor

From Victoria, Australia

I hope you are well. I just wanted to update you on what’s going on with me ….happy news!!!!

Not sure if I have told you previously but I was overjoyed to learn that both embryos had taken and the prospect of twins was overwhelming. Then at 8 weeks I lost one little embryo but the other one was hanging in there…..and I have just had my 13 week scan this week and all is going really well…..I burst into tears when I saw the ultrasound… it’s so incredibly exciting to see the pictures – I keep looking at them not believing them to be mine. Now I think we can finally start to let some people know – I only told my mum yesterday and as you can imagine she is over the moon with joy. All made possible because of our incredible egg donor… I keep her in my prayers. I have been feeling incredibly well – no illness or anything really to suggest my condition that’s why sometimes I even was doubting that it was real… but the scan has definitely put my mind at rest.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the news with you and just let you know how things are going. I hope all is well over there with you.

Best regards.

It's a boy

Our Fembryo recipient confirms pregnancy, rejoicing that God is so good all the time.

New Mom and Dad Say

Hi jenny
Just a quick update to let you know our beautiful healthy boy was born on 11/11/2014 weighing 3450g.  We are so blessed and overwhelmed with joy!!  Still adjusting to motherhood, breastfeeding etc I enjoy every minute of it!  Father is doing his diaper duties ha ha lol!
We are so grateful and will never be able to thank you enough, we are so happy.
Lots of love!

Twins born following egg donation a little prem

They let me hold Jonathan last night, and once on my chest, he immediately calmed down and went to sleep for an hour and a half.   His heart rate went from 190 to 160, and his O2 saturation rose from 86% to 97%. Was amazing to watch. J
Prem egg donation baby

Our egg donor just hears news of pregnancy following her donation

There's no pen that could ever portray the joy I had when I read this message - that my egg donation contributed to a pregnancy! To know that I had part in fulfiling another woman's dream of motherhood is humbling and pricelss.

Pregnancy Confirmed

Hi Jenny,  

Well - after 3 egg donors and 5 trips to Cape Town - we are pregnant!!  Just got our second beta level this morning and everything is looking good at this very early stage.  I wanted to thank our egg donor for her incredible gift - we are in awe that she would do this for us.  I hope that she enjoyed her spa day as a small token of our appreciation.  Please pass on our thanks and the news for us. 

Thank you to you too for all your patience, kindness and support in this very long journey.  We really appreciate it more than words can express. Fingers crossed for continued good news for us and that our dream comes true! 

Kindest regards and many thanks, 

Message from our egg donor

Thanks so much. And thanks for all that you do - for the recipients and for us donors. You are amazing! Xxx

Recipient From Australia has great news this morning

Hi Jenny, 

I am thrilled to let you know we received a positive pregnancy test today! I wish I could smother our donor in kisses.   Please pass on our wonderful news. Also a big thank you to you Jenny as you have made this whole process so easy and have been a great support.   


Anonymous Egg Donor

Just received this from one of baby2mom's amazing egg donors… 

I decided that if I donate again I would only consider donating with baby2mom as the other agents are so impersonal.

News From Australia

Dear Dr Heylen, Heidi and Jenny, 

We have great news.  After 2 positive home pregnancy tests and a positive blood test we can confirm that our wonderful holiday to Cape Town has been successful.  

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in your professions. 

HcG is 375 at 14 days after fertilisation. 

Best Regards, 
P & M from Australia.

From Dallas, Texas


Yes, that is great news. Please give my sincere thanks to the new egg donor for jumping in on a moment’s notice and helping out.  We are very delighted to have her as our donor. I felt such a strong connection with her from the first time I read her profile.  We have many traits and interests in common.  I am very delighted to have her donate and help us.

Thank you so much for your help Jenny by proactively jumping in and talking to this donor as soon as we got the news that the original donor was pregnant.  

This has made this stressful situation so much easier. 

Special Note To Our Egg Donor

Hi Jenny,
Lovely talking with you earlier, thanks so much for talking things through.  I also wanted to say thank you to the egg donor and while I’m not able to meet her to express our gratitude, I’ve attached a letter that I hope you are happy to pass on to her.
Kindest regards and look forward to talking again soon.

From our First Time Egg Donor

Good Morning Jenny

Just a quick follow up, I go in for another scan tomorrow, Looks like they will be doing the procedure on Monday morning.  So wish me good luck.  Everything is going good.   I will keep in touch.     

Thank you for the bonsai its absolutely Beautiful.    


Mozambique Recipient Happy with baby2mom

Dear Jenny,    

Thank you so much for your amazingly prompt action on this. I will go through each profile and let you know what I think. 

Huge thanks again, 

Beautiful baby following miracle egg donation treatment

Thanks again for everything…
pretoria egg donation baby

News of Birth From Australia

Hello Jenny, 

We hope you are well.  We just wanted to let you know that on Friday 20th June, our little baby girl was born at 10am in Sydney, Australia.  She was delivered via C Section at 38 weeks and 2 days weighing 3.1kgs and of 48cm length. 

She is healthy and beautiful!  We have called her C.  We are absolutely in love with her. 

We could not have done this without you and all the angels at Medfem. 

Please pass on our gratitude once again to our egg donor and I will forward some photos soon, should our donor wish to see them. 

Thank you once again. 
I and E

Hello World From N

Dear Jenny, 

It's with a thankful heart that I write you this email.  Its my absolute pleasure to send you my baby girls pic!  She is now 7 months and doing wonderful.  It started out as a rough ride as I had preclamsia and she was born very very early. 
Weighing in at 750gm we visited her at the wonderful hospital for 96 days waiting for her to grow and get stronger and stronger.  I am soo thankful for God not only keeping our blessing safe but also healthy.  He has such big plans for her - in her short life we have already seen how God used her to enrich others' faith… 

We will keep you up to speed about her development. 

You are welcome to post something on you website. 

Lots of love

To My Recipients

Dear Recipient, 

I am a hard working young woman with everything to offer.  I have an amazing family and friends to boot.  My life is exactly where I want it to be.  I give you hope on this day that in a years time I can wish you a Happy Mother's Day!!

Love Your Donor"

When it rains it pours...

First scan today, and it's twins!

Sharing Her Joy

Hi Jenny,
I trust this email finds you well and in good health.  As you are aware, we were absolutely blessed to be given the ultimate gift of eggs from a champion Egg Donor .  Our donor cycle was undertaken in August 2012 and we were blessed by the gods to have been successful in welcoming the most precious little boy into our world.  Whilst he had a rocky start, he is now a blossoming 13 month old.
Kindest regards,
egg donation love

Leter To My Egg Donor

Dear fabulous donor, 

What can we say?  We are so excited and blown away that you firstly agreed to be our egg donor and secondly you did such an amazing job with your medications and the egg collection procedure.  I know exactly how you feel during this process as I have had 15 IVF procedures and the injections and operation are never fun!  For you to choose to help us is truly amazing and we feel so blessed and thankful to you. 

We have had such a long and hard journey to try and make our dreams come true and to have a family of our own.   Making the step to use an egg donor was a big one for us and we are stunned that people like you would be so amazing to donate something so precious to us. 

We are excited at the possibility of your precious gift helping us to create our ‘little one’.  Please know that we will always have you in our hearts and we are not quiet sure how to say thank you for such a gift.   So thank you, thank you, thank you:) You have done something that will help to make our dreams come true, that is amazing.  

We hope you are feeling ok after your procedure yesterday.  Be kind to yourself and have some much deserved rest and relaxing.  We think of you a lot and really want you to know how happy you have made us. 

Thank you a million times over.  We wish you much happiness in your life, many adventures and that you find true happiness.  You have made a huge difference to 2 lives from far across the world - you should feel very proud:) 

Thanks again (and again and again…) 

Love from 
M & A in Australia

Message from Australia

Hi Jenny,   

Our precious boys turned 1 last week and I keep thinking about our egg donor and wondered if you are still able to make contact with her on my part or whether it is too late.  In case you can.... I'd like her to know how incredibly happy we are with our 2 gorgeous little boys... I am constantly being told how beautiful they both are albeit very different in every way. 

They are at such a cute age now and are interested in such different things - the one is an adventurer opening closed doors and walking through and climbing our bookcase to get his dummy off the top... the other is much more relaxed and happy stacking his cups and rings! 

I often think about how blessed we are and how lucky to have 2 such gorgeous, happy little chaps.  And it's all thanks to our very special donor. 

With best wishes, 

From USA To My Egg Donor

Our recipient says to her egg donor… 

We love to travel and have traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, North & South America as well as many islands. We love to spend time together, play with our dogs, go cycling and take long walks together. 

My husband’s education is in business finance and he enjoys developing our business, and is quite accomplished.  My training is in Psychology, but these days I mostly just help my husband in our business and enjoy trading stocks.  

Our children will be a primary focus for both of us once we are blessed with them.  We also enjoy art, reading and like to attend theatre and concerts. 

We were both born in the US, and are of German, Scandinavian, and English heritage. Our family is mostly all in the US but we do have friends in Europe and Africa, Which church do you go to? Catholic, our faith is very important to us and we are active in our church. My husband teaches classes in our church. 

Our child will enjoy love from a very large multigenerational extended family that will include three grandparents. (One grandparent has passed away.)  We were both blessed to be raised in loving and supportive homes with parents that put us through school and college, and were with us through all the ups and downs of growing up.  They took the time to teach us what is important in life. Faith, family, friends, hard work, and instilled in us a sense of morality and commitment to service. 

This baby (or babies) will be our first child together.  We hope to have two or three children. 

In closing, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for considering us. What you are willing to do to help someone else is so loving and giving. I do not know how to properly thank a person for providing such a precious gift.  You are a very special person.

Australian Recipient Conceives Twins

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for your email and for talking to our egg donor. Their second names are to be A... and A..., close enough to the donor's wishes of using the name Alexandra - a great leader, I hope. Sure you can use the photo if you like. The little one who was 2kg at birth has gained 1kg in ~3 weeks, babies are quite amazing.
Eternally grateful to the donor…

From California, USA To Her Egg Donor

Dear Donor Angel, 

I feel incredibly humbled to say "thank you” as those words are so completely inadequate.  What you are doing for me and have done for others is beyond the definition of generous.  You are an incredibly special person to do what you are doing for me, a stranger.  If you do nothing else in your life, you have already done so much more than most people ever will.  

I cannot tell you what a struggle I have had over the past 6 years.   How hard I tried to bring my child into the world… hopefully, with your help, it will happen.  My point is also to say that: I know what you are doing is not easy physically or emotionally.  Please treat yourself to some INCREDIBLY well deserved pampering (spa voucher included).  

Again, I am embarrassed to say "thank you” as those words are so small compared to what you are doing for me. With infinite love and gratitude…infinite thanks and appreciation for you, your gift and your entire family, yours 

Sincerely, A

Twins Conceived in Cape Town Following Donor Treatment

April 4, 2014
Dear Friends,
It is with overwhelming joy that we announce the birth of our two healthy and beautiful baby girls, S and S, who made their appearance on March 30, 2014.  We thank God for all of His Wonderful Blessings!
Rejoice and be Glad!
Please keep us all in your prayers.
Love, S and A
Egg Donation USA April 2014

From Massachusetts, USA Progress on Twin Egg Donation Pregnancy

Dear Friends, 

A and I (he is carrying his weight!) are presently at the end of our 31st week of our pregnancy with healthy twin girls.  It has been awhile since our last update simply because things are changing every minute and so much has been happening since I entered the hospital 16 days ago.  After 29 weeks of my pregnancy, after our weekly ultrasound check-up, our perinatologist felt that I should be admitted to the hospital because of evidence of a high risk for preterm labor.  I have come to understand that these weeks up to week 34, when the babies' lungs are fully developed, are very important for me to be very strict with myself about bed rest because the babies are still at risk for complications. 

Please continue to pray for us and our two sprites. 

Love, S

Egg Donation Baby Growing

Hi there,
Hope things are going well with you? Just sending a short note to say L is doing great.
She's 6 months now and a bundle of joy.  
Warm Regards, E

To My Recipient From Your Donor

Dearest M,
I just wanted to write you a quick note.
I have donated my eggs 4 times since 2010 but have never felt the "connection” with the other recipients as I did with you, perhaps it was because it was my first donation but I like to think that we were somehow meant to cross paths in this lifetime, doing your donation humbled me in ways I cannot describe and I am sure this is the little boy you were always meant to raise. I have also since, had my own little bundle- I am not sure if I am allowed to send you a picture but if not Jenny can remove it.
She is 9 months old now, looks just like her father and is my entire world, my hubby and I have been so incredibly blessed with such an amazing, tiny and energetic little girl!  It will be her first birthday in May and we are having a Dr Seuss themed party for her.
I continue to donate my eggs especially now that I have had my own baby and could not imagine not being able to have carried her myself.  It is bitter sweet.  I love helping mommies and daddies to be complete their families and really feel like this is a path I had to take in my life but as a donor we are only allowed six living children from our donated eggs so the longer I do this the less families are being completed - which is incredibly sad.
I keep you all in my thoughts and I have the card you sent me framed in my study - I will never forget you, although we have never met. Thank you for allowing me to help you complete your family.
My love always,

Heartwarming Message From Australia

Hi Jenny, 

This is a long overdue update on our beautiful boy born in 2011 thanks to our wonderful donor, yourself and the team at Cape Fertility.  I know I sent you an update some time after his birth but we think of yourself and our donor frequently & so I wanted to let you know how we are going. 

Our little boy is now 2.5 years old and is a mostly sweet, always stubborn and very funny little guy.  Although my husband initially had serious doubts about traveling halfway around the world to try and complete our family, he is now so incredibly happy that we did....he absolutely adores our little man.  Our 6 year old daughter also adores her little brother (well most of the time) and hasn't yet been able to comprehend why she can't marry him when she grows up :-) 

As for me, I loved him before he was born but that was nothing compared to the overwhelming love and joy I felt when I first saw his beautiful little face and heard his first cry....hardly a day goes by when I don't think of and feel thankful to our incredible donor, yourself and Dr Le Roux for making this possible.  If you are still in touch with our donor I would love her to know how much joy, love and completion she has brought to our family (I cannot imagine ever getting a greater gift)...and how wonderful, smart and hilarious (not to mention naughty) our little boy is. 

Lastly we have never sent you a photo of him because, although we already tell him about how he was conceived, we want him to have the choice (when he is old enough to make it) about who, when or if he tells people his story...and if a photo of him was posted then we feel we might take this choice away, I hope that makes sense. 

Thank you once again Jenny, 

Great News from New Zealand

Hi Jenny, 

Just wanted to let you know that we came back to South Africa (Cape Town) couple of weeks ago to try our luck with the frozen eggs.   We just had our blood test and happy to say we are pregnant!! So excited. 

Will keep you informed on how we go. 

Cheers, G and D

Two Babies Following Egg Donation Treatment

Conceptions in August 2010 and March 2013.
Look at us, Mother and Babies ... we are so happy and we also say thanks a lot to Baby2mom.  Long life to you Mummy Jenny.  We are glorious.
Egg donation baby

To My Recipient

Dear Recipient, 

Being a mom is the greatest gift in this world.  The first time the doctor put my baby daughter on my lap.  I thought this is the moment I lived for.  No love can be greater than the love for a child.  And from that moment my life has been complete. 

It’s the best sound when they come running to me yelling mom mom mom.  And the hugs and kisses and when they climb in bed with me to snuggle in the mornings. 

That is the reason why I decide to be an egg donor.  Because each and every women needs to have this precious gift that God gives us.   

I’ve been praying and hoping that all will go smoothly and that you will receive the gift of life.  And I want you to be a mom and experience everything.  I believe in my heart that at the end of this road you will have a precious little baby of your own.  And have all the joy, love and happiness!! 

Thanks for your letter. I’m so glad to be helping you.  My mom is part of all my decisions too. So it’s heart-warming to know that you and your mom share the same bond.   I have no doubt in my mind that you will give this baby the best life and all the love in the world. 

May your journey be blessed and that you will have a great pregnancy. 

May he / she be everything and more to you!! 

All my love, 
DK **

Baby born

Hi Jenny,

N and I are pleased to announce the safe arrival of our precious son, K, born at 39 weeks on 07/02/2104 weighing a healthy 3.6 kg and measuring 57 cms.

We would just like to thank you and especially our beautiful angel donor again for making this possible. We are so in love with our little miracle and will be forever grateful.

Regards, D and N

To my egg donor

Tuesday, 11 February 2014,

Dear Donor,

We are an Australian couple. My name is C  & partner is C We have been trying to have a family for the last 4 years and were hoping you would be available for a donation in mid April. Today we sent an email to Jenny and just received news that you are available and we really can’t wait to get there. We thought we would send you a small note so that you know that your eggs will be going to a very loving home and we truly thank you for your kind hearted donation. After a few miscarriages etc & few attempts using my own eggs, we decided last year to entertain the idea of an egg donor. This will be our second trip to beautiful Cape Town and are praying for success.

I am a business owner of a florist shop, we live in Sydney Australia. My mother is Dutch and my father is Australian of Scottish heritage. I have one younger sister who has been to beautiful Cape Town for an egg donation. She now has 2 beautiful little girls that are nearly two. When I see them, I just want to squeeze them! My husband is extremely loving & caring – its clichéd I know, but I waited a long time to find him. He is of English and Welsh heritage & is tall, dark & handsome. He is an amazing cook & is a great guitar player, who learnt a few years ago by teaching himself on U Tube. His older sister has 2 boys, 15 and 20 years. (They are gorgeous too!) I am creative, reasonably tall, & my hobbies include reading, painting & anything to do with interior design. I love gardening and getting my hands dirty – I love getting outside, especially to the beach. I am completely besotted by my two gorgeous sons – our animals.

We walk a lot & we would love to extend our motley crew. I have always wanted & believed I would be a mum. This is kind of a last attempt. I really want to feel I have given it my best and I can be at peace if it doesn’t work out. (Obviously, it’s a really emotional thing!) Hopefully we will one day look back and think we were on to something amazing. I really hope so. I can only guarantee to you that we will give any child a happy & bright future.

We know that you are a pet lover so we have included a couple of snaps of our sons !!

From Bali to my egg donor on the day she arrives in Cape Town

Bali the 12th February 2014,  

My dearest egg donor. 

I have asked to Jenny From baby2mom, if I could write you a little letter and she told me that she would be really happy to give it to you.  I want to thank you to have made this trip until Cape Town and I hope you are comfortably installed in your hotel :) I want to tell you how much I appreciate the fact that people like you are helping people like me to give them a chance to have a child :)  I am French, from Paris, leaving in Bali (Indonesia) since 10 years .  You have to know that to have a baby is the most beautiful and fantastic miracle that can happens in my life… 

You have no idea how much I am gonna love this or those babys and how strong I will try to give him,her or them the best life!  I am looking at your pictures when you were young…I really choose you because you have something that remind myself when i was young…Your smile, your happiness, something in your eyes cached me ( my mother was with me when I choose my donor and she choosed you as well ! ) . 

One more time i just want to say to you "Thank you"... 1000 times ! God bless you… I wish to you and your family a beautiful life. 

Kindest regards, 

To My Egg Donor

To our special donor, 

This extra special thank you note sent to you today holds more appreciation than any words can say, for you're among the nicest people we have known and you'll never be forgotten for all the thoughtfulness you've shown.  Although we will never know your name it does feel like we have known you for some time - from your profile and also from all the lovely things Sr Krina told us about you and your boy.  The gift you gave us today will change our lives forever!  We have been waiting over 3 years for this moment and are unbelievably excited.  Thank you for this selfless act of kindness - we will always be grateful.  The gift is to remind you of this beautiful thing you did for us.  You will never be forgotten and always be part of our lives.  

Wishing you the best of Gods blessings for you and your family. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 
Your grateful recipients

From Australian recipient

To our egg donor,

I am writing this letter to sincerely thank you for helping my wife and I have a baby of our own.  I hope that you do not mind us writing to you, however we needed to let tyou know how grateful we are.  Your gift has allowed us to become parents - something which we feel very priveleged to now enjoy.

Our beautiful son, M, was born in March this year,  He is a very happy boy with a smile that endears him to all he meets.  It is no exageration that is our everything and we love him dearly.

It is difficult to convey how much richness M has added to our lives.  Having M allows us to look forward to occassions such as Christmas and holidays, knowing that we will be enjoying these times as a family.  We relish our new roles as parents and feel truly fortunate to have been given that opportunity.

So let me finish by once again thaning you for your most kind help.

With warmest regards, J and C  

Our Little Miracle

Hi Jenny,

I would love to share these photos. We are so very happy and in love with our little miracle. We hope to get back to Cape Fertility Clinic late next year. A big thank you to you and our donor for making this possible for us.

Recipients xxx

From Western Australia

One of the pictures from our photo shoot of our beautiful E

Some of our older babies

Here are some pictures of the big brother, look how much I am happy !
I can't forget baby2mom , Congratulation for you . Look how my Dream become true , via Baby2mom !

From one of our recent ladies who helped

Dear Aunty Jenny,   

H.O.P.E the acronym stands for Hold On Pain ends. It is the sincerest, deepest belief in our hearts that when we wake up one day, the sun shall shine in our corner, on our field, and paint across the beautiful canvas of our lives. 

Hope is the little threads that keeps the outfit together, the laughter that hides the tremendous pain, it is the embrace that puts an end to all struggles thrown at us. 

Hope allows us to walk on the ocean, through the fire and survive the storm. At its best it is the sweet scent of success and the foul odour of heartache. 

Hope is the little ray of sunshine that keeps us alive while we continue to write our stories. Hope fills our lives with passion, fulfilment and grace, all that we can dream of, all that we can imagine, all that we can be, hope brings it to life. 

I just want to say Thank you for being hope in many people’s lives. Hope is the only thing that keeps me alive. When you feel like giving up, just remember you are Hope itself. 

Much Love,  

Miracles from Cameroon

Hello Dear Jenny!
I don't know how to explain to you how much I am happy today . God is good Mummy ! ! ! I born last week a baby Girl.  To God be the Glory, and Very Very thanks to baby2mom to be on top of my miracles .
Today, I have 2 Angels , one Baby boy and one Baby Girl.  What will I ask again ? God give me all Mummy. It's Wonderful News for me, Thanks a lot for all. There are pictures of the Baby our Little Angel.
Her name is Glory.   Have a nice day Mummy.
baby conceived through egg donation
baby girl born through donor eggs
Donor Egg Baby
Conception through egg donation

To My Recipient

Hi Jenny, 

Please pass to the recipient 

Good day lady "Jane Doe" 

We had a "beginning" a long time ago, when we agreed to take this journey together however, this week we have a "start".  Its a start of something so special for you!  My imagination has me seeing these follicles standing on a podium, waiting to receive their prizes (and if you could forgive the graphicness, those prizes might be in the shape of little excited sperm). Third place is a follicle that grows up to become a little boy (let's call him Luke... I like that name) second place is a follicle with pigtails and grows up to be a little girl (let's call her Abbigail) and first place is a duo of these two. I take my hat off to you if there is a first FIRST place and there are 3.  I can see all podium places drinking (alcohol free) champagne and walking away with the best prize known.... A mommy and daddy that adore them. 

Jane, when the first set of treatments failed to do their job I was devastated, I cried for an afternoon and then realised your disappointment would have been 10 fold! With this "session" I behaved as if I was pregnant... I refrained from allowing the wine to convince me to drink it (I think Pierre Jourdaan sales slumped for the first time this year) I also stayed away from any hard labour (you know, like washing dishes and sweeping floors) and refused any extreme sports (in my case walking is extreme enough.... Just call me lazy bones). I did however eat like a pregnant woman and have picked up a couple of kg's, and shopped like there is no tomorrow! So we - and when I say we I mean you - have something to work with! 

Friday my "pin cushion" status draws to a head. I am terribly excited for your part and pray that everything goes to plan! 

The experience for me was nothing but a procedure but knowing that you will have the soft, squidgy mini you in your arms soon has made it SO worthwhile. I don't think anything in this world could be as self gratifying as knowing that I HELPED give you the most wonderful gift on earth (and I always thought new Shoes are what did it for me). 

L turned 5 on Sunday and when I was watching her on the jumping castle I thought of you! In a little over 5 years you could be doing the same.  And then A pushed her off and I thought "shame - I hope you have a truck load of patience if you get first FIRST place" I know its not allowed but I would love to meet you! I would however settle with hearing how it is going in your court? 

Good luck honey bear! 

My thoughts and prayers are with your new follicles, they had better OVER achieve, maybe hubby better give his sperm a talking to, too.  We don't want any laziness on the day.  FYI when your kids are naughty little ones and you want to send them back to where they came from.... It is NOT me.... 

Hugs and kisses 
Your Donor 

PS. I hope you have sleepless nights about my weight gain and Truworths account!

From NSW, Australia

Hi Jenny, 
Please feel free to use the baby pic from the birth announcement on your heart of baby2mom.   Once again, thanks for your help during this time.  We can't say thanks enough to everyone involved.
Cheers, E

From an angel in Cape Town

Dear Mommy and Daddy to be,  

We haven’t had much communications but I just wanted to send you a personal note to say that I started the first set of injections yesterday, which means you are on your way to becoming a mommy and Daddy! I can’t promise you that this will work but I can pray to any god that will listen that it does and that is exactly what I am doing. 

Thank you for letting me be a part of this beautiful journey and please know that should this not work I will be right here will to do this over and over again for you. 

All my love,
Your Donor

Baby Pictures

Hi Jenny,
Would love to send photos.  We are so happy we are with our gorgeous little girl.
Thank you again for everything you have done for us.
Kind regards,
A and M

egg donation miracles

From Western Australia

Hi Dr Le Roux & Jenny,
We are very proud parents of beautiful healthy E born by c-section 02 November at 14:06 weighing 2.85kgs.
Thank you both for all of your assistance with our little miracle she is just adorable.
Best wishes A & M

All thanks to our Jhb Donor

Hi Jenny 

I had an early blood test over the weekend and I'm pregnant. We are stoked but trying not to get too excited coz obviously it's early days. My progesterone is a bit low so more pessaries, and I will have another blood test tomorrow to monitor hcg etc. 

I know you understand how much this means to me. Without people like you and my beautiful angel donor this wouldn't be possible. 

So, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, thank you thank you thank you with all my heart. 

Love S

From one of our regular donors

Hope to meet you one day, you seem like a wonderful person

From A Recipient on the Day of Day of Retrieval

Dear Donor, 
Thank you for your gifts. Words are impossible, except a simple 'Thank You'. Also I wanted to say, I read every single profile of every donor carefully and I, together with my family, chose you, not just because of your amazing genes. I am too from a family who are natural born teachers, social workers, nurses, doctors and importantly artists. Your personality and wonderful heart shone through your words and that was the connection. I am blessed to be on this journey and I pass that blessing back to you with my heart full of gratitude.
And you too Jenny – I have been keeping a little blog as a history to tell my child the story and I re read the first blog about meeting you and how you made it all seem possible after a life time of thinking this could never happen. Your support, never wavering, has been a pillar in this journey.
Thank you a million times. G

From Australia

From Israel

Dear Jenny 
Thank you soooo much for the surpportive conversation today:-) and for enablling me to do another cycle with our donor...., for the opportunity of having future sibilings with the same genetic origins :-) and increase the chances of me having a child. 

I feel blessed to have you in my most important journey of life, you make this journey to be unique and easier for me thank you so much 

I really appreciate it! 

One Month Already

Hello there!

Proud Momma showing off photos of Baby L at 4 weeks old. Thanks a bunch for being part of my journey to motherhood!

Lots of love E

Hello from Australia

Hi Jenny
Good news from Australia…..
Our twin girls – E & C were born on Friday 4th October 2013 at 36 weeks and 2 days old – both girls are healthy and full of life.
We can’t thank you enough for all you did to make this happen – Please pass on to our donor angel that she will always be remembered for what she has given us and that from the bottom of our hearts we wish her all the very best life has to offer. Our dreams of becoming a family have come true and we will cherish every moment we have.
Regards, N and M

Excited Recipients From Lusaka

Dear Jenny: 
I have been meaning to send you an e mail..... we've been just holding thumbs for so long now! But we are SO pleased with everything so far. 

Our wonderful donor gave us an awesome chance at making this work and Dr Heylen was very happy. We only wanted to put in 1 and he was happy to do this since the quality was so good. From my side, I knew that my fertility issue was completely due to some old eggs but that I've not tooo long ago I had an easy, healthy pregnancy. 

So far all is going well. I almost can't believe it except that I seem to be getting started on some of those lovely early pregnancy symptoms!!!! (I'm not complaining!) We both feel extremely grateful. We also have a great feeling that after ALL those profiles and decisions - we chose a wonderful person as the donor. It's a nice feeling..... 

Thank you so very much for your help with all this. Your support and professionalism added to our (so far) fantastic experience. I will keep you updated on how it all goes..... with pictures to come! 

Very Kind Regards, 
N and R 

From Australia To My Donor Angel

Dear angel donor 
Words cannot express our sincere thanks to you for your special gift, your kindness and compassion. You will forever be in our hearts and thoughts, although we will never meet.
Four years ago my two beautiful children died in the most tragic of circumstances. They were my life and my world and I spiralled into depression and unbearable grief.
Then, a couple of years later God blessed us with a healthy baby girl. My purpose and joy in life has returned. Being a mummy is what I do best and who I am. I love every minute of it!  We would be thrilled to welcome another child into our lives and have so much love to give. 
Unfortunately our last embryo transfer failed and we were told an egg donor was our only option.  A donor transfer in June this year also failed.
I know you are an amazing person and possess all the qualities I would love to see in my child - compassion, strength and kindness.  You are obviously beautiful, inside and out.  Whatever the outcome, please know that we will always be thankful to you for this sacrifice, your incredible gift.  We wish you a life filled with love and prosperity. 
All the very best, 
Your recipient

Egg Donation Baby

Hi Jenny, Just to let you know baby L arrived early via c-section at 11-40am on 23rd September 2013. Shes healthy, strong and b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! So in love with my baby and thankful to you...and the donor of course. Please send her my warmest wishes. Photos attached. Regards E

From USA Recipient

Dear Dr. Heylen, Heidi, and Jenny, 

We are extremely happy to announce that our first pregnancy blood test is positive. 

Thank you again for all your help and for the lovely positive thoughts sent our way from your staff and Baby2Mom. 

With warmest regards,

S and A 

From Fertility Clinic

Thanks so much for your help & assistance Jenny!   Really makes my life easier (and some of the other agencies could take a leaf out of your book…)

Egg Donation Twins Growing From England

Hi Jenny, Here are a couple of new pics of our twins now that they are a bit older; thought you might like to see them. Best wishes, R and K

Im Pregnant

Thanks so much Jenny. 

I had my second blood test yesterday and the HGC had doubled nicely.  Scan in a few days.  

Still Cant believe it. Quite nervous and hoping for a good outcome. 

Lots of love 

To My Egg Donor

Dear Egg Donor, 

We hope you and your family are doing well… 

We are thrilled to announce that we are having a boy!! It is what we both wanted and you made this possible for us and for that we are truly very grateful!! 

Little Luka is progressing well with no problems or complications. Mommy is well into her 2nd Trimester and showing quite a tummy already. Daddy is a little nervous with the expectant arrival and we are already kitting out the baby's room in blue & getting all the necessary baby stuff ready. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to YOU for making this possible for us and the bravery, hassle and pain you endured. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! 

We really wish you and your loved ones all the very best in life, health, wealth & happiness - we are sure God is smiling down upon all of us for this wonderful blessing of the gift of life you have helped us to achieve. 

We hope you are also blessed with a child or children of your own someday and all the joys that go with it. Thank you again so very much!! 

Happy Parents to Be!!

From Tanzania After Her Johannesburg Egg Donation

Dear Jenny
SO SO SORRY not to have replied earlier.  I got my blood test results for day 12 and its POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hcg of 960!!! I took a second blood test today and await the results. So far so good!!!! I do apologise for not being able to email earlier but I have had big problems with the internet as usual.
Im very excited and have my fingers crossed that the results today are still good. I will let you know asap.

From Pretoria Egg Donation Recipient

Good morning Jenny and everyone at dr. de bruin's! 

Trust you are all well? Just wanted to let you know that everything is going superbly, and we just want to give the Creator of the universe all the praise! 

We are excitedly awaiting the arrival of our precious baby girl in feb 2014!!! 

May you have a blessed week. 


Egg Donation Recipient from NSW Thanks to Their Cape Town Egg Donor

Thanks Jenny 
Haven't emailed until we were more sure. R has had two beta HCGs which show a successive rise confirming a pregnancy.  Dr le Roux is happy with the levels.  We will repeat the test next week and have an ultrasound at ~6-7 weeks. R is nauseated which she says is 'good' (!). Of course we know that things can go wrong still but I am shocked at how fast and successful it has been so far.
We are eternally grateful to the egg donor and wish she could know it.

From Massachusettes, USA About Their Cape Town Egg Donation Cycle

Dear Jenny, 
We want joyfully to tell you that this morning we had a successful transfer of two embryos, a procedure that Dr. Heylen assured us could not have gone better. He took the time to show us six healthy five-day embryos. That you have been instrumental in this miraculous event endears you to us. We will continue to watch for progress but here in Cape Town want to thank you for your endless assistance, advice, and encouragement over the course of this long journey.
Looking back, we believe your job - answering hundreds of questions, fitting schedules, and calming fears - is actually harder than anyone else's involved in this program. If you should ever need an endorsement we would rate you as tops.
Warm regards, S and A

Egg Donation Recipient from PE

Thank you Jenny, we are very excited and nervous. Thanks for all you have done thus far. 

Kind regards C

From a Johannesburg Egg Donor

Hi Jenny, Thanks so much for everything...!!!! You support, gifts and motivation. You rock !! And I really think you have an amazing company. !!! God Bless *

From one of our Jhb Egg Donors

Jenny Thanks so much for always making me feel special.  You are the one keeping me positive and feeling appreciated.

From Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny, 
How are you? Nice topic, but, no, not another one, I’m very fulfilled thank you.
Jayson is nearly 2 and keeps me on my toes. Funnily enough his swimming teacher asked me the other day when I was having another one, she reasoned the 8 year age gap between him and Megan was too big and I needed to make allowance for that. I laughed and told her if I did, I would never work, because I spend my life driving around after my two adorable children already. Besides, I’ve had to move to a bigger house and upgrade the caravan and the car. You know the rest of the story……
I’m actually very blessed, I never regret having Jayson, he changed a lot of things in my life, Megan is a lot closer and the relationship with the ex-wife is better than when we were married and she adores Jayson, mind you, who doesn’t?
I need to thank you for that, I don’t think I ever did. I was looking for your information for a friend of mine and found all the emails I’ve kept in a folder, what an interesting journey it has been. I’ve spent hours reminiscing by simply reading them again. I know you’re still making families, individuals like me, and others happy with the assisting of bringing a child into their lives.
In the meantime, stay well and let me know how you are.

From Fertility Clinic

Dearest Jenny, 

Just a short note to say thank you for your wonderful care for our patients. 

It is such a privilege to work with you. 

A is here this morning and she cannot compliment you enough for your support and care. 

Thanks Jenny!!! 

Lots of love H

Cape Town Egg Donation

Words cannot express our gratitude for helping make our dream come true! 

Our miracle baby boy was born 2 months and he is soooooooooooo beautiful!!!! 


Love F & J 

Egg Donor Recipients From California

Thanks for all your timely updates Jenny

To My Wonderful Egg Donor

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for what you are doing for my husband and I.  You’ve been in our thoughts and conversations so often over the last few months, so I wanted to make sure that you knew how much we appreciated what you are doing for us.  I’ve been through three failed attempts at IVF, so I know first-hand what you are about to undergo for us.  Words cannot even begin to explain how touched we are that you are doing this for two people you have never met. 

It is the most amazing thing anybody has ever done and the most precious gift anybody could ever give.  Thank you so very much for your unbelievable kindness and for giving us this opportunity to us.  

I’ve been to South Africa once before, when I was a young girl.  We were based in Johannesburg and travelled up to The Kruger National Park.  It was an absolutely breathtaking experience - which to this day has never left me.  I’m so very excited to be coming back to South Africa in the next few weeks and getting to experience the beautiful city of Cape Town.  You have added the most magical element into this trip I know that the laws prohibit us from being known to each other, but I wanted you know how much we appreciate what you are doing and acknowledge your incredible generosity, which for the first time in a long time has given us a glimmer of hope where there was appearing to be none. 

Love, light and happiness to you and your family and thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts. 
Yours sincerely From Your Australian Egg Donor Recipients

From Australia to baby2mom

Hi Jenny, 
Thank you so much for passing onto our egg donor. You have done absolutely everything you can for us – the rest is really in Gods hands.
I’ve never been so excited and scared at the same time.
Thank you again for everything Jenny – you have been an absolute angel to us.
Kind regards,
C x

From UK Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny, 

Just wanted to let you know that unfortunately it was not successful for us this time.  Tested on Friday with negative result and started bleeding on Saturday.  

I would however like to just thank you for all of your help.  You really did make us feel like special and like your only client.  Please thank our egg donor again on our behalf.  We might speak again in the future, but at the moment we have to accept and review our options again. 

All the best. M

Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny, 

I’m very pleased to advise you that I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy on 17th May.  Thank you for all that you have done to help me achieve a life long dream of being a mother.  Of course I will always be grateful for the generosity of my wonderful egg donor she truly is a special person. 

Kind regards, 

Egg Donation Recipient from Sydney, Australia

From Egg Donation Recipient During Her Egg Donation Pregnancy

Hi Jenny, 16 weeks today!! It's a boy.Thank you to all the egg donor angels around the world, including people like you. This is a blessing like no other! xxx

To My Egg Donor

This is a very quick reply but I couldn’t wait.... Thank you for your lovely long, incredibly touching letter, I am definitely glad I chose you and yes I would have done it for you if it was reversed.  Sounds strange but it’s true. I read your letter on my cell phone late last night, but need way more time to absorb it all. Your children are absolutely beautiful!! When I looked at your profile initially, one of your pictures reminded me so much of my niece. I have been so busy lately but that’s a good thing because it has taken my butterflies away.  I am nervous because I can’t tell you just how much I want this to work.  Our fertility specialist is a great doctor and the injections are not too bad.  Thank you again for doing this for me. By the way, you have something in common with "I”, he loves analysing the words to songs too! 

Big Hugs and big smiles, 
Your Egg Donation Recipient 

From Travelling Egg Donor To My Recipient

I signed up for the programme at a time in my life when everyone around me was struggling to get pregnant. People close to me would have given everything just to have a baby and here I was with healthy eggs being unused... I read an Afrikaans quote at one point that said "Dit gee sin aan jou bestaan om die lewe vir ander n bietjie meer leefbaar te maak, glo die klomp goehartiges wat op verskillende manier n bydrae lewer” ... I took a photo of that page and I knew that this was my little way to make someone’s life a little better... I might not save a rainforest or cure AIDS but to someone like you, who so badly wants to be a mother, I can help make that possible... I was sure of what I was doing... I don't see my eggs as babies; I see them as cells that are helping someone create a life... I'm giving you bone marrow, or a kidney... YOU are making the baby!!!

Thank you so much for choosing me to be your donor. I must just warn you... considering there will be a little of me in your "Belly Bean" you might have made a VERY BIG mistake for the following reasons, in no particular order:

1. I have a very overactive imagination
I could write books about nothing, I can ramble on about the smallest things describing every little detail in vivid technicolour.

We are still early in this letter, I am sure that you will realise exactly how bad I am...

My eldest daughter has inherited my imagination and can keep herself busy for hours; it is so heart warming to watch her talking to herself while playing quietly.

2. I have an addiction to books
I will buy books just because... ooo look pretty cover, buy... ooo I have heard that is a good read, buy... ooo that would look nice on my coffee table, buy, what a Calvin and Hobbs Annual, buy... two... ooo I think hubby will read that, buy (he doesn’t read by the way)... ooo I think that friend would appreciate this, buy... and then I keep it...

I don’t just love books, I love reading... everything... I read books, magazines, sugar packets, cereal boxes; did I mention I read books? I will read everything except Sci Fi – yaawwwwnnn

In actual fact, I have just resigned from my middle management position in a steel company with no future prospects, but I have applied for jobs in the publishing sector – with NO experience... I might be loosing my mind? Which schooled person does what I have done, in this day and age... doo lally I tell you, more than a couple of screws loose.

3. I don’t eat meat
Well I do, actually, BUT my meat grows on a stalk like a mielie... when I order fish or chicken or eat a piece of boerewors, the chef goes to my world and goes and harvests my meat... so no animals are harmed... EVER

4. I can stand in front of my cupboard for hours
And I mean hours... when it comes to clothes I plan my outfits the night before... otherwise I will be late for work every single day!

I also have a BEEEEG issue with an untidy cupboard... shirts have to be folded together, all the longs sleeves on one side and the short sleeves on the other... my coat hangers have to all face the same way, and there is an order in my cupboard... first shirts, then skirts, then trousers, then jackets then evening gowns... a little bit OCD I suppose but it works for me... and it drives me up the wall when my hubby’s cupboard is not the same... and let us rather NOT talk about the baby princesses... those are just total disasters!

5. I have an addiction to shoes
It is very unhealthy and it will probably liquidate me one day, but I cannot stop... I blame it on the fact that there isn’t an "SA" (as in shoe-a-holics anonymous) so I can’t get help... I have tried cutting up my credit card but the store will use your ID number to see where your account is...

I currently have 67 pairs of shoes, actually no, I have 66 pairs of shoes, because the silly Cocker Spaniel puppies we have just adopted into the family, chewed my one pair of black Sissy Boy stilettos! Of these shoes, only about 10 pairs are flat–ish J J J

6. I have a screw or 10 loose in my head (as mentioned before)
When I was pregnant with my children I used to write letters oh behalf of them, to the family, telling them what was going on... let me attach some for you...

I don’t know how you feel about it, but you simply must have a pregnancy photo shoot, get someone really creative to help you with it. Even though I was not a happy pregnant fairy, looking back at the photos shows how pretty a hump can be..

Most days I live in my own world. In my world there is no war, there is no sadness, there is no hurt... you don’t buy anything with money, you trade hugs and kisses. Wine flows in the rivers and chocolates spout out of the ground like daffodils. All the cows have brass bells around their necks and have beautiful long eyelashes. I drive a beautiful car, that runs on puppy breath and those puppies, stay puppies... only the best music plays and no CD ever scratches. The grass is always green and soft and the trees look like lollypops. Here the sky is always blue, and the sun shines its warming rays down onto the ground, and those that touch my fair and sensitive skin don’t burn me at all. I never get fever blisters and my eyebrows never need attention. I never have a bad hair day, in actual fact, I look like a million bucks every day and everybody loves me.
There is no pollution and everyone is allowed to eat Spur Chocolate brownies with ice cream and nuts for breakfast. And marshmallows grow on trees! I never have to wash dishes or clean the house because there are cleaner fairies that do everything. My bed is firm and does not creak and my pillow is soft Downey feather, I have a beautiful white duvet that never ever gets dirty!
Winter is not harsh in this world; the lowest low is about 15 degrees and my fingers never freeze (neither does my nose)! My husband in this world does not throw his clothes on the floor and actually puts the milk away after use. My kids always have clean faces and their noses never run. They are perfectly behaved and we do not go through the terrible twos or the F&^%$# fours (my doctor calls them that okay)

I love Country music (well all music but country the most)Yes, I know that I should go and hide but I can’t help it... Country songs always have beautiful words... in actual fact... this is my favourite song at the moment

My Wish Lyrics
I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow
And each road leads you where you want to go
And if you're faced with a choice and you have to choose
I hope you choose the one that means the most to you
And if one door opens to another door closed
I hope you keep on walkin' ‘til you find the window
If it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile

But more than anything, more than anything
My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small
You never need to carry more than you can hold
And while you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' to
I hope you know somebody loves you and wants the same things too

Yeah, this is my wish

I hope you never look back but you never forget
All the ones who love you and the place you left
I hope you always forgive and you never regret
And you help somebody every chance you get

Oh, you'd find God's grace in every mistake
And always give more than you take

But more than anything, yeah more than anything
My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small
You never need to carry more than you can hold
And while you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' to
I hope you know somebody loves you and wants the same things too
Yeah, this is my wish, yeah
My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small
You never need to carry more than you can hold
And while you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' to
I hope you know somebody loves you and wants the same things too
Yeah, this is my wish (My wish for you)
This is my wish (My wish for you)
I hope you know somebody loves you (My wish for you)
May all your dreams stay big (My wish for you)

I can find meaning in just about every song... but this one has caught my heart... it is just so simple, and so very beautiful! I suppose it would only be fair to give you some positives about me too right? Just to balance it out?

Let’s see...I have the most beautiful children in the whole entire world. I am going to put a photo in but I know there is a possibility it can be removed... but I will try anyway... you need to SEE to BELIEVE

I am a very loyal and dedicated person, I carry my family and friends on silver platters. I pride myself on being honest and trustworthy.

My children are the most beautiful in the whole entire world (have I mentioned that already?) I grew up in the town I now live in; I went to both primary and high school there. I studied not too far away and obtained my degree in Marketing and business management. I then spent 2 years in Britain to pay off the study loan that I used to get through tertiary. I was home for 2 weeks and my independence got the better of me and a girlfriend and I moved into a flat together. She was terribly untidy (still is) so our living arrangement didn’t last long. I started dating my husband in 2005 and we were married in 2007. L was born in 2007, natural delivery, I went into labour at 4:30am, and stayed at home the whole day (phoning a nurse probably every hour). We went into the hospital for a check up and I was 8cm dilated already... L was born at 20:30. Hubby begged me for another baby (I had my hands full with one) and I eventually gave in, giving him a deadline, which passed J and little A was on her way. With her we decided to induce as my doctor was going to climb Kilimanjaro (really now, that is what he did), I went into labour at 7am and she was born, naturally at 11am... L had pitch black hair and A a reddish blonde, they are both light blonde now (hubby was blonde as a child but now has a thick bush of dark brown hair). They have their own personalities. L is the quiet one, who gets frustrated when she can’t get something right, she loves books and colouring and painting. She has a toy dog named Fudge who doesn’t leave her side, and when she sleeps, she has a pink blanket with a satin ribbon that borders it... A is the little terror... she is loud and wants everything her sister has, just because she can. She has the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen and I bet she will use them to her advantage one day. She doesn’t have a dog or a blankie but she has a cupboard full of towelling nappies that have been crocheted around (thank you Ouma)... and she will NOT use one of them if it isn’t a pink one... They both love water and animals. They are outdoor children who prefer to be in the sand instead of lying in front of a TV... if they do lie in front of the box, they want to watch Shawn the Sheep, Mr Maker or Mama Mia – the musical!

Lady Jane Doe, I pray that this little miracle is lying in your arms LONG BEFORE you expected them to be here. I hope they are everything you dreamed them to be! And I pray that they bring you so much joy that you think your heart is going to explode!!!

I saved this email and I think it is meant just for you!!!

Being a mother
We are sitting at lunch when my daughter casually mentions that she and her husband are thinking of 'starting a family.'
'We're taking a survey,' she says, half-joking. 'Do you think I should have a baby?'

'It will change your life,' I say, carefully keeping my tone neutral.
'I know,' she says, 'no more sleeping in on weekends, no more spontaneous vacations....'
But that is not what I meant at all.

I look at my daughter, trying to decide what to tell her.. I want her to know what
She will never learn in childbirth classes. I want to tell her that the physical
Wounds of child bearing will heal, but that becoming a mother will
Leave her with an emotional wound so raw that she will forever be vulnerable.
I consider warning her that she will never again read a newspaper
Without asking 'What if that had been MY child?'
That every plane crash, every house fire will haunt her. That when she sees
Pictures of starving children, she will wonder if anything could be worse
Than watching your child die.

I look at her carefully manicured nails and
Stylish suit and think that no matter how sophisticated she is,
Becoming a mother will reduce her to primitive level of a
Bear protecting her cub.
That an urgent call of 'Mom!' will cause her to drop a soufflé or her best
Crystal without a moment's hesitation. I feel I should warn her that
No matter how many years she has invested in her career, she will
Be professionally derailed by motherhood.

She might arrange for child care but
One day she will be going into an important business meeting and she will
Think of her baby's sweet smell. She will have to use every ounce of her
Discipline to keep her from running home, just to make sure her baby is all right.

I want my daughter to know that everyday decisions will no longer be
Routine. That a five year old boy's desire to go to the men's room rather
Than the women's at McDonald's will become a major dilemma.
That right there, in the midst of clattering trays and screaming children,
Issues of independence and gender identity will be weighed against
The prospect that a child molester may be lurking in that rest-room.
However she may be at the office, she will second-guess herself
Constantly as a mother. Looking at my attractive daughter, I want to assure
Her that eventually she will shed the pounds of pregnancy, but she will
Never feel the same about herself.
That her life, now so important, will be of less value to her once she has a child.
That she would give it up in a moment to
Save her offspring, but will also begin to hope for more years -
Not to accomplish her own dreams, but to watch her child accomplish theirs.
I want her to know that a Cesarean scar or shiny stretch marks will
Become badges of honour. My daughter's relationship with her husband will change,
But not in the way she thinks..
I wish she could understand how much more you can
Love a man who is careful to powder the baby or who never hesitates to play with his child.
I think she should know that she will fall in love with him again for reasons she
Would now find very unromantic.

I wish my daughter could sense the bond she will feel
With women throughout history who have tried to stop war, prejudice and
Drunk driving. I hope she will understand why I can think rationally
About most issues, but become temporarily insane when I discuss the
Threat of nuclear war to my children's future.

I want to describe to my daughter the
Exhilaration of seeing your child learn to ride a bike.

I want to capture for her the belly laugh of a baby who is
Touching the soft fur of a dog or a cat for the first time.

I want her to taste the joy that is so real, it actually hurts.
My daughter's quizzical look makes me realize that tears have
Formed in my eyes.
'You'll never regret it,' I finally say.

Then I reach across the table, squeeze my daughter's hand and offer a silent

Prayer for her, and for me, and for all of the mere mortal women who stumble their way Into this most wonderful of callings.

This blessed gift from God!
Being a Mother.

I so badly want you to get this letter, so I am going to sign off now... but I had to include something for daddy too...

What Makes A Dad
God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,

The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle's flight,

The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need,

Then God combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete,
And so, He called it ... Dad

I hope that this letter has brought you a little bit closer to knowing who I am... and I hope you still like who you chose. I have only heard RAVE reviews about you from both Jenny and Dr du Bruin... in actual fact, if the roles were reversed, I am quite sure I would have chosen you! I have done all my first tests and then ones that follow will be to align our cycles I am told... we will be walking the same path... I must admit that I am little bit scared of the needles but I know that me taking a little bit of pain is for the greater good. And come on, how bad can they really be? I have had two natural births with no pain killers... surely I will survive these. I am sure we will be hearing (and reading) more of each other and I can’t wait to walk this journey with you... I don’t want to say good luck because the words aren’t strong enough... but I want to wish you and your husband all the success in the world...

Big bear hugs and Sloppy kisses,

Your Egg Donor

To My Egg Donation Recipient Love Your Egg Donor

Hello there Mommy to be, 
I just want to apologise for taking so long to write to you, I have so much I want to tell you and I am trying to make the time to write it all down... I promise to get to it before the end of the week... I find it very difficult to write just a normal letter, so be prepared for OTT... ?
I will start your "manuscript” shortly... you might as well book a day off work to read it, I can write for days and days... I might loose you along the way but at least you will know what you are in for!
Looking forward to writing you soon
Big bear hugs and sloppy kisses
Your Princess Egg Donor

Egg Donation Babies have Come Home

Hi Jenny 
Both twins are finally home from the care unit today! Here is a photo of them sleeping next to each other at home for the first time.
Best wishes, R.

Pregnant From Cape Town Egg Donation

Hi Jenny,
Just to let you know that K had the twins (boy and girl) early by planned C-section on the 13th June! Both are good weights and healthy. They had to go into a neonatal special care unit as they needed a bit of help at first (feeding tubes and close monitoring etc), but are doing well and the girl has been moved out with K in another ward and is on the bottle now.   They are both a little bit jaundiced, but getting better and this is normal in premature babies.  Thanks for helping to organise our egg donor for us and give us this wonderful gift!  I am not sure how/if you are allowed to, but please thank our egg donor and let them know that it went well.
Best wishes, Egg Donation Recipient Parents

Pregnant and Happy

To My Egg Donor, 

We hope you are well… We wanted to wait a few weeks before telling you the good news that… WE ARE PREGNANT!! Only one managed to take but at 9 weeks the little embie is at 12mm in size and the heart beating strongly at 160 beats per minute.  This is great news and we're anxiously excited to reach the first trimester.  As soon as we reach this important stage and find out the sex of the baby, we will let you know.  All is going well and the usual symptoms of pregnancy with nausea and mood swings are in full force.  Again, we would like to thank you for all you've done in helping us to achieve this!  Without you and your brave sacrifices we would not be where we are today. 

 Wishing you and your family all the best until we write to you again.

Take care and THANK YOU!!

To My Egg Donation Recipients

Dear Recipients,

Thank you so much for your lovely gifts, I was so touched that you thought of me!  I want to wish you the best of luck with the embryo transfer in a few days.  I'm praying that through this journey you will receive your hearts desires many times over.  I'm blessed to be a small part of your journey and maybe soon a wonderful little miracle in the making.

Lots of Love and baby dust,
Your egg donor

Egg Donation Recipient From Australia

Hi Jenny,
Our twins have arrived being born premature at 35 weeks and 2 days on the 24 May 2013. S was 2.19kg and 47cm long and C 2.38kg and 46cm long. They spent 3 weeks in NICU and are now home and doing well.  We are so in love with our little miracle babies who are absolutely gorgeous. C is a splitting image of his father and S is such a little cutie.  Can you please pass on our thanks and best wishes to our egg donor.

Delighted Mom

Dear Jenny,
As discussed, please could you pass on this message and photographs to our egg donor:
Dearest Egg Donor,
Jenny will have let you know that we wanted to make contact with you about the possibility of donating once again.  She will also have told you that your donation has brought us the most beautiful little boy in the whole world.  He is one and a half now, and the most adventurous little creature imaginable.  He has brought us, and both of our families more happiness than I can describe.  All four grandparents are still alive, I mention only because we are older parents, and on the one side he is the only grandchild in SA!  So he is getting buckets full of love.
We fully appreciate that your decision to donate your eggs was and is a very personal one.  If you are not in a place in your life where you want to go through that process again we would like to use this opportunity to thank you for giving us something larger and more meaningful than you know.  If you can help us have another child, and give our little boy a sibling, please remember forevermore that there are four people out there (two big, two small) whose lives you will have changed forever.
Egg Donation Recipient

Pregnant Egg Donation Recipient Letter to Her Egg Donor

Dear Jenny, please find the attached letter for our egg donor. Would appreciate it if you can get it to her.
Thanks a mil

Pregnant from Northern Victoria, Australia

Hi Jenny, 

Just wanted to let you know that we are pregnant.  We just got the news this morning and are so happy. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us and please let our beautiful egg donor know how grateful we are to her for giving us this amazing gift.

Love from Australia 

Egg Donation Baby Born

Dear baby2mom,
Baby girl born May 13th, 3.77kg. I am completely thrilled! Please accept my sincere thanks, and pass them also to my lovely egg donor. Thank you all so much!

Egg Donation Pregnancy Proceeding Well

Hi there Jenny,
Just a quick email to let you know pregnancy is progressing nicely.
I'm 20w3d now so over the halfway mark. The countdown begins! Had the 20 week anomaly scan today and everything is fine with baby. Don't know the sex yet because baby was curled up and refused to show the goods :-) . Going back in 3 weeks when I hope to find out the sex. EDD is 21st Oct and I'll keep you posted.
Send my thanks and regards to the Egg Donor.
PS: Attached a photo of me and my tum + baby scan dated today
Many Thanks,
Egg Donation Recipient xxx

Proceeding with a Johannesburg Egg Donor

Hi Jenny, 

You have been an absolute angel! You made this happen so quickly and we are so happy with our choice of egg donor. Thank you!! 

Kindest regards, I from Australia

Egg Donation Recipient Celebrates Her Joy

Hi Jenny! 
How are you? We are all well. The triplets turned one on 28 April.  Here they are some time last month.
Much love, Botswana Egg Donation Recipient

Recpient is Pregnant

Dear Jenny! 

Thank you so much! ELATED.. I can't really stop crying..in a very very good way. It is the lightest my heart has felt when crying! anyway, we are on our way with our egg donor's letter. Would really appreciate your getting it to her. 

You can also please convey our biggest thanks and appreciation.. will send you the letter soon. 

Thanks for everything, I also want to give a testimony as to God's power 

Have a great day

Coming from Australia for Donor Eggs

Hi Jenny, We can't thank our egg donor enough. And thank you for all you have done also. The communication has been exceptional which we highly appreciate. Kind regards, D & N

From Australia With Love To Our Cape Town Egg Donor

Hi Jenny 
It is fantastic news... We are pregnant! We can't believe it, it feels like it isn't true after so many disappointments but it is!!!
Thank you for all of your support, help, kindness and encouragement. We are so glad we made the decision to come to South Africa. Not only did we fall in love with your country but we also fulfilled our biggest dream. What a wonderful experience. Can you please pass on our miracle news to our amazing egg donor. We don't have enough words to describe what she means to us and how grateful we are to her. She is a star and her gift to us will change our lives forever. Please let her know that she will always be in our thoughts and that we hope her life is blessed by many amazing events, people and that all of her dreams come true - she deserves it.
Thanks again Jenny. I'll keep you updated with how we progress from here. Fingers crossed for all good news in the coming months.
Forever grateful and thankful,
M & A

Correspondence Between Recipient and Donor Regarding Egg Donation Treatment

To My Egg Donor: 
Hi Jenny. Very excited! Please pass on this message to my egg donor: We pray that she is covered and strengthened by the blood of Jesus Christ throughout the process. We pray that Jehovah keeps her body, mind and soul healthy and strong not only to produce many healthy and viable eggs but most importantly for her to have a speedy recovery after the egg pick up. We can not thank her enough for assisting us in getting our child/children of promise. 
To My Recipient of Donor Eggs: 
That's a lovely message. I'm glad I can be apart of something so wonderful. I hope she falls pregnant because she truly deserves it.

Egg Donation Recipient From Massachusettes, USA

As usual, Jenny, we are thankful for your professional help and patience in facilitating the whole egg donation procedure. 
With warm regards, S & A

Pretoria Egg Donation Recipient Pregnant

Hi there Jenny, 

Thank you very much! We are HUGELY excited and happy and blessed and positive and "sommer” all the nice and fuzzy feelings wrapped into one! I must go for another blood test tomorrow to see if the HCG level doubled, but I am positive that it will be good news again – I will let you know as soon as we get the result back. 

Is the Egg Donor also thrilled like we are? We will definitely keep in touch and send pics and also another letter of appreciation to the Egg Donor! 

Kind regards, B

Egg Donation Recipient from Western Australia Having Cape Town Egg Donation

Hi Jenny,
Well we have returned home with 2 lovely blasties on board! What a trip and what a journey! We had an amazing time in Cape Town and were blown away by how beautiful and amazing it is. We would both like to thank you so much for your part in helping to make our biggest dream come true. Your help, support, kindness and care has been hugely appreciated and has helped to make this journey such an exciting and positive one. So thank you, thank you, thank you!! Could you please pass on to our egg donor that we think she is incredible. We are so excited by our results and are crossing our fingers for a positive result next week. She will be forever in our hearts, her amazing gift will never be forgotten. We thank her soooo much! I'll email you next week with our results...fingers crossed!
Till then,

Egg Donation Recipients From Australia

Hi Jenny, 

Thanks for the update, we are getting excited/ nervous now.  Special thanks to our egg donor who has got the biggest heart of all to go through this for us, words cannot thank her enough, will keep you updated on our journey. Thanks again for everthing. 

G & D

From Western Australia Proceeding with a Cape Town Egg Donor

Hi Jenny,
We are very glad our egg donor is feeling well and we are so blown away by her efforts. What an amazing girl, we feel beyond lucky to have found her. I am so glad that she received our present, Our eggs are doing very well and we are over the moon with hope and excitement.
Thank you so much for your help and support.  You are wonderful and do such an inspiring job, helping to make dreams come true. Fingers crossed for the next few days.
Talk soon,

Twin Pregnancy from Cape Town Egg Donation with Travelling Jhb Egg Donor

Hi Jenny,
Just letting you know I had a girl and a boy, born prematurely but generally doing well.  They are lovely and I feel really blessed.  Please pass my sincerest thanks again to our egg donor who has helped complete our family.
Regards T

News From Australia Following Egg Donation Cape Town

Dear Jenny,
I hope this email finds you well and happy and continuing to make miracles happen :)
We are delighted to announce the arrival of our gorgeous little girl S. We are all completely over the moon and absolutely in love with our new little addition and she is a very welcomed addition to our family.
Thank you again so much for your help with everything and for making this all possible. You do an amazing job and we will be forever grateful to you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are also of course eternally grateful to our wonderful egg donor. Please send her lots of love and thanks from us.
I've attached a photo of our gorgeous angel.
With much love K

Pregnant from Western Australia

Hi Jenny,  

Ive just received the results of the hCG blood tests today and they are all good so I'm pregnant!! We are extremely happy and have fingers and toes crossed that things continue to proceed well. Thank you so much for your fabulous agency you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. And please extend our warm wishes and thanks to our donor also. 

Thank you and warmest regards, 
D from Western Australia

Baby Born from Brisbane, Australia As a Result of Cape Town Egg Donation

Dear Jenny,
We are now the happy parents of M, 2.9kg, 50cm and born on 26 March.
Words cannot describe enough our joy. Thank you so much. We are so grateful to you and our egg donor.  Please pass on our thanks to her. She made our dream of a family come true.
Regards, C and J

Pregnant Egg Donation Recipient From Cameroon

Dear Jenny,
I don't know how to explain to you how very happy I am this morning.   I went for the scan yesterday and the Doctor told me that they are two hearts beating.  My second miracle are the twins.  Very very good news Mummy.
Big big congratulations for Baby2mom.
I am very happy Mummy ... Thanks!

Egg Donation Twin Birth

Hi Jenny/Egg Donor,
Just a quick update email to let you know that l have recently given birth to twins J and C 6 weeks ago.
Thanks so much for all you help to make this possible.
Many thanks, T

Cape Town Egg Donation Pregnancy

Dear Jenny, 

I am delighted to advise that I received a positive result this morning (HCG levels 460).   We would both just like to thank you for all your help and support and of course a big thank you to our egg donor. 

Kind regards G

From Mommy After Donor Eggs

Dear Jenny, 

The baby and I are doing fine. I thank the Lord every day for this miracle.  I will never forget you. 

Regards G

Pregnant with Donor Eggs from Australia

Hi all,
Please find our positive test result today!   Thank you all so much for EVERYTHING - early days but we are hopeful & excited ...
Talk soon,
P & V

Pregnant in Western Australia

Hi Jenny, 

Well it's been 4 weeks since our generous egg donor had her retrieval.  I'm happy to say that we have a positive result but it hasn't been smooth sailing over the last two weeks.  BHCG levels started quite low so I have had to have follow up blood tests every 48 hours to make sure they we heading in the right direction.  I'm happy to say they have, and we have an ultrasound scheduled for late next week to make sure that everything is ok.   B and I can't tell you how grateful we are to have had this opportunity for a baby and it could not have happened without your help and our donor "Blake", a truly wonderful lady who we hope achieves all of her dreams and goals in life, just as she has helped us to hopefully achieve ours. 

We will stay in touch and let you know the outcome of the scan soon. Again, thank you. 

Kind regards,  

Pregnant from France

Hello Jenny, 

A few words from France to tell you that I had a wonderful baby, a son who was born the 11th of February, Thank you very much for everything.  Thanks to you, we had the luck to live this birth.  Thank you thousand times.  Thank you for everything, you have a great agency.  Thank to the donor, if you have the opportunity to see her. Good luck M

To My Cape Town Egg Donor

Dear Egg Donor, 

How do we begin? We’ll start by telling you a bit about us. I guess we never thought we would have to write a letter like this, our journey to find you has been a long and heartbreaking one.  

For the first time in a long time we feel that there is some hope in our journey to becoming parents, something that we both want so much.  We met later in life and from the moment we saw each other we knew it was meant to be. I guess it was love at first sight!  

We have tried for over 4 years now to have a family. The only success we have had is our beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy Rufus! He is our big baby and is totally spoilt and loved! Our baby journey has included 10 IVF treatments, over 14 IUI treatments, scans, operations, tests, many needles, naturopaths, acupuncturists, Chinese medicine men, iridologists… etc. etc.  We have tried everything with no success. Each failed cycle has been completely devastating.  We are so lucky that our relationship has become stronger and we have never waivered in our efforts to create our family. Being 41 I have been told that my eggs are too old and they are not responding to IVF treatments. So we have had to make the decision to find someone who is willing to give us this gift and help us make our dreams come true. 

I can tell you that this has been an incredibly difficult process but also so heartwarming as we have realised how many wonderful people are out there who are willing to do this for others.  An incredible gift!   We have read through hundreds and hundreds of egg donor profiles and finally found several girls who seemed wonderful. I decided to do one more search before making our decision and there you were.  

We read over your profile and both said, "She’s the one!” It was a lovely moment (a few tears were shed…). We love that you describe yourself as being outgoing, funny and compassionate.  We love that you enjoy travelling, being with friends and studying. We love that you look a little like me with a similar smile, blue-green eyes, brown curly hair and a twinkle in your eye. To tell you a bit about us… I am a Primary School Teacher. I love my job and I love kids. I always have. I remember pestering my neighbours as a 5 year old by asking if I could babysit their children!  I have always known that I would to be a mum. It is unimaginable to us that this might not happen. T (36) is an engineer and he owns his own company that has offices in two states.  He is clever, fun, caring and all together wonderful?   We live in Australia and like you we love the outdoors. We are always at the beach, love water and snow skiing, surfing and we like to keep fit. We have wonderful friends and have been blessed with being asked to be Godparents to several of our friend’s children. We both love our families and it is even nicer that our parents are very good friends too so we have many holidays and celebrations all together. 

We are excited to have found you and are so grateful that you would give us the absolute privilege of being our donor angel.  We understand that this is a huge commitment for you and are blown away that you would even consider helping a couple like ourselves.  We wish you all the very best for the next few months – we will be thinking of you every step of the way.  Remember that you are truly helping to make our biggest dream come true and you will be forever in our hearts. 

 Kind regards, Lucky Donor Recipients

From Australia NSW

Dear Dr le Roux and Jenny, 

We had the HCG test on 15th March and we're delighted to say I am pregnant!  We are absolutely ecstatic, and cannot thank all of you enough for your help.  We've never had such a calm treatment protocol before, and I'm sure being in wonderful Cape Town helped!  We were very impressed with the organisation, level of care, and bedside manner we received, and even if our treatment had been unsuccessful this time, we would still wholeheartedly recommend your clinic.  We are also enormously grateful to our egg donor.  She will never know how much she has changed our lives, we have never been so happy!  I know words are inadequate, but please can you pass on our gratitude to her? We'll keep you informed of our progress, fingers crossed that my pregnancy is healthy. 

Many thanks, L and E

Egg Donation Recipient

Had ultrasound scan on Monday 11th March and it went well...saw the little bean and heard heartbeat!!! 
Baby measured 8 weeks exactly :-) 

So I'm approximately 8w 2d today. EDD is 21st Oct. Still got a long way to go...... so lots of prayers needed to see us through to the very end.

From Pretoria Egg Donor

Thanks again for letting me know the result, and thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful experience!!! All my love to the recipient!!!

Egg Donation Recipient Conceiving Twins

Hi Jenny, 

Just thought we would let you know that we are thrilled that we received 2 excellent embryos, 2 good embryos plus another 2 that might be ok with more growing time. This is a wonderful result and can you please thank our egg donor again for us.  We hope she is feeling fine after the EPU and has recovered well.  We wish her every success and happiness for the future and will send some pics of the twins when they are born in around 12 weeks time. 

We’d also like to thank you Jenny for your professionalism and support throughout our donor recipient journey. 
Take care L & J

Coming from Australia

Jenny, please extend our most humble and genuine thanks to our egg donor - you know us pretty well now and you know we have been chasing this dream for a long time so we cannot ever express how grateful we are to her (and her family) P and I are often staggered about the generosity of strangers (on the other side of the globe to us) that have made this possible IF we do get a baby ( or 2) out of this crazy journey - we would like to keep her updated (through you) about how things go into the future 

Talk soon, 

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,
We transferred 2 embryos this morning and hopefully will have 3 to freeze. Thanks again for all of you assistance and please pass on our thanks to our egg donor.
Pregnancy test will be on 11 March and hopefully we ave some exciting news to tell you.
Kind regards A & M

Egg Donation Recipient from Germany

Hi Jenny, 

Hope you are well, thanks for all your help. 

Please tell my egg donor that we have left a little present for her at the Pretoria Fertility Clinic.  I really liked Lizette.   She was very sweet and all smiles. 

Best regards, 
S from Germany

Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny,
Thank you for asking.....We are the happiest couple in the world!!! The test was positive as well yesterday as this morning! We only arrived in France Friday-evening, internet connection in the apartment where we stayed was not good, so will have a look at an online giftshop this week (didn't land yet, my head is still in South Africa...) because would really like to thank the egg donor for her effort!  Already mailed Karin from CFC to ask her a schedule for the next steps and will call my gynecologist over here tomorrow.
Warm greetings, H

Australian Egg Donor Recipient

Dear Jenny 

Thank you for your email. They are both such lovely ladies....it is hard to separate them. 

Again, thank you for your understanding and your amazing patience and prompt responses. 

Kind regards S from Australia

From Egg Donation Recipient

Dear RM 604,
My name is D and you have very kindly agreed to be an egg donor, for both my husband and myself.  We wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you  for agreeing to donate your eggs to us, and to thank you for making the trips to Cape Town.  Words cannot express how much this means to us.  We have been struggling with having a child for over 5 years, and for the first time in many years, we are actually hopeful that our dreams will come true, and this is all because of you. 
You must be a truly amazing and generous person, to do such an act of kindness for a complete stranger.  We are so grateful to be able to have this opportunity, and when we are successful, our child has the great privilege of having your kind heart and generosity.
We want to sincerely wish you all the happiness life has to offer, and i hope some day all your dreams come true, and thankyou again for giving us another chance at our dreams.
Lots of love D&S xxx

Mommy To be

Hi Jenny, 

Just wanted to give an update: Had transfer of 2 day 5 blastocysts on 2nd Feb and there were none left to freeze.  Had my beta blood test on 10th Feb and the result is positive!!!  I am pregnant with a HcG number of 111. The 2nd beta test is tomorrow 12th. Can't keep the silly grin off my face. I'm flying back home on Thurs 14th and will keep you posted as things progress. 

Thanks for your help and support to this point. And extend my special thanks to Donor JS. 

Warm Regards, E

Egg Donation Recipient

I just feel like thanking u for all u have done for me and my family,  I will always appreciate what you did  Thank you. 

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,
I had my Anatomy Scan yesterday and all is going well with the twins. We decided to find out the sexes and we are delighted to announce we are expecting a boy and a girl. Just taking it easy from now on, counting down the final 17 weeks and hoping for no complications?
Can you please convey our sincere good wishes to our egg donor for both this egg donation and the one currently under way, she really is amazing and we are very grateful.
Kind regards Happy Mommy to Be

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny,
Thank you for your lovely message. We are very appreciative of the egg donor and hope she feels well after the treatment, we are very thankful for her egg donation.  I had my transfer on Wednesday with two embryos, one was already starting to hatch, we hope it is a good sign.  Unfortunately when I called today there were no other embryos to freeze, so we are really praying that one of the two that got transferred will implant, as usual it is a roller coaster ride of excitement, worry and emotions. 
We will keep you posted on our progress and hope we can share some good news, thanks again for all your help and being a part of our new journey towards becoming parents.
Kind Regards,
Australian Egg Donation Recipients

From Jhb Egg Donor

I like donating with your agency alot more than without it! I would definately recommend you.

UK Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny,
Thank you for your kind words and all your help. We are very hopefully and it is amazing for us to get as far as embryo transfer.
We will let you know the outcome. Many thanks C and I

From Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,
I just wanted to tell you that your texts are so incredibly warm and supportive and always make me feel so excited and hopeful.
Thank you for being so wonderful.
Egg Donation Recipient

Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny,
I have been so happy to be able to find compatible ladies on your egg donor site, as I have not had anywhere near that success on other sites. I really feel like I'm making progress and now all I need to do is get my husband to agree:)
With much gratitude,
S from Australia

From Fertility Clinic

I do appreciate all of the support you give the egg donors. xxx

Coming from Australia

Thank you Jenny,
Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Australian Egg Donor Recipient

Australian Mom

Hi Jenny,
Thank you for your email.  Apologies for the delay in responding. I have been either flat out with work, or flat on my back with morning sickness. The IVF has been successful and we are thrilled.  The 7 week scan showed a healthy heartbeat and a big ‘blob’ so all is well.  I am now at 9 weeks. 
Thank you again for all of your help with the process. You don’t realise how much has to go right for it all to come together, thank you for your part in that.
Kind regards,
Egg Donation Recipient Mom to Be

From Johannesburg Egg Donation Recipient

Thank you so much Jenny. Of all the donor egg agencies I've been in contact with, you are the only proactive one. Thank you. J

Egg Donation Recipient from New Zealand

Hi Jenny,
You have been fantastic to deal with, friendly, helpful and quick to respond to email queries and I thank you very much for this.
K from New Zealand.

Surrogacy Egg Donation Baby

Dear Jenny, Mandy and Krina,
Best wishes to you and everyone at MedFem for 2013 from us. As you can see, S is doing very well. The pictures were taken three days ago when she was 2½ months old. Kind regards Egg Donation Recipient

To my most loving person ever

To the most loving person ever…. our Egg Donor,
I have been trying to think of a way to convey my deep sense of gratitude for your wonderful gift. How do I begin to thank you? When we saw your pictures and especially when we read what you had written, we both felt a very strong connection.

Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking about you and thank God for someone you. Your generosity of spirit and willingness to help a complete stranger is overwhelming. Even though our IVF was not successful, please know how much your kindness and unselfishness have enriched our lives. There is hope as long as there are people like you.

…. Please accept our thanks. My personal journey trying to fall pregnant has been a very painful one but we feel that God has got a plan for all of us and we have learned so much and without your help this journey would not have been possible.

From the bottom of our heart..… Thank you.

Lots of Love


A & S

Dear Our Egg Donor

Dear Egg Donor,

This note is written to express our gratitude to you and to somehow tell you how much we both admire and respect you for what you are doing for us.  The thought that someone would so selflessly give up a part of themselves to help is overwhelming, many tears of joy and hope have been shed leading up to this process.

There may be days in the few weeks ahead that you might feel frustrated and perhaps others when you may not feel well. You may even wonder then, "Is this really worth it"? We want you to know that we know, first hand how you might feel on those days. But, we also want you to know that you will be in our thoughts in each and every one of those days in particular. And, we only wish we could remind you on those days how much your heartfelt gift means to us. We never could have come this far without you.

We know that a note just does not do justice to the gift you are giving us but we wanted you to know how much what you’re doing for us means to us.

Regardless of the out come we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you are doing to help us fulfil our dream.

We wish you all the best in everything that you chose to do in life


Your Egg Donation Recipient

Johannesburg Egg Donation Recipient Baby Born

Hi Jenny I thought I should just send you a little update about our wonderful son. I can not believe 3 years have passed since we were last in touch. D is now 2 and half and bright as a button. He talks the hind leg off a donkey, is handsome and gorgeous, has a really good kick on him and is such a healthy little boy. We honestly couldn’t have imagined a more perfect child, and while he has moments (as any 2 year old’s mum will vouch for) he really is a joy and makes our little family complete. I see from your website that you continue to provide your wonderful service. If you are in touch with our egg donor then please let her know that she gave us the most special gift and we are grateful to her everyday. Kind regards D & D

Egg Donation Pregnancy Proceeding Well

Hi Jenny,
Hope all well with you and that you had a Blessed Christmas. We are 16 weeks today and all going well. The 13 week Fetal assessment went perfectly and all is fine – no problems at all and baby is apparently "text book” in terms of growth and development. We are so excited and just want to thank you again for all you have done. Will keep you posted. Wishing you well for 2013.
Regards Egg Donation Recipient

Baby Arrives in Australia Following Cape Town Donation

Dr le Roux, Karin and Jenny
P, A and myself are pleased to announce the safe arrival of our precious little girl, born 20/12/2012, at 11.10am,weighing 7lbs11oz (3500gms) 52cms. Both her and I are doing well after a 3 hour labour and a bit of a rough start. Here's a photo of A holding his new little sister. Will update more later. Just want to say a special thank you to each of you for enabling us to achieve our dream.
Regards a very proud and happy,
Egg Donation Recipient

Baby Born

Hi Jenny,
I was sure that I had emailed you since May.  Sadly, after discovering we were pregnant with twins, we had to make a sad decision to terminate one of the babies at 14 weeks as they were suffering. The rest of the pregnancy went well and we are pleased to announce the safe arrival of our daughter on 12/12/12 by c-section.  She is absolutley gorgeous and to me the image of her daddy. 
I am so thankful to both you and the egg donor for making this dream possible.

Egg Donation Recipient From Australia

Hi Jenny,
I just wanted to let you know blood test results came back today and I am officially pregnant!
R and I are overjoyed but still in shock that it went so smoothly.  Please let our beautiful egg donor know, we have no words to express our gratitude to her, she has made our dreams come true. 
I also wanted to say thank you again for all of your help, without your guidance I'm not sure I would be pregnant today.

From Australian Egg Donation Recipient

To our donor angel,
We have been trying to think of a way to convey our deep sense of gratitude for your amazing gift.  My partner and I have been searching for an egg donor for several weeks and when we saw your photos and all that you had written, we both felt a connection and we were both praying that you were still available and willing to help us achieve our dream.
Jenny at Baby2Mom has been wonderful and when she confirmed your willingness to help us, we were absolutely delighted.
Let me tell you a bit about ourselves, I met my partner 11 years ago whilst I was living in London and it had always been our intention to settle back in Australia and start a family. It took about 2 years to gather all the necessary paperwork for my partner to obtain his emigration visa, and in 2005 we were able to move back to Australia where we have now settled on the Gold Coast just south of Brisbane. We both have full time work, I work as an administrator for an insurance investigation company and my partner works for a medical supplies company. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister, all of whom have grown up children and some with children of their own. My partner only had one sibling, a brother, who unfortunately succumbed to a brain tumour about 10 years ago. We visit his mum in the UK every couple of years, and it would be absolutely wonderful if on our next visit we were able to introduce her to her new grandchild.
We have been trying to have a baby for several years and as the years passed and I became more and more infertile due to my age, it wasn’t until we visited our fertility specialist here in Australia that we even considered donor IVF, and now that we have, we are both so excited to begin this journey.
You are a very special person who has experienced pregnancy, childbirth, and now the challenges of raising a child.  We thank you for caring about others like us and for your willingness to give us the joy of having a child.  We know what you will have to go through with all of the appointments and medication and rest assured you will be in our thoughts and prayers every step of the way.  Our child will grow up knowing the circumstances leading to their conception and that a very special person (our donor angel) who helped us to bring them into the world. Your generosity of spirit and willingness to help a complete stranger is overwhelming.  No matter what happens, please know how much your kindness and unselfishness have enriched our lives.  There is hope as long as there are people like you. We will be eternally grateful to you and wish you all the happiness in the world.
Much love

From Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny,
We are one of the most happiest couple on earth.  Thank you very much for al l the help, support, encouragement you gave us.  Our daughter is now 11 months and she is very beautiful and intelligent. we simply cant get enough of her. Thank you once again we feel so blessed to have met you at the right time.
Kind Regards,

Happy From Australia

Dear Jenny,
Thank you very much for your Christmas wishes.  We would love to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe 2013 and thank you so much for your amazing part in our journey to pregnancy in 2012.  You really are in the right business and we will always think of you fondly for your unending support and care during that time.  We had our scan over the weekend and our gorgeous little baby to be is 22 weeks and is healthy, happy and very active!
We've used the milestones of Christmas and our olderst's birthday in March to help his older sister understand the timing of the arrival of her little brother or sister and can't believe that we are just about the pass the first one!   I've been told by our oldest that she will be doing all the caring for the baby, including feeding and changing nappies and I can do all the "kitchen things". At least I know my place. She is having a lot of fun making up names for the baby and this week, the baby will be named John if it's a boy and Maria if it's a girl!   I've also got a new nickname, "Mummy, baby tummy!" - it is an unexpected joy seeing her anticipating the arrival of the little one and we are all having so much fun!
Once again, a very Merry Christmas to you and enjoy your holiday.
With love from Australia xxx

Egg Donation Recipient from Cameroon For Johannesburg egg Donation

Good day Jenny, I sent you the result of my first scan. Many many thanks to you.and to my angel egg donor I continue to pray GOOD for that blessing. And i continue to take care of me.

Egg Donation Recipient

Egg donation siblings. Double blessings a few years apart.

From Down Under Egg Donor Recipient

Dear Jenny, Krina and Suzzette,
Just to let you know by the time you read this on Monday. I will be 13 weeks pregnant with x1 Springbok baby. We had a bit of a hiccup at 6 weeks with some bleeding and my Brisbane Specialist placed me on a heap more drugs and two weeks bed rest. That said, the little Springbok is now behaving. So hopefully with all fingers and toes crossed all will proceed well herein. Thought it was an apt time to contact you as I have just had my final Prontogest injection.
Love from Down Under

Egg Donation Recipient from Botswana for Jhb Egg Donation

Hello Jenny,
The triplets are doing great. They are now able to sit and wriggle around a bit...they will be 7 months tomorrow. I just want to encourage other women that have fertility problems to try using your services. You are such an excellent and professional person to work with and I am full of praises for you!
[caption id="attachment_27889" align="alignnone" width="300"] User comments[/caption]

Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,
That is so nice to hear that our egg donor liked the card, I must admit I shed a tear while I was writing it. I have been thinking about her all day today. I can't believe she produced 18 eggs! We are so over the moon, it's a better result than we had ever anticipated. I hope to hear about the fertilisation tomorrow and will let you know. We are in Franschoek and Stellenbosch for the next two days and its nice to be in the area that our egg donor is from. We feel a special connection with her also, funny to feel so close to someone you have never met. I will let you know how we go and thank you so much for letting me know about the card.
Love Egg Donor Recipient

Egg Donation Recipient From Australia

Hi Jenny,
Thank you for the email and wishes. Very much appreciated. Thank you too for your help in securing the egg donor and for making the process a pleasure.
Kind regards, C

Coming from Australia

Hi Jenny,
Thanks :) for all your help!
You have been a god send through out this whole procedure.
Cheers N

Egg Donation Recipient from Australia

Hi Jenny,
We are doing well, just getting ready for our flight out tonight. I just realized I won't get to meet you.
If that is the case I can't tell you how much I have appreciated all of your help throughout this process. Your quick responses, assistance with holding my egg donor for me while I waited for finance and your warm manner has made this at times daunting journey so much easier.
I'll keep you posted on our outcome.
Warm Regards, F

Egg Donation Recipient from England

Hi Jenny,
I had my second blood test today and the levels were 2884, so a definite positive! Just have to wait for the 7 week scan now for the heartbeat and to see if it is a single or multiple birth! We will keep you informed and will of course forward a photo when the baby is born.  If you would like to use us as references for anyone we would be very happy to do so as we have been very pleased with the service you have provided.
Many,many thanks K and A

Pregnant with Donor Eggs

Dear Jenny,
Thank you – yes we got a positive result on Saturday so we are hoping all will continue to proceed well.
Thank you again for your assistance.

Egg Donation Recipient from Switzerland

Hi Jenny,
4 hours after the blood test the voice on my answering machine said that:
Im pregnant!!!
Im still in a stage of shock...that after all of this years of suffering it now can be just like that...so easy!?!
It is a miracle!!!!!!!! I hope one that's gonna stay with me :-)
I have to go back for a second test on monday.
Thank you for helping and beeing part of this miracle!!!

Pretoria Egg Donor Recipient

Hi Jenny,
You were probably the only positive thing from our whole sad story.
Jenny - Thank you for ALL your help – we really appreciate everything!
Egg Donation Recipient

Egg Donation Recipient from Australia

Hello Dr JVS, Heather and Jenny,
Good news from Australia. I gave birth to another healthy 3.5k boy on the 3rd October 2012. His name is E and is a fairer version of his brother, whose hair is now very red and curly. E is likely to be more strawberry blonde like his egg donor. Both children show signs of very easy going temperaments. His older brother is highly intellegent and quite advanced in his emotional and cognitive development. He reflects many of the qualities of his egg donor's so I am most grateful for the wonderful match in the choice of egg donors and the beautiful gift they have given. I will send photo's soon. I had a pretty good pregnancy except for bleeding in the first months which was a result of losing the other embryo. However parenting a very active child meant I had no time to email you with this news at the time.

Egg Donation Recipient

To my special egg donor
You gave me light. The most valuable gift, a life inside me. I believe that you are a fighter too and your life is going to be blessed. I have no words to express my feelings. Thanks so much, may God give what you need to achieve the best in life. 
To Jenny
Thanks again for your support. I will keep you updated. I will continue my journey having all the hope and accept all that God is giving to me.

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,
Thank you for your email and advice.  We're very pleased to hear our donor is doing very well... although we do not know her, we do feel a special connection with her which grows stronger the closer we get to the actual IVF... please pass on our very warm wishes and blessings, it is such a beautiful and special gift she chooses to offer.
We'd also like to deeply thank you for your guidance, support and warmth along this magical journey of ours.
I can imagine baby2mom must be a very special and rewarding vocation for you. We feel at peace that we have done everything to support ourselves ahead of travelling and welcoming our miracle... at this stage we feel quite calm (as well as excited and hopeful of course :)
We will be in touch soon.
Warmest love and light,
Egg Donation Recipient from Australia

Coming from Switzerland

My dear and lovely egg donor,
Two days ago I arrived in Cape Town, the mother city to become a mother. It has been a long and painful journey the last years after early menopause struck me down.  I have seen many many doctors but nobody could help.  In my pain I took off from work and travelled around the world.  I have seen different healers in Bali and Hawaii but also nobody could help.  When I came back I decided to go for egg donation so I do not waste any more years I could spend with my new family.
First the baby and I and hopefully very soon a very nice man who is going to be part of the new family. All this is only possible because of you.
And I searched long until I've found you where I could feel a connection to the soul that is shining through your eyes.
You are a wonderful person and I hope and pray that you will have a good and fullfilling life with good and loving people surrounding you always. Everything (at home) is ready for the baby. I'm here and ready to receive this special gift and with God's help it will bring its light into this world.
Thank you!!!

UK Recipient

Hi Jenny,
We saw our TWINS on our scan yesterday :-)) Still early days but are very happy and excited. Please could you thank our egg donor with a HUGE email hug again for helping us... it means the world to us.
Many thanks to you for all your help and support... you were great to work with and made the process as easy as it could be. We've come a long way since July!
Best wishes H

From Egg Donation Recipient

You are such a special person with a very big heart. Your decision to go through the process in order to bring light into someone else's life, is commendable.
We have a set of beautiful triplets that are growing very well.
Thank you a thousand times and may God bless you,

Johannesburg Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,
Great news! I am 7 weeks pregnant and all is looking good. It is a nice strong pregnancy. And it is a singleton (I was a bit scared of twins) which is fantastic. Please let my egg donor know and thank her again – I don’t know if these women fully realise just what they are actually doing, it is the biggest gift anyone can give.
Best regards,
Egg Donation Recipient from Johannesburg

Commissioning Parents Via Egg Donation Surrogacy

Dear Jenny, Dr. van Rensburg, Krina & Mandy,
We hope you are well. Just to let you know that all your (and our) efforts have now paid off. Sunday 21 October we became the proud fathers of little S. She was born a bit early but weighed 2900 gr. so that is not too shabby.
The birth went very well (normal birth that took 15 minutes....) so our surrogate is home, recuperating, and S is here with us. We attach a few pictures.
Thanks again for all your help.
Kind regards,
Ecstatic Egg Donation Recipients

Pregnant From Australia

Hi Jenny,

Great news. Had my 10 day post transfer HCG test today and it was positive!  Very excited and happy.  Can you please thank our egg donor for us - she has given us a wonderful gift. We have been trying for a baby for over 10 years and this is our first ever positive.

It's early days but it's a great start. I'll keep you informed on our progress. We had two perfect blasties transferred so there is the possibility of twins!!

L & J

Pretoria Egg Donar

Geagte toekomende mamma en pappa,
Baie dankie vir jou brief, beteken baie. Ek kan nie eers indink deur watter pyn julle al moes deur gaan nie, maar ek glo en vertrou dat die babatjie/s al julle wense sal vervul. Dis vir my 'n groot eer om mense soos julle te kan help. Ek wens julle net voorspoed en liefde voor.
Groete Pretoria Eier Skenker

Twin Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny, The egg donation program was such a wonderful experience for us. The twins are such beautiful, lovely babies. We are incredibly blessed that it all worked out the way it did. I just wish everyone who went through the donor program was as lucky as us! With love and blessings always, N from Australia

From Zimbabwe for Egg Donation

Hi Jenny,
How are you I hope I find you well? I am happy to inform you that I tested pregnant on the 12th of October. I am now back in Harare waiting for my scan on the 26th October. Will keep you informed of the progress.
Thank you very much for your support.  Also pass my gratitude to my egg donor.

Great News From Australian Egg Donation Recipient

We got a positive with the blood test today so we are over the moon! For a while there I did not think I was but yesterday and today I have been sick/tired-but loving every minute of it! I still cannot believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Australian Egg Donation Recipient 

Pretoria Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,
I've actually have very good news. I did a blood test on Friday and repeat it this morning and I'm definitely pregnant!
I have to make an appointment for a sonar within 2 weeks time. Then I will actually know if there is one or two!!
Thanks again for all your support and for your sincere interest. I really appreciate it with all my heart.
Enjoy your day,

Surrogacy Egg Donation Commissioning Parent

Hi Jenny, Hope you are well. Attached please find a pic of our little boy sucking his thumb. He is now 24 week and doing well. Love C

Successful Donation Recipient

Our beautiful baby boy was born yesterday. All is well. Thank you so much! And please thank you special friend. He is beautiful!

From Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,
Thank you for your thoughts. I am very happy to inform you that yes I have tested positively!  My 1st Beta on 3rd Oct was 382 & today it is well over 1,000, so nice high numbers. I’m still too scared to dare to believe my dreams may soon be a reality but things are looking good so far. I sincerely thank you for your professionalism, kindness & support and of course will be forever grateful for the generosity of my wonderful egg donor in making this happen.
Kind regards,
Egg Donation Recipient

From Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,
How are you? I just wanted to let you know that things are going really well with our pregnancy. I had my 12 week scan the week before last and all looked great and the little bubba has a nice strong heartbeat and is very active.  I've been waiting on the results of the down syndrome probability tests before emailing you but they are taking their time with that and I figure it doesn't really matter as it's only probability anyway.  The little thing looked very happy and healthy to us and that's all that matters.  We took our daughter in for the scan and the baby waved at her so she is feeling very excited about it's arrival on around about 12 April next year! It's a long wait for a three year old!
Thanks again so much for all your support and kindness. Would you please pass on our love to our dear egg donor and let her know that all is going really well and that we are completely over the moon.

Kindest regards

Pregnant Egg Donation Recipient

To My Egg Donation Recipient

Dear D and S,

It is my absolute pleasure.  I myself have the gift of life and want to share it with someone so deserving.  We are beginning this journey together, I want my eggies to make your dream come true and will do my best to help in whatever way I can.  Thank you for choosing me and coming half way around the world to receive them.  I know all will go well.  Thank you for your message hope I can hear from you again soon.

I'd love to know how you progress.

All my love,

Cape Town Egg Donor

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something…” ~Edward Everett Hale

I would like to say a huge thank you to Jenny for allowing me to be apart of something so beautiful, to give one not only hope of a family but a real possibility of one. Words cannot express the gratitude felt by both parties involved on either side of Jenny. She has dedicated her life to helping others in a magical way. "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Thank you for everything that you do and for making this experience one of my best ever.

Commissioning Parents Via Surrogacy Egg Donation

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for all your assistance with the whole surrogacy and egg donation process and liaising with all parties.

Thank you for your caring and support over the past 24 months.

Sincerely I and J

From Cape Town Egg Dontion Recipient

Jen - really appreciate all you have done. Love to our egg donor.

Australian Egg Donation Recipient Coming to Cape Town

Hello Jenny,
Thought we’d give you another update after our scan. We are pregnant with TWINS - to my surprise & delight.  Apart from some nausea I am feeling quite good. We will keep you updated. Thank you again for your wishes through this amazing journey.
Regards, L

Coming from Australia to Cape Town for Donor Eggs

Hi Jenny,
All went well with the scan. Dr Heylen & Heidi were lovely. Apparently my egg donor has had a good response with about 15 follicles, now the nerve wracking wait to see how many eggs are collected & how they fertilise. Thank you so much for your support, it truly means a lot to me.
Kind regards, Egg Donation Recipient

Fromm Johannesburg Egg Donor

Hi Jenny.
Once again I want to say a huge thank you for letting me be part of your egg donor program.  The clinic as well as the dotors were amazing and it gives me such joy to be part of such a life changing procedure and I feel great after the retrieval - no bleeding and no cramping.  They really are wonderful at the Pretoria Fertility Clinic.
Have a lovely weekend and look forward to working with you again.
Love from kerri Xxxxx

From Egg Donor Recipient

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for keeping me up to date and thanks for all your good wishes! 
Thanks a lot for all your support up to now. I really appreciate.
Egg Donation Recipient

Pregnant Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny,
Just letting you know I had a scan.  We could hear one heartbeat.  What a magic moment!  We are over the moon.  Many thanks again to our wonderful egg donor.
Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Australia Egg Donation Recipient

Well it is official – I am pregnant.  I can’t quite believe it but am trying to get used to the idea – it all seems a bit unreal.  I think I am in shock.  Would you mind onpassing another message to my egg donor – that I am pregnant, can’t find enough words to thank her, big kisses mwah, mwah, mwah, and all the best wishes in the world!
Thank you too for your help – you have been professional and pleasant and I am grateful for your efforts on my behalf. The advice that you gave me has been great – Dr clearly knows his stuff, the clinic was great, it has all been very smooth.
Thank you so much! 
Egg Donation Recipient from Australia  

From Australian Egg Donor Recipient

That’s great, thank you Jenny! Thanks for all of your help thus far, you’ve made things so easy :)

Durban Egg Donor Travelling to Johannesburg

Hi Jenny,
I was just going to text you to tell you how much I am enjoying my stay and how lucky I am and breakfast was awesome and the lodge is just WOW when I get a call from reception for a delivery and THANK YOU.  I feel like a princess!!!   You guys have really outdone yourselves. REALLY! I am so impressed. Thank u soooooo much!!!
Love Durban Egg Donor

Pregnant With Twins

Hi Jenny,
We’ve had our first scan and are very excited to let you know that we are pregnant with twins and that our obstetrician is very happy with their progress - so a huge thanks to both you and our amazing egg donor. Could you please let our egg donor know how happy we are and that we are so thankful for what she has done for us. We will send you another update after our 12 week scan.
Thanks again,
Australian Egg Donation Recipients  

Pregnant From Australia

Dear Jenny,
Just a note to advise that we got a bHCG reading of 164 this morning. We are very happy with the news and would be more than pleased if you wished to advise the donor of the positive result. All going well we will have our own little Springbok in 8 months time.  Again we wish to acknowledge the graciousness of the egg donor and will never be able to express how grateful we are for her generosity at giving us the opportunity at becoming parents. Please God this little one will stick. Warm
Recipients from Australia x

Pregnant Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,
Thank you so much for your support and best wishes, it really means alot. It also takes a very generous person like yourself to continue to offer strangers support on a regular basis. You are an amazing person and there should be more people like you in the world. We will definitely keep you updated and send through a picture when available.
Take care, Will stay in touch,
Egg Donation Recipient

From Egg Donation Recipient

I don't yet know if I will achieve a pregnancy thanks to your generosity, but one thing I do know is that, having been through several rounds of IVF myself, I have first hand experience of how hideous the process is, and also how tedious. Your generosity of spirit is tremendous. I cannot find the words to thank you enough. I hope that you will keep this small note by you, and in the future, if you are feeling lonely, or down, or unhappy for any reason, bring this note out and read it through to remind yourself what a truly wonderful person you are. Xxx

Melbourne Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,

I have dreamt of saying these 3 special words for 20 years................. I AM PREGNANT.   Our blood test results have been positive. Clearly there is still a long way to go, but we can’t believe that we have finally got to this point.

We will be in touch in a few weeks after our 7 week scan.

In the meantime, we want to say how deeply grateful we are to our amazing & beautiful egg donor without her selflessness this could not be possible. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

From Melbourne

To My Egg Donor

I've thought through in my head for weeks what I would like to say to you but it's so difficult to put into words.....
We've tried for 3 and a half years since our marriage to make our dream of starting a family come true.... after no success and a miscarriage in the first year I looked into IVF. I had never for a moment before this ever thought I'd have problems conceiving.... being very healthy all my life I ignorantly assumed it would just happen when I met the man I wanted to spend my life with. We have struggled through an incredibly emotional rollercoaster for the past 2 years and, 10 IVF treatments later, I had to come to terms with the fact that I am not going to be able to conceive with my own eggs. No one can understand how useless and heartbroken that makes one feel....after many tearful days but with an amazing husband who stood by me and let me try over and over until I was ready to accept defeat. That was the lowest part of my life so far.... but I can happily say that I've moved on from there and that is thanks to you.
Nothing I can say can express how grateful I am for what you are doing for us.... you have given us the great chance of finally having our own family.... children that we can give all our love and the family life we talked about so often but were too scared to visualise in case it never happened. It takes one incredibly special person to go through all of this for a stranger... it makes me feel very blessed to have been led to you. I want you to know that any kids we have will be loved and cared for by two people who will give them the world if possible. Well, won't spoil them TOO much :-)..... will hope to always find the balance of giving them the security and love they need along with letting them live and learn themselves. I look at my Mum and see in her the best possible Mum anyone could wish for... and hope I can be the same.
I am very content that you are a perfect egg donor for us.... most of your answers to the questions would have been mine....  I will be living each day with you, having gone through it so many times myself.
I am so, so grateful for your priceless gift to us. With best wishes and a ton of thanks

Egg Donor Baby Born

Dear Jenny,
I am very pleased to inform you that my daughter was born on 6 August 2012 in Pretoria. She is a beautiful healthy baby!
With kind regards M

Coming from Australia for Cape Town Egg Donation Again

Hi Jenny,
Ps your advice helped. You know what you said about being comfortable with the right egg donor.  Thanks again Jenny for helping me find some fresh hope.

Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny
Hope your well.  Just wanted to let you know all is going well so far with the pregnancy.  I'm almost 16 wks now and still cant quite believe it.  I would also love it if you could let our beautiful egg donor know how happy we are that she has been able to give us this wonderful gift of pregnancy.  We would also really like to send her some flowers as a little gift if our true appreciation.  Is there any way we can do this Jenny via the agency perhaps.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done Jenny.  You were great and we are both very grateful.  My husband and I are still in awe at the selflessness of our egg donor and we just thank her from the bottom of our hearts for all she has done. 
Take care Jenny
J From Sydney, Australia

Egg Donation Recipient from America

Dear Jenny,
I simply want to thank you again for your truly outstanding and consistent help.  I/ we have been very happy with the process.  I could always rely upon you. 
Warmest regards, S

From Australian Recipient

Dear Jenny,


Thanks very much for organising the flowers and note; it is much appreciated. 


We are extremely grateful to our egg donor. Yesterday we transferred 2 excellent embryos.  We should freeze at least 3 embryos, maybe more. We'll know at the end of this week.  We would also like to thank you and your agency for facilitating the process of finding an egg donor. We found you to be extremely helpful and professional throughout.


Regards, C

From A Cape Town Egg Donor

Hi Jenny,

THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR THE GIFT, it really means alot =)

I started injections today I must say this is so easy, I enjoyed the whole process of mixing them etc lol, felt like a nurse hahaha not really but I enjoyed it but these are so easy and convenient.

Warm regards,

Pretroria Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,
I am very happy! I went for the second blood test today, just to see that everything is fine. Thanks again for the egg donor, without her this would not be possible.
Love G

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,

Thanks so much for your support and kind thoughts. Regardless of the result your approach has been impeccable.

I am really grateful for your kindness.

Pretoria Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny,
I hope this email finds you well. For your records - I wanted to let you know that we have come a long way since we last spoke and our baby daughter was born in good health in May. She is doing wonderfully. Will keep you posted on the frozen embryos in the future.
Regards S

Egg Donor Baby Born

Hi Jenny, Here is our Bundle of Joy, God has answered us.  We are both very happy indeed and we are grateful to you and your support. The Pretoria Doctors and the Hospital people were very supportive too.

Pregnant Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,

Sorry it's been a while since I emailed you. Things are going along nicely. We had our 12-13 week NT Scan this week and everything is good.  The baby was looking good and the risk of Downs Syndrome was low so no need for any further testing.   We are now just over 13 weeks with our EDD in December.  .

Hope things are going well for you. I see there are quite a few girls on AED going to SA now due to the success we are having which is great news for all concerned!  A few have mentioned that they have chosen their egg donor through you or were thinking of using baby2mom.  So as usual I gave you a big wrap!  Thanks again Jenny for everything you have done for us, I know I must sound like a broken record, but we think you are pretty amazing!! 

Take Care. Cheers!

To My beautiful Egg Donor

Hi there,

Amazingly I never thought that we would have to write a letter like this to someone to ask them to help us have a baby. It seems so weird but it is a reality and we are very blessed to be able to have the opportunity in which to do this.

Thanks to you people who cannot use their own eggs will have the chance to reach their dreams of having a baby and starting a much desired family. I just want to say a huge THANK YOU now before I go any further.

I didn’t think it would be hard at all to say "goodbye” to my eggs but I actually had to get used to the "loss” and accept it which was actually very hard. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone to not be able to use their own eggs to have a baby. I always thought it was so simple.

My husband and I live in Johannesburg and have been together for five years. We are still so in love with each other and its quite funny as I still sit at 5:30 every day and wait for him to come home and I get so excited to see him. We chat a few times a day on the phone every day and if we don’t we feel lost from each other. He is my life and my everything and I know that he will make an amazing father to our child. We both adore kids and spend as much time as we can with our nieces and friends children. I use the kids scooter at the playground and go down all the slides and people think that I am mad but I just love the fun and getting involved. The kids love it too, to see them laugh I just love it ?

We are very close and both have wonderful relationships with each others and our own families. When I was younger I always said "I don’t want to marry a man until I meet one who is just like my grandfather” (my mom’s dad) because he was an unbelievable man. And I never thought that I would meet someone like my husband and my mom tells me often that he is just like her father and she says she never thought she would meet another one of him. She told me this week that he is the most amazing man ever. I hear it from everyone so I know we are very blessed to have each other and to be one. We love to have fun and laughing is our best medicine.

A surrogate mother is helping us to carry our baby due to many health issues with myself, these have been very hard to deal with and at times I thought I was not going to make it. We have both persevered and fought to get through it. We have had lots of issues with the whole process and have tried ivf and had one pregnancy which we lost and the other one this year didn’t take. We have been up and down but we know that with the power of our minds we will get there when we are meant to. I hope that time is now with you.

Its funny because all our friends and family around us are having babies and falling pregnant and we have been waiting for three years for a baby and it still hasn’t happened. They say the best things take the longest to get. We get sad sometimes to be honest and we are praying and hoping that this is our last try and chance to have one. We want to hold on forever.

Even if you don’t choose us I just want to say that you are doing an amazing powerful thing in this world and giving back to people who don’t have. I worked with animals a lot in the last six years doing charity work and finding them homes and working against animal cruelty. I hope that you do get to run a prosperous company one day and I believe that you will have all the success your heart desires.

We believe in integrity and will always do what we say we are going to do. We don’t like to let people down or disappoint people. We have a great support structure and we are hoping that for all we have put into this that we do have a baby because every step would have been worth it all the way. We are very blessed in many ways in our lives so we are always grateful for what we have. There is no doubt in that. We also like you are great lovers of our family and we would like to start our own. One more thing, I loved what you said about the animal that you would resemble – the rabbit. It was very good. I am born in the year of the rabbit so maybe that is a sign.

Thank you again and truly hope that you can help us and if you do we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are giving so much and it can only come back to you.

Take care

Twin Egg Donation Recipient

Dearest, dearest egg donor,

We went for our 6 week scan today and we are expecting TWINS! Two strong (very little) heartbeats were there on the screen – so amazing to see and making the pregnancy seem so much more real. I want to give all the glory to God for this miracle. I also want to tell you again how deeply grateful we are to you – firstly for being open to hearing God’s call to help others in this way, and secondly for obeying that call. I truly believe that God has orchestrated this from the beginning of time and that this is his best plan for all of us involved. You have allowed yourself to be an instrument in his hand and I pray that your rewards will be truly great. Our children will growth up knowing that they were conceived with your help, and as a family you will be in our prayers for the rest of our lives. You have given us the most amazing gift!!

Thank you, thank you again!

Egg Donation Recipient Mom

Hi Jenny! How are you? The triplets and I are fine...two boys and a girl. Born at 32 weeks on 28 April. Thy are all over 3kg and one is already 4kg. There is a lot of excitement in the house! Thanks for giving us this gift! xxx

Johannesburg Egg Donor

Thank you so much Jenny,

Appreciate all you have done, not just for me, but for the great thing you do for others too.

Love Egg Donor

Johannesburg Egg Donation Recipient

You have all the most beautiful egg donors!

Pretoria Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for the wishes. I have been wanting to write but I cant seem to find the words…

Thank you very much for all your help in getting the donor to ready and for supporting her throughout this process.  I would like to thank the egg donor again for putting her body though the very tough steps. It is not an easy process. So I take my hat off to her. She gave us wonderful quality eggs and we were able to transfer 2 embryos but unfortunately the IVF was not a success this time round.  Will be trying again soon I hope – waiting to hear from the doc. It has been a wonderful experience working with you, your prompt replies and regular updates helped keep me sane.

All the best for the future Regards,
Recipient of Donor Eggs

From Italian Egg Donor Recipient

Hi Jenny,

Today I had a scan and for the moment there are two embryos!

Best regards and thanks for everything,
you are really very kind.

Baby Boy Born

Afternoon Jenny,
It is our pleasure and gratitude to inform you that we have been blessed with a beautiful, Big 3.04kg Boy, Oarabile '
He Almighty Has Answered' Chenge Matjiu last Friday. L is ecstatic and they are both doing fine and got back from the hospital yesterday. We once again would like to express our sincere thanks to you and may God Bless you for helping as many people as possible.
The boy will be on the Netcare website from tomorrow.
Egg Donation Recipient  

Pregnant from UK Through Egg Donation

Hi Jenny,
We tested positive!  We're very, very happy.  It's very early days but what fabulous news.

Many thanks for your help during this process and of course to our lovely egg donor.

Have a great weekend,
Egg Donation Recipient

From Australian Egg Donation Recipient

I have had just a had a lovely cup of tea with E  who is coming you way in August for egg donation and cycle with a fertility clinic in Johannesburg.  We shared our stories (and tears) but we both said how wonderful and supportive you are - so thanks talk soon

Egg Donation Recipient from Italy

Dear Jenny,

Now we are back in Italy and I am well because I am pregnant!!!

Thank you very much for your kindness and please say thanks for me to my egg donor who gave me such a wonderful gift and kiss her for me. Today I am going to have the second blood test.

Thank you and best regards,
Egg donation recipient

Pretoria Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,

You have been amazing through this process – I was scared going through an egg donor agency but this has been such a pleasant experience – I thank you for all your patience and.

Have a great week,
Egg Donation Recipient

From Cape Town Fertility Specialist

Hi Jenny

Your service to both the doctors and the patients has been exceptional.

Kind regards
Cape Town Egg Donation Fertility Specialist

Twins from Johannesburg Egg Donation

Hi Jenny, 

Just wanted to let you know that our twins arrived a few weeks ago and are absolutely lovely. Two baby boys, names still to be decided!  They came at 35 weeks so a few weeks early but healthy and have so much dark hair like their dad did!. I'm recovering slowly after a difficult C section and we are enjoying some lovely warm weather to welcome them home.

All the years of waiting are so worth it! (said after several nights of feeding frenzy and up every hour)

Best wishe,
New Mom x


Hi Jenny,

I am very happy! I went for the second blood test today, just to see that everything is fine.

Thanks again for the egg donor, without her this would not be possible.

Love G

Coming from Australia for Cape Town Egg Donation

Dear Jenny

Thank you so much for your prompt and courteous communications with me. It is really reassuring to be dealing with such a professional and lovely person. I just can't wait to get the process going!

Kindest regards,
Egg Donation Recipient

Pregnant With Twins

Hi Jenny,

I had another scan today - 8 weeks just for my reassurance and all is still well with the twins. I really want to thank you again for your help and support and to say that I was happy to refer a friend to baby2mom who I believe has just had her first choice egg donor accept.

I hope she has as positive an experience as I did.

Egg Donation Recipient

Pretoria Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny

Everything went well, now we are praying.

Thanks so much for the wonderful egg donor, she was fantastic!  And thank you for the service that you provide.

Warmest regards Egg Donor Recipient

Italian Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny,

Yesterday our fertility specialist transferred 2 blastocysts and 10 more were frozen. We liked the egg donation clinic in Cape Town and everybody, especially our doctor, was very nice to us.  I keep on crossing my fingers.

Best regards
Egg Donation Recipient

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,

It's been a while since I last wrote and as I was cleaning up my email folders I realised I never actually replied to this. Many apologies!

The pregnancy is proceeding very well so far! I am now nearly 24 weeks pregnant with the twins. The twins are a boy and a girl we found out from ultrasound, so we feel very blessed to have one of each coming! Now we just have to decide on the names...!!! We have another scan coming up later this week, so I'll write again with a quick update, but as of today, everything is going really well!

Many blessings to you!

Egg Donation Baby From Australia

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know, after a very touch and go pregnancy our baby boy was born healthy on 27 April 2012, weighing 3.75kg and 51.5cm long.  We are so in love and can’t believe he is actually here.  If you are still in contact with the egg donor, we would like to pass on our heartfelt thanks again for everything she has done for us.  She is really an amazing lady.

Thank you so much for everything, we really appreciate it.


Egg Donation Recipient

My beautiful embryos transferred. Hoping and praying for a miracle. egg donation embryo

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,
Just thought I'd drop by and let you know our blood test is tomorrow.  My huband decided that the wait was excruciating and far too much stress, so he sent me off to buy a home pregnancy test. And it is positive!  It shows that we are 4-5weeks pregnant!  So I feel a lot better now heading tomorrow for my blood test.  I know this is early stages but it's the best news we have had in 3 years of IVF and TTC.
Thank you for being our wonderful angel!  Along with our donor that is! Will keep you updated with the HCG reading tomorrow.
Australia Egg Donation Recipient

To Our Wonderful Egg Donor

Finally I have found the words (although words could never be enough), to thank you for your selfless gift.  What you have given us is amazing, and something which we have longed and strived for, the chance to become a family.
My desire to be a mother started many years ago, but I decided to do everything the right way so I waited until I had met someone I felt was my soulmate and worthy of being father of my future children.  We had many adventures together for 5 years and then decided the time was right but it had never occurred to me that my journey towards motherhood would be so difficult.
After a year of trying we sought medical help and then after another 6 months we were delighted to discover that we had beaten the odds.  Sadly after 2 months we were told that it was a blighted ovum and had stopped developing.  Devastated but optimistic we carried on thinking that this was just bad luck.  We had various fertility treatments however over the next 5 years I experienced 8 more early miscarriages.
Unless someone has experienced a miscarriage they will probably never fully understand the emotional rollercoaster of the highs of a positive pregnancy test and the dreams it brings, followed by the devastating lows and sense of grief and loss when the pregnancy ends.
Having children is something that you take for granted when you are younger, and I always dreamt of having four daughters? I even had the names picked out.  I have 5 nieces and nephews and whilst being an auntie brings great joy, it is not the same as carrying and nurturing your own child and the 24/7 responsibility involved in bringing them up.
We thought long and hard about asking an egg donor to help us realise our dream.  It was a difficult decision, but one which I am so glad we had the chance to make.  You have done an amazing thing, probably one of the most amazing wonderful things that you could do for another person.  You have done a fantastic job and now it is my turn to take over and try to help these little bundles of cells become a happy little person.
You should be incredibly proud of yourself.  If I had my time over I would certainly consider being an egg donor, especially now knowing how infertility makes a person feel. I hope that this has been as positive an experience for you as it has for us, and that all the prodding and poking, jabs and medications have been as unobtrusive as possible.  I realise we have no guarantee of success but you have done the very best you could for us. You have given us something essential to endure the journey to parenthood and that is hope, as well as another chance to realise our dream.
Sincere and heartfelt thanks

From The UK


Now we have a 13 week old very healthy baby girl (frozen embryo) thank you a million times for your help. 

Kindest regards Eddie from the UK.

Message from Australia

Hi Jenny,

Well its our last day in Cape Town and we head home tomorrow.

So we hold our thumbs (as you guys say in SA) for the two I have tucked away on board.

The quality of one was described by our Cape Town fertility specialist as one of the best quality blastocysts he has seen.  He even suggested transfering only one because he was so happy with it.  So we are being super positive that this is the lucky one!

I posted the gift for our egg donor several days ago so you should receive it by Wednesday at the latest.  Thank you kindly for forwarding it on to her on our behalf.

My blood test is due for the 20th so I will keep you posted of any news or updates.

Thank you once again Jenny for your kindness and professionalism. It has been such a pleasure to deal with you.

Kind regards
From beautiful Cape Town!

Travelling from Abroad to Johannesburg

Dear Jenny,
I hope you are well.  I went to Joburg last week for my treatment, 36 eggs were collected from my egg donor then they got 7 embryos, 4 was excellent and we transferred two embryos.  Transfert day was last Saturday, everything went well, now I have my fingers crossed for my pregnancy test next week. 
Many thanks for your support.
Regards Adele

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny.
All I can say is you are really good at your job.  This donor is perfect.
Thanks, you are wonderful. We have hope!
Kind Regards,
Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Johannesburg Egg Donor

Hi Jenny

I’m really happy to be an Egg Donor, and I can’t wait to get started.  For a couple to be blessed with a child.  I have a slight idea of how they feel as I knotted my tubes years back after my son’s birth.  But now for the last year if been thinking about it alot and I really want to get pregnant again in the near future.    I do not remember what I wrote on the egg donor application forms exactly, so only they know why they chose me.  But I promise that they will be happy, I’m a very honest, hardworking, caring and spiritual person.  

I also included a photo off when my children when they were younger to give an idea.  If you can show it to them. 

Glad to know that there are still caring people like me and you in the world.  We both have a passion to help people. 

God Bless Kind Regards,
Johannesburg Egg Donor 

Botswana Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny, 

Im well and so are the triplets. Im now 30 weeks and getting bigger by the day. Will keep you posted on progress. 

Much love, 
Egg Donor Recipient xxx

Durban Egg Donation Recipients

Hi Jenny, 

Thank u for everything u have done for us. 

God bless u

Love Durban Egg Donor Recipients 

Egg Donation Babies Born

Dear Jenny 

Our beautiful boys arrived a couple of weeks early weighing 2.2kg and 2.7kgs. 

We are over the moon. Jenny thank you so much for all your help in creating these gorgeous boys.  Please can you let our egg donor know that we will be eternally grateful for these lifelong gifts. 

Many thanks,
Australian Egg Donation Recipient x

Egg Donor Message to baby2mom

Every time I see your number on my phone, I think of all the happiness you bring to people. Well done. 

Thanks, Egg Donor

Message from Egg Donor


I just want to let you know that I have already spoken to my husband about this process the first day I completed your application form. He even agreed to help me with the injections. You don't need to worry about me not wanting to donate my eggs. We really want to help this lady to have her own little miracle like my 2 miracles. Babies are the most important thing in life. I will never disappoint the lady that is interested in receiving my egg. I see it as helping someone in deep need. Please tell her will most definitely go through the whole process and give my full cooperation all the way and my Husband stands behind me in full. I already told him about the JUNE/JULY arrangement and he is exited just like me. 

I just want to confirm the dates so that i can arrange a ticket for him as well because we do everything together. I would love for him to be there. 

With this email I also want to confirm that I am on no conception pill or injection. don't use any kind of medicine, I neither smoke nor drink.  I have no allergic or sicknesses or sicknesses in my family I will undergo any kind of tests and programs '''I am a healthy baby''' 

Have a wonderful day. 

Love Egg Donor 


Hi Jenny, 

Great to hear things are moving along. Thank you kindly for sending our donor some flowers. I'm sure they will be beautiful and she will enjoy them. Getting a bit excited this end too. Not long now until I head to Cape Town. I am really excited about coming back.  

Thank you for everything you have done for us, we hope that this will be the one. 

Thank you also for your best wishes. It's nice to have such wonderful support.

Again, thank you for your wonderful service, 

Australian Egg Donation Recipient 

Johannesburg Egg Donor Recipient

Hi Jenny, 

I delivered two baby boys this morning. 

Everything went so well!!!


Hi Jenny, 

Do you know, that you enjoy a good reputation in some internet platforms? One women had written to me, because once I had used your name and that you are such a lovely helpful person :-)! 

Love Egg Donation Recipient from Germany

Johannesburg Egg Donor

Hi All,  

I would just like to extend my great appreciation for everything you arranged for me to go down to Cape Town to do the egg donation process, you and all the team at the  Cape Town egg donation clinic all made my first experience a absolute breeze. I am so pleased that it all went well and that my eggs were useful, and the next great news I am looking forward to its that the recipient has fallen pregnant, and then I will honestly be ONE HAPPY LADY!!! You are all a great team in your each and every way, and I appreciate everything. 

Hope to see you all again in the near future. 
Johannesburg Egg Donor

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny, 

Sending flowers was a great idea and I'm so glad you did that!! Thank you so much for the good wishes. 

We could not have done this if it wasn't for your help. 

Many Thanks,
Australian Egg Donation Recipient

From Egg Donation Clinic

Dear Jenny, 

Just to say it is such a pleasure working with baby2mom and baby2mom egg donors. You really have your heart in people's best interests so working with a nice person makes everything so much more enjoyable.

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Ah Jenny,
You are a legend and I can’t put into words how much I have appreciated your help and guidance through this.
Thank you,
Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Single Dad Through Egg Donation

Hi Jenny, I am so happy and so blessed with my beautiful little boy!


Thanks so much Jenny, so far all seems to be going well and our egg donor is starting injections this week!!
Thanks for your kindness.

Egg Donation Recipient

Hello Jenny,
Hope all is well with you and your family.  Been meaning to send you this picture ages ago and never got around to do so until this afternoon...
Take care,
Egg Donor Recipient

Johannesburg Egg Donor

Hi Jenny,
Im awake after the egg retrieval and heading home. I am filled with a sense of satisfaction and wellbeing. I know i did the right thing! I received a beautiful butterfly as a gift of thanks. It makes the whole experience so special and so amazing. Thank you for your constant support. You truly are an angel!!
Love Johannesburg Egg Donor

Egg Donation Recipient from Netherlands

Hallo Jenny,
Would like to let you know that we had the 20 week scan and the twins are doing very well.
Best regards,
Egg Donation Recipient  

From Australian Egg Donation Recipient

To Our very special egg donor,
We would just like to say a very heartfelt thank you for your very generous gift.  We are truly thankful and we will always be very grateful.  It takes someone very special to go through what you did for someone that you have never met.  We will not forget that a beautiful stranger gave us a chance to be parents when otherwise it may not have been possible.  You will always be in our hearts.  May God bless you.
Kindest regards L & S

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny,
Cape Town was wonderful, we arrived home yesterday after having 2 embryos transferred on Wednesday, and now the waiting game!
Jenny, I would just like some personal words to express how thankful I am.. Again thank you for being so wonderful and supportive!
Love Egg Donor Recipient  

Cape Town Egg Donor

Every thing is perfect.
And jen, I must say you do an amazing job with baby2mom. I can honestly say you made me feel like the only egg donor you have! Thank you!

From Cameroon for Johannesburg Egg Donation

Dear Jenny,
Good morning , how are you today ? I think very well.  As for we, we are fine and every thing is moving on smoothly.  The baby and me just want to wish you the best wishes for the new year 2012, that the almighty God should bless you abundanly and give you good health.  I need to return for the new treatment around June or August 2012.  Your baby is very well, he is a big boy today . I will confirm you the new time. Thanks a lot for all things you have done to help me mummy.
Thanks ! thanks ! thanks again ! I will send you more picture . have a nice day....
Love Egg Donation Recipient

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny,
Thank you so much for everything you have done for us!!
We never expected that things would go so smoothly and that is a credit to your egg donor agency!!  Thank you again.
We are leaving today and will arrive in Cape Town tomorrow, very exciting and a bot nerve racking as well!! Im glad that our egg donor safely made it to Cape Town. What an amazing woman!!
Kindest regards,
Mom To Be  

From Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny,
Happy New Year to you!  We got the results on the 28th and it is positive!  The second test was very good as my beta levels more than doubled so all is looking good.  I have an appointment with our fertility specialist on Monday so hopefully we will know more by then :-).  Please let our egg donor know, if you are allowed to.
Australian Egg Donor Recipient 

From Johannesburg Egg Donor

Hi Jenny,
I received the flowers and chocolates yesterday and they made my day.  Thank you for ensuring that I know that im doing the right thing - the egg donation - and that my actions are appreciated. You are so special.
Love Jhb Egg Donor

To My Egg Donor

Dear Egg Donor,  
I hope that you had a lovely Christmas holiday and that this will be a good year for you!  ‘Thank you’ seems such an inadequate way to express the gratitude we feel to you for making yourself available to help us reach one of our deepest and most long-standing desires – to become parents to a child that is born to us.  
We would at least like you to know a little bit about us and about why we chose you: to let you know that your precious gift is coming to real people.  I am not sure what Jenny told you about us, but this will be the second time that we are trying to conceive using egg donation.  Unfortunately we did not have success with the first egg donor, despite everything looking good.  We were very sad, but because we are trusting that God is in control of this entire process, and that his ways are higher than ours, we know that in the end it will turn out for our good.  We truly believe that every child is a miracle from God, and that he sanctions every conception.
We are very involved in our church here in Pretoria and have submitted this process to some of our elders.  The thought of having to choose another egg donor was very daunting for me, but I was overjoyed to find your profile – a Christian girl who is also trusting God that he will guide the process and that his will will be done.  I just turned 38 and have been married to my husband for 4 years.  We are both professionally educated, and my husband is the MD of his family’s businesses.  I work part-time from home doing policy analysis research work for government departments and parastatals.  I have worked part-time since we were married because we were hoping to have children straight away.  I will stop working altogether for a few years if we have children so that I can focus totally on them.
You mentioned in your profile that you would like your recipients to be able to provide any children with ample opportunities: We live on a farm and have our own horses. We aim to give our children the best education possible according to their skills, talents or needs.  We will give them the chance to participate in a range of extra-mural activities including horse-riding, sport, dance and music.  We both come from very close families and so aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents will be very involved in our children’s lives. We also both have family overseas and relatively regular visits to Europe and Australia will continue into the future. Both my husband and I love children, and regularly have our South African nephews (ages 7, 5, 4, 3 and 2) to stay weekends: we already have a toy cupboard filled with toys, to which the children rush when they get here. We cannot imagine our lives without children. When I look at the photos of you, I see a mixture of my husband and my Mom. 
While I also have dark blonde hair and blue eyes, your eyes are large, like theirs and they are shaped like my Mom’s eyes. I am tall and thin (1.75m and 55kg), but my husband has a medium build and my sister is athletic and did USSASA volleyball.
Academically we are very alike – I also got an ‘A’ aggregate in Matric and completed my Master’s degree Suma Cum Laude.  Like you, I love people but also need time alone to recharge, and responsibility is a strength of both my husband and myself. 
While my grandparents come from England and Holland, my husband’s maternal grandparents are Swiss German.  Both my husband and I grew up on farms, with our fathers being farmers. His mother helped his father in the office, while my mom works as a secretary at a school. We will never meet you, but we are already praying for you: That God will bless you and protect you, that his hand will be on this entire process and that he will be gracious and allow me to become pregnant with your help. I hope that you will pray for us too in this process.
With all our love, Hopeful Recipients

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,
Happy New Year to you! I've been wanting to write and let you know that YES, I'M PREGNANT..!!!!!   We've been travelling and haven't had any Internet access. I found out on the 29/12/12 so it was an amazing New Year for us. I just had my second beta hcg and it was very high. our fertility specialist said yesterday that it was a "very strong" pregnancy or perhaps twins...! Thank you so much for all your help and to our egg donor who helped us achieve our dream.  I realise it's very early days yet, but we feel very blessed to have achieved a pregnancy after such a long painful fertility journey.
Best wishes, Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Zimbabwe Egg Donor Recipient

How are you Jenny.  I have good news.  I am pregnant with twins.  Can you believe it.  GOD IS GREAT.  I am so happy.  Jenny I dont know how to thank you.  You came in my life at the right time.  May God bless you abundantly.  To my egg donor, thanking her by words is not enough.  I dont have enough words to express my gratitude.  May God almighty bless her a thousand times in all her endeavours.  I will not stop praying for her all my life.  She has changed the story of my life.  I will update you on the progress. 
With love,
Egg Donation Recipient

Johannesburg Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny,
Just to let you know that I have given birth to a healthy 3kg baby boy. We are excited and very appreciative to you for your effort and dedication.  We will mail you pics .
Best Regards and wishing you a fantastic 2012.
New Parents

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,
Enjoy Xmas with our family and we will look at options in the new year to try again.  Thank you so much for all your wonderful assistance, follow up, updates & kind thoughts throughout the egg donor process which made our journey to Cape Town easy and stress free. Have a wonderful Xmas & all the best for 2012.
Kind regards,
Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Jhb Egg Donation Recipient

iI Jenny,

I thought I’d give you the latest update... We went for the 6 week scan at the end of last week and there are TWO heart beats!! A little bit of a shock but then I suppose there was always that chance.  We are trying to get our heads around this double blessing and no doubt we shall cope.  We know it’s still early days but we hope for the best.  I’m sure you’ll convey this news to our egg donor.  Thank you again for helping to facilitate this part of our journey.

We trust you’ll have a restful festive season.

Jhb Egg Donation Mom Again

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Thanks Jenny.

Our result is a miracle and I am still stunned!  The beta hcg numbers are increasing nicely.  Thank you so much for your part in our journey and many thank-you's to the donor and our Cape Town fertility specialist for their big generous hearts. We are so very very grateful. What a blessing!

Best wishes, Egg donor recipient from Australia


My sister Jenny hello,
I am still here in SA.  I will return back to Cameroon on 28 December.  I am very happy for all from you and I will try to see you before  I return to to my country.  I am very very happy. I will be at the hospital on 22 December to do the scan.

Thanks for all
Pregnant With baby2mom's Donor Eggs

From Gauteng Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,

Doing very well thanks.  Got my last results and it is a POSITIVE:  Just have to do a scan end of December to check for heartbeat. Thank you for everything,will keep you updated.

Have a blessed holiday.

PS: it has been such a pleasure to deal with yourself and everyone at the Johannesburg Egg Donation Clinic.  I have been saying your praises everywhere. You are very professional and you actually listen.

Egg Donation Recipient

Coming from Germany

Dear Jenny,

Im in good hands with you and your egg donor agency. 

Warmest regards Germany Egg Donation Recipient

From Fertility Specialist

Hi Jenny,

I wish you and your family a wonderful Xmas and New Year. Thank you for all the good work you have done in 2011.

Thanks for the lovely email you sent.

Kind Regards,
Cape Town Fertility Specialist x


Dear Jenny,

More good news - I did the second blood test the other day and the Hcg levels are looking great! Once again profound thanks to you and the Baby2Mom team for helping me to make this happen! I am traveling home to Australia next week for a month of vacation.

All the very best for a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Much love,
Egg Donor Recipient

Jhb Egg Donation Recipient

Thanks Jenny,

It feels a little unreal like last time and on one hand want to shout it from the roof tops and on the other need to keep a lid on things. It’s early days but we are absolutely thrilled. We trust you will inform our special egg donor of the good news. Hopefully there’ll be 2 siblings in the world who are alike. Thank you for your part in this journey.

Much love
Egg Donation Baby Parents

Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny, Our Christmas presents arrived early this year, they are by far the most wonderful and precious gifts we have ever received and we are loving every moment.  Thank you too for your support and guidance throughout this whole process, although it felt like a rocky road in the beginning, it has tuned out perfect. Thank you! Egg Donation Recipient and Surrogate Commissioning Parent

Pretoria Egg Donation

Hi Jenny,
Hope you are well?

I am feeling cautiously optimistic. My gut feeling is very positive… I will let you know next week. I just want to thank my Egg Donor from the bottom of my heart for giving us this Wonderful Gift. She is a truly remarkable and unselfish person to give a couple she doesn’t even know such a Fantastically Wonderful Gift.. And if we are blessed and I am pregnant I will never be able to thank her enough. She has given us something so precious and made our dreams come true forever.

Thank you very much for all your help and support, I really appreciate it. Please say a Prayer for us. 



Dear Jenny,

I would like to thank you and all those who directly and indirectly supported me in this egg donor process. My special thanks go to my egg donor who went an extra mile to help us realize our dream.  Please pass my sincere thanks and may the Good Lord bless her abundantly.  I was told she is a very nice person and that per se gave me hope right from the beginning. Please tell her to keep that spirit the Lord will reward her in an amazing way.  I still have to do a second test on Saturday but will keep you updated.

Botswana Egg Donation Recipient

Cape Town

Dear Jenny, 

Just a short note to say thank you for everything that you have done for us.  To think that we are expecting is quite unbelievable for us after the rocky start we had to the whole process of surrogacy.

We immediately felt comfort after meeting with you and you will be part of our hearts forever. Thank you for being so wonderful with us.

Love Cape Town Commissioning Parents

Egg Donation Baby Born

At 09h20 and weighing 3.53kg.  

Australian Egg Donor Recipient

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for all your patience and perseverance You are Wonderful.

Kind Regards,
Australia Mom To Be

Why I Want to Donate My Eggs

Hi Jenny,

One doesn’t realize how blessed you are having 2 healthy kids while there are others out there that don’t have what we have – therefore I must say that I am more than pleased to do this for a couple that is looking so forward to having a little one.

God Bless them and I really hope that they will fine endless happiness in this.

Love Egg Donor



You were so supportive and so kind and so helpful. I will not forget the way you conducted yourself.

Thanks again for all your support,
Recipient of Donor Eggs


Hi Jenny!

As I mentioned on the phone after the scan, it is a quad pregnancy!  We are however over the moon that we have conceived!!

Thanks once again to you and my egg donor..  You are both God-sent angels.

Love Botswana Egg Donation Mommy to Be

Pretoria Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,

We would also just want to say again that we really appreciated your prompt response and help during this time to find a suitable donor. It meant so much to us.

Regards, Pretoria Egg Donation Recipient

Coming from Botswana

Dear Jenny,

Thank you very much for all the support. I am confident that all will go well. I really apppreciate your support and encouragement.

Recipient from Botswana Coming for Donor Eggs

From Pretoria Egg Donor

Hi Jenny,

I had such an amazing experience. I wish the family all th ebest and im sure they will be pregnant the first time.  I am very fertile.  Im so excited for them and cant wait to hear the result.

Love Pretoria Egg Donor


Hi Jenny,

We are pregnant!! We are very happy...was just hoping to get to the first scan on Monday to make sure all is good before talking about it.

Let’s hold thumbs and pray that everything goes well. Thank you so much fro helping us get this far!

Australian Egg Donation Recipient with Second Child


Hi Jenny,
All went good with egg retrieval, they got 9 eggies. I have been trying to find the right words to thank Baby2Mom and the egg donor, but nothing seems appropiate to convey how I really feel. All I can say is that I am truly blessed and gratefull for this.

Thank you from my heart.

Australian Recipient

Dear Jenny,

We just wanted to let you know that we had our first trimester scan last week and the sonographer said we had two very healthy looking babies!

Please can you pass our huge thanks to our wonderful egg donor. Many thanks for all your help too.

Kind regards, Parent to Be


Dear Jenny,

The Clinic is happy with my second HCG results and we shall be coming down for a scan in two weeks time.  Please say a BIG thank you to my Egg Donor for taking time to go through the procedure.  I will keep you posted on the outcome of the scan.  And I have plenty gratitude for you for making it so much easier my so many women to finally become mothers or to have more children.  Thank you for standing by me and for all the encouragement. 

Much love,
Bostwana Recipient of Donor Eggs


Jenny, you have been such a caring, wonderful individual in the entire process & I’m truly grateful to have crossed paths with you in my life.

Take Care and  Kind Regards
Durban Egg Donor

From Cape Town

Hi Jenny

I would like to thank you and the fertility clinic for everything, the nursing staff and the Dr's where all so nice, and made me feel like I was in a hotel....

Thank you so much for everything!!!

God bless you all!!!

Pretoria Egg Donation

Dear Jenny,

The procedure went well and it resulted in pregnancy. lts now 8weeks.  Allow me therefore to thank you and the egg donor for everything you did.  l do this on behalf of my family so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Perhaps the egg donor's gift will be the pleasure of our lifes.  Just ask the donor to do us one favour.  Let her pray so that the pregnancy comes to full term because with her prayers and our prayers it will come to full term.  The heartbeat has been confirmed so we can only thank the invisible hand in the procedure.

Recipient of Donor Eggs


Hi Jenny,

I am the proud mother of two glorious boys born 16 June.  Born at 36 weeks and 4 days weighing 2.9 and 3.0 kg.  Life now very hectic, and full of love........

regards, Australian Egg Donation Recipient 

Egg Donation

Hi Jenny,

Well good news, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy (albeit a bit tiny) on 18 August 2011, he weighed in at 2.726 kilos and is perfect in every way.

Unfortunately I had a few complications after the birth and ended up back in hospital a couple of times - but it is all a distant memory now and he was definitely worth it!! 

Hope you are well - and thanks again for all of your help last year.

Kind Regards,
Egg Donation Recipient

Egg Donation baby egg donation baby

Jhb Egg Donor

Hi Jenny Hope you are well. I promised i would send you a photo of the twins, so here it is.  I had 2 healthy boys. Just wanted to once again thank you and your team for making my dream come true, you are more then welcome to share this photo with the egg donor. Thanking you Johannesburg egg donation recipient  

Durban Commissioning Parent

Thank you Jenny.

You have been wonderful Thank you!

Pretoria Egg Donation

Dear Jenny

Thanks for the lovely message. We had another HCG test on Friday and all is going well so we are very happy (understatement!).

I will keep you posted after I have had a scan in the next week or 2. This time it was finally our turn for positive news. It still feels unreal. Yes, we did have 2 embryos to freeze again this time. So thats also so great.

Regards for now

Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,

just wanted to let you know that I had a scan last week and I am expecting TWINS!!!!

I am obviously thrilled, and a bit nervous. I might sound even more enthusiastic than this however I am as sick as a dog (If you’re familiar with that expression) and I obviously don’t want to complain at all but just feel so tired and sick all the time… I am so so grateful to our egg donor.  Will you tell her that this has been successful and that twins are expected?  If you do speak to her please convey my gratitude will you.

I will write again when I feel a bit better… Thanks xxx

Pretoria Egg Donation

Dear Jenny
We are ecstatic - our pregnancy test was positive.  We will have a repeat test on Friday to confirm all is progressing normally.  Thank you for your continued support.  Please let the egg donor know, but we will confirm again on Friday again that all is fine.
All our gratitude to you and your wonderful egg donor.
Regards Recipient of Donor Eggs


Hello Jenny,
The twins have arrived!! Born this August just past 38 weeks, both over 3 kgs, both healthy and growing.  Mom and Dad are a bit tired, but very, very happy.  I've attached some pics..... A huge, heartfelt thank you to you and to our egg donor for getting us here....

Mom, Dad and the (not so) wee girls

P.S. and on the morning of the birth, we saw (for the first time) two wild red foxes playing together in the backyard.... an auspicious start to the day :)

Jhb Egg Donor

Hi Jenny

Im sure you may have heard from the egg donor too but just in case not, I wanted to let you know that she aspirated 17 eggs.

Im so grateful and even though I sent her a card with the payment I was hoping you would pass onto her personally how thankful I am for her commitment to the programme and how much I appreciate her gift.

Thank you also for your all that you did too. Words cannot express how grateful I am.

Take Care
Johannesburg Egg Donation Recipient


Hi Jenny
Just wanted to take this time and thank you so very much for all your kind support & professionalism, I never had to stress once. Thank-you, you are doing an amazing job.
Please can you pass this on to my Egg Donor:
My husband and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for this amazing gift of being our egg donor it takes a special kind of person!  We are so very grateful to you. Our doctor, his staff and the hospital staff had so much praise and beautiful words to say about you, we’ve been so very lucky to have you as our donor.  I would like to wish you all our best wishes to you for a wonderful happy healthy future you so deserve.
God bless you. xxx

Australian Egg Donation

Hi Jenny,
Apologies for the delay in updating you.  We just arrived back to Australia today.  I am sure you have heard from our egg donor to advise that we retrieved 15 eggs.  We are so thrilled, you cannot imagine.  Then by Day 3, 12 embryos were dividing nicely and by Day 5 we had 2 expanded blasts and 2 normal blasts.  We transferred the 2 expanded blasts and froze the remaining 2. On Day 6, we had another 3 blasts so they were frozen too. Our beta is scheduled for 30 August and we have everything crossed that we get good news. 
Can you please pass on our heartfelt thanks to our egg donor. She is an amazingly unbelievable person and to go through this for another is just mind boggling.  We are beyond ecstatic with the results to date and cannot thank you enough for all your patience, attention to detail and professionalism through the process.
Kind regards,
Donor Egg Recipients from Autralia


Dear Jenny

I just wanted you to know that we had our first scan today and we are pregnant with twins!!!  We are so over the moon. Thank you so much for all your help with this miracle. Please can you let our egg donor know and thank her, we are so so lucky to have had her help us.

Kind regards,
Australian Egg Donor Recipient

Cape Town Egg Donor

Dear Jenny,

Ive never received such care! Thanks!!

God bless,
Cape Town Egg Donor

Proven Johannesburg

Oh wow! The new site is lovely!!!

From a Cape Town

I hope and trust all will be good!!!
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help people in need! xxx


Dear Jenny, Find attached the pictures of my Bambino. Choose one to put online as an inspiration to others. We are forever grateful. Kindest Regards, Egg Donation Recipients  

From Pretoria Egg Donor

You are doing an amazing job and I am very happy to be part of this and help someone in need.
Dont stop doing what you are doing. You have been so helpful and kind. Thank you!
Love Egg Donor

From the Cameroon

Hi Jenny,

Had the first scan today. Two babies. I am over the moon. I thought I should share the news.

Hope you are doing well.

Egg Donation Recipient from Cameroon


Dear Jenny,

Firstly my apologies for being so quiet, I have been on maternity leave and was not on the computer.  We were blessed with a bouncy, healthy baby boy whom we love to the point it hurts.  He is two and a half months old.  He is the light and centre of everything in our home.  He is nicknamed IGWE which means King in Nigerian Language.

Jenny! we don't know how we can possibly thank you, words fail us but only God will be able to reward you and the Angel who made this whole process possible. Continue with the wonderful work.

Kindest Regards
Egg Donor Recipient from Zimbabwe


Hi Jenny,
Here is the letter to my egg donation recipient, I hope it is in order. Thanks again for all you are doing. You are an angel.

Take care and enjoy your weekend, I will speak to you tomorrow when I am compos mentis.
Love Egg Donor

Egg Donation

Hi Jenny, After a hard long journey of IVF’s and 12 years of trying to fall pregnant we watched our son come into the World and experienced the most emotional and beautiful feelings ever. So to the Medfem Clinic and the Baby2Mom group for your support, help and kindness throughout our long and difficult journey, we just wanted to say thank you from all three of us. Our dream has come true and, other than the pain in our cheeks from grinning all the time and being slightly dehydrated from the tears of joy, we are possibly the happiest people on the planet right now. We are all loving getting to know each other and finding a new rhythm to life. Lastly to those couples who are considering the use of the Baby2Mom services, we found it such an easy process, very informative and an overall pleasure to deal with. It was not our intention to go this route initially but after all we had been through it is truly the best thing we ever did. It started as somewhat of a daunting process as there was an initial fear of the baby not being ours or that he/she would not look like mum or that there would not be that mother to child connection but let me tell you, that the love and bond could not have been any stronger. This baby is completely ours and the fact that mums body made this little boy is the biggest miracle and is much treasured, making this bond even stronger and the process more appreciated. The first positive result is the start of an amazing journey of LOVE. Thank you to the selfless people who donate of themselves to help people like us. WOW what a gift you have given us. God bless Best regards HS & M from Botswana

Egg Donation Recipient

You have updated your website...that's nice.

A belated Women's Day wish to you....a woman that has made a big difference in the world!!

Recipient of Donor Eggs


Thank you Jenny,

I really appreciate your assistance and guidance. I feel 'safe' with your egg donation agency.

Egg Donation

Dear Jenny,

Our second lot of blood tests came back the other day and we all on track so we are absolutley thrilled.  Scan in two weeks which will tell us if there are 1 or 2! 

Please again pass on our thanks and gratitude to our egg donor, we are so blessed.

Many thanks,
Australian Egg Donation Recipient 

From Cameroon

Dear Jenny,

Thank you verry much you are a wonderful person I hope I will see you soon have a nice day.

Love Egg Donation Recipient from Cameroon

Johannesburg Egg Donor

Dear Jenny,
Happy Womans Day to a very special lady who has changed the lives of so many woman out there.
Love Johanesburg Egg Donor

Cape Town Egg

Hello Jen,
The donor egg retrieval procedure went well.  Thanks for allowing me to be part of this awesome experience.  If there is anything else that I can do, please dont hestitate to let me know.  Please tell my egg donation recipient that I wish them the best and that I've been so blessed just by doing this. xxx


Dear Jenny
We had our first blood test today and our results were positive! We are so so thrilled and the levels look good.  Please can you let our wonderful (fertile) egg donor know and thank her deeply from the bottom of our hearts.
Thank you for helping us achieve this dream,
Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Egg Donation Recipient Mom

Hi Jenny,
I hope you are well.
I've attached some more photos of our beautiful daughter L. We are loving parenthood and, would even though she is only 3 and half months old, we are already considering the next steps to give her a sister or brother.
Ideally we would absolutely love to use the same donor again, so they are a genetic sibling to L and I also know that the donor has been successful a couple of times.
Kind regards Egg Donation Recipient from Johannesburg

To My Egg Donor

Even though we haven’t met you, and will never meet you in person, we wanted to send you a little thank you for all you have done for us thus far. We know what a commitment it is both physically and emotionally to go through the process of injections and monitoring, and we really appreciate what you've done to help us towards our goal of having a second baby.
I do exactly know what will be approaching; all of the appointments, trying to do it all. We'll be with you in our thoughts, thanking you every day, all the way.  I was in your position 7 years ago when I have gone 3 times through IVF with my own eggs.  Last year when we have tried to have a second child we have realised that my biological time caught up with me earlier than expected.  We hope that with your help we will be able to bring another child into this world, a child that we could love and cherish.  You have a very kind and generous heart, and wish you all the happiness in the world. You're our angel.”

Egg Donation

Hi Jenny Thanks so much for your help, it was also nice to speak to you directly yesterday. I have copied the profile, thank you.  I don't think anyone can thank you enough for the role you play in assisting people like myself, together with the egg donors, you are phenomenal - thank you and bless you all Wish us luck! Warm regards


Hi Jenny, I just wanted to say thank you to you for arranging so I could be a surrogate. It was a wonderful experience and I would gladly do it again. Thank you for blessing me with the opportunity so I could in return bless someone else. Warm Regards, Johannesburg Surrogate


Hi Jenny, I just wanted to say thank you to you for arranging so I could be a surrogate. It was a wonderful experience and I would gladly do it again. Thank you for blessing me with the opportunity so I could in return bless someone else. Warm Regards, Johannesburg Surrogate

Egg Donation

Liewe Vriendin,
Ek wil soos Jay en Liani sing : "…en toe stop my hart by jou…” !
Dit is met baie emosie, dankbaarheid, opgewondenheid en verligting dat ek vir jou hierdie briefie skryf.
Ek en my man probeer al 6 jaar lank om ‘n babatjie te hê en uiteindelik het vrede en rustigheid in ons harte kom lê, met die wete dat daar iemand soos jy is wat bereid is om ons te help. Die blote feit dat jy hierdie besluit geneem het, dui op jou liefde vir jou naaste. ‘n Eienskap wat ek baie sterk bewonder en waardeer.
Ek en my man het 11 en ‘n half jaar terug ontmoet op Tukkies. Ons koshuise het met mekaar gejool en toevallig he tons albei in die regte gestudeer. Tans praktiseer my man as prokureur in eiendomsreg en ek is heeltyds by die huis. Ons sal in Desember 8 jaar getroud wees.
Ons voel ‘n sterk band met jou, daar is soveel ooreenkomste tussen ons. Daar is soveel van jou inligting wat ons bewonder an admireer. Dit is vir ons belangrik dat die bloedgroepe ooreenstem en beide ek en my man is ook O+. Dit is verder vir ons ‘n vertroosting dat jy ‘n mediese student is. Die toediening en tydsberekening van die medikasie is ‘n baie belangrike deel van die behandeling en ons kan met geruste harte dit in jou bekwame hande laat.
Ek kan nie aan die gepaste woorde dink om te verduidelik hoe dankbaar en geseënd ons op hierdie stadium voel nie. Dit sal vir ons ‘n voorreg wees om hierdie proses saam met jou deur te maak. Ons bid, glo en vertrou dat Onse Vader jou oor ons pad gestuur het en dat, as dit die Hemelse Vader se wil is, jy hierdie pad saam met ons sal stap.
Seëninge vir jou,


Dear Jenny,
Many thanks for the egg donors' photos.  She looks fabulous. 
Your new website looks good by the way. I appreciate all your help with this.

Egg Donation From Portugal

From Portugal
Hi Jenny Congrats for Baby2mom site. It's very beautiful and practical.

From Australia for Cape Town Egg Donation

Hi Jenny,

All has gone well. Now the waiting game begins so fingers crossed once more.

Please pass on our thanks to our egg donor again and I will let you know how we go.

Thank you also for your help, Jenny, and your warm wishes.

Kind regards,
Australian Egg Donation Recipient

From Sweden for baby2mom's Donor Eggs

Hello Jenny! I just want to send you a picture of our new love, our son, who was born on the 6th of May (4 weeks too early). We are overjoyed over our new addition to our family! Kindest regards, Egg Donation Recipient

Egg Donation Recipient from Ghana

Hi Jenny - hope you are well. We had our scan yesterday and all went so well...two heartbeats!!! how fantastic is that? I am the luckiest girl in the world. thanks so much Jenny...I am taking good care to reach all the other milestones. more news soon Love Egg Donor Recipient

Surrogate Egg Donation in Pretoria

Hi Jenny

Just an update, we are having twins!!!!
Thank you Jenny, this is a HUGE blessing. Once again thank the Egg Donor for her part of this blessing in our lives.

Kind Regards
Egg Donation Recipient

Travelling for a Cape Town Egg Donor Program

Hello Jenny how are you. All went well. Please please thank the egg donation recipient for the stunning gift, it is perfect and suits me to the T. She brought a tear to my eye. This was all so speciale and really all felt just so right. Please keep me listed. As long as I can help I would truelly LOVE it. Please keep me updated with all. And how she does. Love Bernadette

From Egg Donation Recipient in Mozambique

Hi Jenny,
I also need to say this....last friday I went to see your internet egg donor site and your database. It is amazing what you have achieved. If I didn´t know from the first experience I would think that finding an egg donor would be the most difficult part of all this emotional and distressful process, but in fact you ve changed all that. In between all the emotional stress we go through it is nice to know that at least this part is not so difficult. Thank you for that.
Recipient of Donor Eggs

Message from an Egg Donor

Dear Egg Donation Recipients,

I hope you are well ! I wish to thank you for the opportunity you afforded me - it is a great privilege to be the key to your joy and happiness. I wish you the best of luck and am excited on your behalf for the big step you are taking. Sincerely thank you for your generous gift - I did not expect it. I wish you all the success for the future and good luck for the next nine months !

Best wishes,
Cape Town Egg Donor

Good Results With Johannesburg Egg Donation

Hi Jenny

Your kindness and professionalism in helping us to achieve our dream is much appreciated

Best regards,
Egg Donation Recipient

Egg Donation Baby

You are very sweet! Thanks so much Jenny, you have no idea how much this has meant to us.

Fond regards

Pregnant from Zimbabwe with Donor Eggs

Dear Jenny,

Trust everything is well with you. Just an update, i am now in my 30th week of pregnancy with this miracle baby boy. How time flies, i cant wait for him to be in my arms. Everything is ok so far, if you are still in touch with my angel [egg donor] please let her know that we will forever be grateful.

Continue with the wonderful work, God will surely reward you abundantly.

Stay Blessed
Egg Donation Recipient

The Gratitude of Receiving Donor Eggs

Morning Jenny
Will you also please THANK our egg donod from the BOTTOM of OUR hearts for her help, no matter what the outcome is, we really appreciate it and hope for the best for her and her future!

And thank you for your assistance as well! We'll keep you updated on news.... We should hear today late afternoon how many donor eggs fertilized...

Egg Donation Recipient

UK Egg Donation Recipient for Cape Town Donor Eggs

Thanks Jenny - This is only possible thanks to you and our lovely donor. Do please let her know how enormously grateful we are.
I started my meds this morning.
All best wishes,
Egg Donation Recipient x

Message from Australia

Hi Jenny,

I just thought to keep you updated. We are doing well and just had the 20 week ultrasound which showed two healthy bubs - a boy and girl. We're really pleased that they look well and they're already squirming and kicking ( each other). Sign of things to come ?

We're just thrilled.

take care,
Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Australian Egg Donation Recipient Pregnant

Hi Jenny

Just to let you know that at this stage the pregnancy test results are positive. The dr has sent me for more early next week just to ensure that the levels are still rising, but at this stage it's looking good.

There is obviously a long way to go before finally we get our baby (or babies!) so we are taking it one step at a time.

Please let our egg donor know that we are forever grateful & just can't wait for this wonderful new phase of our lives.

Kind regards
Recipient of Donor Eggs

Message from Pregnant Surrogate

Hi Jenny.

Yes, it's great news!!!

Surrogate Mom

Receiving Donor Eggs From Botswana

Dear Jenny,

I and my husband wish to thank you for the support given in finding the egg donor for us to make our dream come true.
We have faith that all will go well. I am now going to do the pregnancy test on the 2nd March and will give you feedback.

Pls pass these words of thanks to my egg donor and tell her that we really appreaciate her effort and sacrifice when went through to help us.
that can only be done by people who really love the neighbor as the love themselves and that is what she proved to us.
My God bless her and family abundantly.

Egg Donation Recipient

Feelings of Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny
Baby measuring 8 weeks today with a heartbeat of 174bpm!
All seems to be in place and looking good. Dr is convinced its a keeper! (I so hope he's right). And we saw the baby move today!!!
An amazing experience indeed! Now for the next 2 weeks *sigh*. But Dr said I can pop in next week for a peep. I think ill wait it out...if I can.
Hope all is well with you!
Recipient of Donor Eggs

Message from Egg Donor

Hi Jeny,
I am very touched tell the people I donated for its a pleasure and I knw they'll make good parents. You doing great job. God is gonna bless you and your coming generation. Your wont be
Jenny anymore but blessed.
Love Egg Donor

Pregnant Through Egg Donation

Hi Jenny,
Just wanted to give you an update.

We went for our 17 week scan today and everything is progressing perfectly. We are so happy and looking forward to our little boy!

Thanks again for everything you did to make this miracle possible.

All the best,
Egg Donation Recipient

Receiving Donor Eggs Through baby2mom

Thank you for all your help, Jenny, and of course to our kind egg donor. We have really appreciated how professional and supportive you have been.

I have to admit that it all still feels pretty surreal and I suspect that won't change until we arrive in Cape Town.

Kind regards,
Egg Donation Recipient from Australia

From an Egg Donation Recipient

Thanks once again Jenny, your service is amazing and your website easy to use and so far the best.

Receiving Donor Eggs

Egg Donation Recipient from Germany

Dear Jenny,

Thank you very much. I am happy that we can start and I am so excited.
I hope that the egg donor feels good and it will be successful.
We are curious about South Africa.
If all people are so nice as you it will be a wonderful time.

Warmest regards
Recipient of Donor Eggs

Egg Donation Miracle

Dear Jenny,
Thank you so much!! I am so grateful for all the angels that crossed our path during the past couple of months, but also very nervous to witness the week by week milestones. There is such a lot of risks involved, but we truly believe that God has bigger plans for us and wouldn’t have allowed this if it didn’t carry His blessing..
Next milestone is the 6 week scan next week Wednesday..
Thank you for caring!
Love Egg Donation Recipient


Donor Eggs from China

Thanks for always being there for me Jenny... I really appreciate that. God bless you!

From A Cape Town Egg Donor

Hi Jenny!!!
Jip everything is going super!
This has been a great experience and I would like to thank you for this great thing that you are doing!
Well, i am pretty excited about monday for the egg retrieval and I am pretty sure the family is also feeling very very excited!!!

Kind regards,
Egg Donor in Cape Town

Egg Donation Recipient Message

Jenny I was so pleased to see you on TV yesterday ... I called everyone and told them to watch.
My world is turned around and my finance and I are very exited. Thanks so much for having a fantastic team on board your egg donor agency, that made this all possible.
I will defiantly send you photo's of the babies ..(smile)

Recipient of Donor Eggs

Pregnant Through Donor Eggs


Room for Triplets

Donor Egg Surro Triplets

Letter to Egg Donor from her Recipient

Dear Angel

I am so happy to be pregnant. Even though it is still early days I would like to thank you for making our dearest dream a possibility.

A very excited couple.

About South African Egg Donors

Hi Jenny

Thanks for the good wishes:-) I feel hopeful, but we will have to see what happens. The egg donor was so sweet - she left me a card with a positive message and a little babygrow. Please tell her I said thank you very much.

Have a great day.
Best regards,
Egg Donation Recipient

Johannesburg Egg Donation Recipient Story!

Hi Jenny

Just did a FET with the left over embryos from our donor eggs and we are pregnant!! but this time the Beta is 593!!!!!!! and the progesterone of 64!!!!! (well i dont know what the progesterone means) but i do know that our doctor said he wants a beta of over 100!! so this is more than he bargained for????

We are cautiously excited (still)....they did not ask me for a second beta...so maybe I shouldnt? what do you think? I was too excited to ask.

I wish you all the best for 2011! and it looks like mine is starting on a POSITIVE NOTE!

Thank you so much for your support! i will keep you posted.

Lots of Love
Recipient of Donor Eggs

Egg Donation Miracles

From a Proven Egg Donor

Dear Jenny,

I Wanted to let you know all went well yesterday for the donor egg aspiration and once again I had a wonderful experience with the fertility clinic and the Dr.

Thank you for everything my experience with you and the clinic has been lovely. Please keep me updated with the results.

Egg Donor

From an Experienced Egg Donor

Hi Jenny. Hope you are well. It's so nice to finally see how you look like (FB). I want to share my story with other egg donors. I saw your article on "risks for egg donor", and also wanted to let future egg donors know, that after 5 donations, I fell pregnant, after almost 1 year since my last donation (and with twins!!) so there is really no reason to be scared that donating will do something to their fertility. I never really imagined what a great feeling it is, to know you are becoming a mother, and if I could donate a 100 times over I would. thanks. Egg Donor

Egg Donation Miracle!

Kyk na my wonderwerk op fotos, danksy jou! She is the princess of the house and joyful, humor and full of life!

From a Travelling Egg Donor

Hi Jenny:)

The egg donation program was lovely thank you:) the hotel was AMAZING! Totally felt like royalty:) hehe. Visited Hout and Kalk Bay, wat an experience... Thank u 4 inviting me 2 be a part of it:)

Johannesburg Egg Donor

From an Egg Donor

Dear Jenny,
It has been such a pleasure working with you, the fertility sisters and the fertility clinic.
I know all will proceed well this time round as it did the first time. I am looking forward to donating again to the the new egg donation recipient, because i know i will be able to help her with a positive result after she had a negative experience with the last egg donation.
Jenny thank you again for everything you are such an amazing person. I look forward to working with you on a continues basis in the future.
Kind regards,
Egg Donor

Oz Egg Donation Baby

Egg Donation Miracle

Hi Jenny

Just to let you know that I am pregnant and had a seven week scan today which showed one little bean with perfect little heartbeat! Still early days, but it is the furtherest we have ever gotten so feel very blessed.

Thank you so much for your help and if you are in contact with our egg donor, please let her know how appreciative we are of her for giving us this chance to have a family.

Hope you had a lovely holiday season.

Thanks again and kind Regards
Egg Donation Recipient

Miracle Egg Donation Pregnancy

Hi Jenny

I'm super fine, hope you had a wonderful christmas too. I have good news for you, it was successful! I coudn't wait to tell you the good news. On the 13th i'm going for a scan but so far the bhcg has been good, so i hope everything will go well.

thank you once again for everything and please pass the message to my egg donor and tell her we are so grateful for everything she did for us. I will keep you informed with the progress.

Egg Donation Recipient

Australian Egg Donation Recipients Message

Hi Jenny thank you so much for your
constant support throughout everything. We are so blessed to have worked with you. We hope you have a great break and best wishes for 2011.

Best regards
C & Y

Egg Donation Pregnancy in Botswana

Hi Jenny

Just a follow up mail, just to let you know we had our blood tests done yesterday and we have a positive result. I cant tell you what an amazing feeling that was hearing the news. To you and your team, thank you again for the services you render and to the amazing women who give of themselves to assist us, thank you is not a big enough word, may God bless you as he certainly has blessed us with this gift. We go back on 28th to see how many have taken, will keep you posted.

Thank you to all concerned.
Egg Donation Recipient

After A Successful Egg Donor Program

Hi Jenny,

Thank you, it has been amazing to get to know you. You are an amazing person.

Egg Donor

Single Male Conceives - Egg Donation Surrogacy

Baby boy born 3.5kg on 30 Nov. Thank you!

Egg Donation Twins in Australia

Hi Jenny,

I just had a 6 week ultrasound and it shows two healthy TWINS.

We were somewhat over-awed and very moved with seeing 2 hearts beating away on ultrasound.

These feelings are hard to explain and it didn't seem quite real until we saw the films.

Warm regards,
Egg Donation Recipient in Australia

Egg Donation Program Makes A Miracle

Hi Jenny

Thank you for your message. Good news! Positive test! Dr is very happy with progesterone and pregnancy count. Scan will be done on Wed 8 Dec. We are so thrilled it is hard to explain. None of this would have been possible without your help and the big hearted gesture of the wonderful egg donor. I cannot say thank you enough. There is still a long road ahead with many milestones to cross but at the moment we are feeling like the luckiest people alive!

Thank you so, so much!

Love from all of us

Egg Donors of Today Create Babies

Dear Jenny

Thanks so much for the email. I am feeling so scared I don’t feel too excited yet, I am waiting until Thursday to repeat the test.
It is going to be a long first few weeks.

I was so happy with the way everything proceeded with the egg donor, everyone said she was really lovely and the donor egg quality was excellent. I really do appreciate everything she went through, I think she is amazing. Please say a special thank you to her from the bottom of our hearts.

Thanks so much for your part in organising everything. I will keep you updated.
Love Egg Donation Recipient

Egg Donation Today Makes Pregnancy

Good Morning Jenny,

Thanks very much, it still feels like I'm dreaming, I'm so happy & also hoping that all will go well.

Thanks very much for the role you have played in creating this new miracle in my life & marriage.

Kind Regards
Egg Donation Recipient

From DRC for Egg Donation

Hi Jenny

You have shown understanding and compassion all the way and I am very grateful for that.

The transfer will be done tomorrow and we are really praying that all goes well for us. Once again I would like to thank you for your help and support in making this possible. Please also thank my egg donor and tell her we are very grateful for her gift to us.

Thanks and God bless you both
DRC Egg Donation Recipient

From a baby2mom Egg Donor

Dear Jenny,

Thank you so much for everything, it has been wonderful getting to know you. You are an amazing person.

I would love to donate eggs again I found such joy out of the egg donation, helping someone special in making their dreams come true.

I look forward to hearing from you with the results of the pregnancy. I know the results will be positive for the recipient.

Kind Regards, Egg Donor

Feelings of Egg Donors

Dear Jenny
I trust you are keeping well. I wanted to let you know everything went off very well today with the aspiration. I received the most amazing card when i left the clinic from the recipient and it really touched my heart, i am greatfull for being given the opportunity to help such a special person. Making someones dreams come true for me is such an honor, especially when the person is so special. Please kindly tell the recipient i wish her the best of luck and i will be thinking of her.

Jenny thank you for everything, You are amazing.

Pregnant from Australia through Donor Eggs

Hi Jenny,

I wanted to share the good news with you that we are pregnant. I had my blood test today & the result was an hcg level of 115. Early days yet but I thought you be pleased to hear the news & perhaps might want to pass it on to our egg donor also. We are ecstatic (and that's before we even tell our 3 year old that the brother/sister she demands might actually now be a possibility :-).

Thanks again to both of you for helping get us this far.

Egg Donation Recipient

Australian Egg Donation Pregnancy

Hi Jenny,

I was about to send you an e-mail. We had a positive test yesterday and are cautiously thrilled with the result. I'll repeat it tomorrow and will let you know how things go.

All in all we had a very posiitve experience dealing with yourself, the egg donor, our fertility specialist and the fertility clinic. South Africa was an amazing place to visit too and we will be returning to visit.

We would love for our egg donor to hear the news if she' s interested.

I'm hoping there will be baby pictures to send you.

Egg Donation Recipient

From Africa for a DE Agency

Dear Jenny!
I hope you're fine.
I'm filling well and i have an appointement with doctor wednesday 17/11/2010 to do the scan and confirm the good station of semen
I promise to send you the pictures of baby.
Thanks alot and may God bless all of you for all thing you've done for me and my familly.

Message from Recipient to her Egg Donor

Dear Egg Donation Recipient Family,
I wanted to write you a letter to say thank you everything! This experience has been amazing, and thanks to you I would do this again in a heartbeat!
It was a lovely surprise to receive the gift and I will defiantly be driving my fiancé insane with all the loud signing now! Thank you!

I have written an article on my experience and I am not sure if Jenny has giving it to you or not but I will include it below so you can get a better understanding of everything from my side.

My best friend was conceived by egg donation and she decided to donate her eggs so someone out there could have a family, just like her mother was able to. She spoke to me about it and at first I thought she was crazy but over time I understood her reasons and decided I would support her, I would go through the process with her.

I found baby2mom on the internet via a simple Google search, I contacted Jenny quite quickly after that and we spoke about the process and everything involved. I waited for quite a long time before a family was interested in using me as their donor but it has definitely been worth the wait. A year later and the process is beginning to happen.

As it became more of a reality I started having doubts, questions would pop into my mind, is this actually my child? Will I have an urge to see this child once it has been born? Will I feel guilty for giving away a child that could potentially have been my own? And the answer is simply no, this is not my child, I am not this child’s mother, the recipient will be this child’s mother, This is not even a child yet. I am just giving her some of my DNA so she can make her baby.
More questions where “what if my child and the recipient’s child meet one day? Marry even? But all the questions I had I raised with jenny and she put this one nicely to rest with a funny answer regarding Steve Hofmeyr.

Only once I had answers to all of my 100 questions did I see the real beauty in what I was doing, this had nothing to do with me, this was about a women who could not have children and who I’m guessing would want nothing more. What greater gift can you give another human being that that of life? I am praying for you every second of everyday! Please let me know the outcome of the IVF treatment!

Love Your Egg Donor

Experienceing South African Egg Donation

Thank you again for the reassurance & for your hard work throughout the whole process, it really makes a huge difference.

Also thank you for the letter from Kira (that's a beautiful name btw)...it was really lovely to hear her directly if you know what I mean. What an incredible person to do something like this at this time in her life...I know I would donate in a heartbeat now if my eggs were any good but that's coming from a perspective of experiencing infertility & parenthood...

I really don't know that I would have been so giving in my early twenties & before I had any of these experiences.

Australia Egg Donation

Dear Jenny

Just a quick email to let you know I tested today and we are pregnant!

Thank you so much for all your support and assistance in getting us this far!

Please also pass on our thanks and appreciation to our egg donor, we know it was not an easy path for her as well and we are so grateful to her for her dedication to helping us with our dream.

Once again, many thanks!
Pregnant With Donor Eggs from Australia

African Egg Donation

Dear Jenny,

How are you and your daughter, Erin, Just to let you know that I am now 9 weeks 1 day along and everything is fine. We continue to thank you everyday of our lives for this miracle.

Stay Blessed,
Egg Donation Recipient

From UK for SA Egg Donation

Hi Jenny
Thank you very much for arranging a new egg donor so quickly and making it all come back on track.

Our flights were booked and we could not change the plans.

Cape Town Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny

I just wanted to let you know that we had our 13 week growth scan yesterday, and everything is looking normal and as it should be, so we are very relieved. Also it looks like a little girl!

We will let you know more details when she is born, but we are very happy to have reached this milestone.

Thanks again for all your help in the process.

Kind regards

Egg Donation Baby

From a Travelling Egg Donor

Dear Jenny,
I wanted to thank you for everything! For the crazy questions you answered almost daily and the amazing support and caring I received from you!
It has meant the world to me!
I am truly blessed that I found you, I would do this again in a heartbeat and its all thanks to you!
After the extraction I was very emotional and for no other reason than I have given someone – a complete strange- the chance to complete her family, the feeling that comes over you is one that I cannot explain.
I have had so many people try and tell me that what I was doing is a ridiculous thing and I have been told that I am crazy, stupid, insane [the list goes on!] but they will never truly understand the beauty in what I have done.
You are doing an amazing job and I wanted to thank you!

Lots of love, Egg Donor

Baby's Almost Here

Hallo Hier is net ‘n klein brieffie om hallo te se, net ‘n week voor ons hospital toe gaan. Gister middag laat was ons by die dokter en baba is nou 3.7kg. Sjoe lekker groot al ne. Mamma voer baba baie groente en vrugte so ons albei groei baie mooi. (vir die wat nog nie weet nie – ons weet nog nie wat baba is nie, Seuntjie of Dogtertjie) Ons verwagte datum vir ’n keiser is geskeduleer. (as jy na die foto kyk sal jy sien selfs baba se VIVA vir die 4de, ons is gereed.) Dit sal presies op week 39 van swangerskap wees. Toe Pappa gister mooi kyk op die sonar het babatjie vir Pappa oog geknik, Pappa kon dit nie glo nie. Alles loop 100% goed en reg van dag een af tot en met nou, ons almal weet wie is in beheer (Ja, die een wat die baba vir ons gegee het. Ons 3 enige God). Ons is almal so opgewonde en sien so uit daar na om die ons lewens met die spesiale bonneltjie te deel. Die kamer is reg, die tassies is gepak. Pappa het ‘n lys van mense wat hy al begin optrek he om te weet wie almal gebel moet word. Moet nie bekommer nie, ons sal julle op hoogte hou. God se rykste seen vir julle almal. Liefde Ouers

Recipient to Her Egg Donor

Hi Jenny,
I wondered if you could pass on to our egg donor our gratitude and appreciation for participating in this process. Please could you let her know that it has been such a big thing for us and we feel incredibly lucky to have had the option of her egg donation. Assuming all goes well we will be happy to let her know the gender of the child – I’ll keep you posted.
Kind regards,
Egg Donation Recipient

Egg Donation Miracle

Pregnant Through Egg Donation

Hooray!!!!! Thank you so much, and for your role in this process.

Egg Donation Baby Born

Just to let you know that the sweetest little girl in the world was born to me on Tue 5 Oct. I am richly blessed, she is all I ever dreamed of and more.

Love from Egg Donation Recipient xxx

Pregnant With Donor Eggs

Dear Dr,
I'm delighted beyond belief to inform you that my wife's pregnancy test was positive! This is truly a testimony to your hard work and dedication and we are deeply grateful to you and your wonderful staff. We are also grateful to Jenny (baby2mom) and our kind egg donor for her wonderful gift to us. We know the journey has only just began but we are confident of a favourable outcome.

Warm regards
Egg Donation Recipient

Pregnant Through Egg Donation From Mauritius

Dear Jenny,

Thank you so much. I still can't believe the news. In fact I wanted to have my first scan before giving you the good news. I will have the scan next week.
Will definitely keep you up to date. Please pray that everything goes well for us.
I can't thank you enough for what you have done.

Take care

Happy To be Pregnant With Donor Eggs

Dear Jenny,

I have great news. I went for a first scan to find out that it is one child of 5.6mm with a heartbeat of 160 beats per minute and even got a scan's photo.
SO i am really excited.

Thank you very much again for your help.

Kind regards

Recipient Pregnant Through Egg Donation

Dear Jenny,
I am 4 weeks pregnant. Going for a scan to establish the heartbeat on Monday. I will definitely let you know about developments.
Thank you very much for your assistance.
Kind regards

Twins Through Donor Eggs

Why I Donate My Eggs

Good morning Jenny. Just wanted to let u know that the procedure went well. Pls tell my egg donation recipient that i'm happy when she is and thank u very much for the chocolates (they are my favorite chocs) and the thank u card has ma favorite colours just like my room :-). I hope everything works out well. Lots of love.

For An Egg Donor

Dear Egg Donor,
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the gift you have given us.There are not enough words to express our appreciation and gratitude .I’m sure many people think it is easy to become an egg donor but having gone through the process,we understand and appreciate that it is not as easy as it looks.As you well know ,a child is a gift beyond measure and your kindness has given us at least hope to be able to experience this joy. May god bless you and your family.
With thanks and kind regards
Your Egg donation recipient

From Autralia for Cape Town Egg Donation

Hi Jenny,

Thank you so much for sending through those words from KP - I have read her profile so many times now to get a sense of who she is & this adds so much to that. She sounds so thoughtful and considered (and analytical...which as a fellow software analyst by trade I not only relate to but love) and most importantly kind. I would would love it if you could pass on how truly grateful we are that she is providing us with this chance to complete our family and give our little girl (who we concieved miraculously, naturally 2 weeks after our first failed IVF cycle in 2006) a much longed for sibling.

Thank you,
Australian Egg Donation Recipient

Australian Egg Donation Recipient Message to Donor

Dear Egg Donor,
We were thrilled to hear from you. Thank you very much for your warm thoughts. It would be difficult to put in words our gratitude for your time and effort in helping us. We both thought you sounded like a genuine and lovely person from the information provided to us made us feel comfortable in the direction we were heading. Reading your email just reaffirms this.
We consider children to be very precious and have tried so hard to achieve pregnancy. Unfortunately our several attempts at IVF were unsuccessful and we were both happy to follow a suggestion by our specialist to consider an egg donor. We had also explored the possibility of adoption.
I am not sure if it is of interest to you to know a little about us. We both have professional careers. I'm a medical practioner with a particular interest in nutritional and environmental medicine and my husband is a lawyer in the Australian Government. We are passionate about nature and the animals around us and spend much time in our garden, appreciating the simple things around us.
I love Africa and spent some time in Tanzania in a mission hopsital as a medical student. I was very much moved by the plight of children there and it amazes me that the adoption process is so difficult in Australia with waiting times that are measured in years. I have always wanted to visit Africa again and it was a very intuitive preference to travel to South Africa. We feel very honoured to have you help us in this way and we sincerly appreciate how surreal this process may, at times, be for you.
The gift of egg donation that you are kindly providing is priceless to us. Notwithstanding, we would naturally be reimbursing you for all out of pocket expenses including nutritional suppliments that you have very kindly agreed to take( thank you). We are genuingly appreciative of your efforts.
We both want to re-assure you that were we to be blessed with a child, that we would cherish and love him or her, and make sure that we would do our best to allow our child every opportunity to follow their heart and achieve happiness and fulfillment in their life.
We're wishing you all the best through this process and in your life ahead.

With warmest regards,
hopefully to be mom and dad

Pretoria Egg Donor Writes to Australian Couple

Dear soon to be mom and dad,

Just wanted to keep you updated – I went for my screening on Monday 20 September 2010. From the screening all seems to be well. I will go for the blood tests during this week. I understand that this is a nerve wrecking experience as we have had a similar incident in our family and I just wanted to let you know that I am super excited to give the most awesome gift. My sister recently had her son and he is now 2 months old. Prior to his birth, I really didn’t understand the joy a baby could bring. I, myself, am by no means ready to be a mother, but I am totally in love with my sister’s son.

I have started taking the Q10 multi-vitamins but could not get the other one that you requested, so instead the pharmacist has put me on Pharmaton. So, just wanted to let you know that I am safeguarding your egg and that I cannot wait for it to ‘hatch.’ Hope you guys have an awesome day.

Best of luck and hoping that all works out well.

Love Your Egg Donor

Feelings of an Egg Donor

Morning Jenny,
The retrieval was yesterday. Everything went well. The sister told me they go 7 eggs. Hope everything will be successful for the couple. Really glad I could help them. For the first time it feels as if I done something good for other people – so Im happy J

Thank you for the opportunity.
Love Egg Donor

Coming for Donor Eggs from France

Hi jenny,
my husband told me you are a really nice person, i'm very happy
thank you very much for all you made for me, you and the young lady.
i really appreciate
we keep in touch
see you

Message from Egg Donation Recipient

HI Jenny
I just wanted to let you know our good news, we are pregnant. We found out last week and are over the moon.
Thank you so much for all your help and support in finding our precious donor and making this process so smooth. Our first scan is in 2 weeks time so will let you know then how things are going!
Thanks so much again for your dedicated support, so nice to have that reassurance through the process.

From Australia for baby2mom's Egg Donor Agency

Thanks for being so understanding Jenny, I have to say I am so so glad to have you involved in this whole process.

From a Johannesburg Egg Donor

Hey Jenny im still waiting for my cycle. bt can feel itas on its way :). will def be sometime this week. Thanx for being such a good help. would not be able to do any of this withiout u. xxx

Donor Eggs from Australia

Hi Jenny got your message with this. Thank you again Jenny I really apprecite your help and the professional way you conduct yourself.
Egg Donation Recipient from Australia

Pregnant from Africa from Donor Eggs Program

Good morning mummy ! I am very very happy to write for you this morning, just to tell you what happend with my scan yesterday. There is one heart beating as you see on the picture, I am very very happy and don't know what to tell you now. only God can know my heart and tell you. Very very thanks for all attention, my husband is to much happy. I will send you the picture of the baby, it's your baby mummy. please, have a nice day !

How Egg Donors Feel About the Egg Donation Program

Morning Jenny

I’ve just come back from the fertility clinic.

It’s day 2 of my cycle so I went in for a scan – all is well – and received all the medication I am going to be taking.

The fertility Sister showed me how to do the injections and it wasn’t at all as bad as I thought it would be! Relief!

So I’ll be taking all the meds from today and then going back for a scan next week Friday. Let’s hope all goes great from here on.

Have a lovely day.


Botswana Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny,

I went for pregnancy test yesterday and it was positive I am so happy. I have to go see the doctor after 2 weeks.

Pretoria Egg Donor

Hi Jenny

I must say that being an egg donor is great, and receiving the great news that the process was successful made had me in awe. I do pray that God blesses them and the bundle of joy that they are about to have.

May you too be blessed for doing what you do, I am in tears right now. . .

Chat soon. J

Pregnant Through Egg Donation From Cape Town

Hi jenny,

All good so far, tested positive a week ago and 2nd blood test also looked good! So very very happy. We have the first scan in 2 weeks so hopefully all is good then, though taking it day by day at the moment. From the blood test it doesn't look like twins, but hopefully we have a healthy baby in the end, which is all we could wish for.

It's definitely been an emotional process and thanks for everything along the way. We'll keep you in touch with our progress, hopefully it will all be good.

Kind regards
Cape Town Egg Donation Recipient

Egg Donation Baby

Dear Jenny, As you can see from the attached, I am the happiest person in the world! Our precious baby girl was born on the 8th of July, and although I am lacking in sleep my life is perfect. Thank you again Egg Donation Recipient

Successful Egg Donation

Message from Egg Donation Recipient from Angola

Dear Jenny,
I have to thank u for everything,i know it's a long way to go but i beleive that with your help and God's hand everything will be fine.
Egg Donation Recipient

Message from a Beautiful Egg Donor

Hey jenny. M here, I want to thank you for all ur help, u really do such a gr8 job hav a nice day xxx

Egg Donation Recipient from Zimbabwe

Dear Jenny,

Hie Jenny! How are you? Just to let you know that we will be arriving in Joburg on Thursday 2 September in the morning. I am very happy that everything is proceeding according to plan. Thank you so very much, all this would have been impossible without you, may the Almighty continue to lead, guide and bless you.


Battling With Infertility

Hallo Jenny

Thank you for everyhting!

My husband and I had another look at the suggested info and I am blown away by the fact that there are woman out there who are prepared to share such an amazing (sounds too lame for what I mean) experience with others. Motherhood. I am thankful for knowing that.

I think you are amazing and the things you do for woman and families is just incredible! I pray that God would bless your endeavors and reveal Himself through the awe of giving life more and more.

Kind regards
Egg Donation Recipient

Trying to Conceive with Donor Eggs

Yes, we have our answers! Jipieee! Thanks so much for you help, Jenny!

Kind regards
Pretoria Egg Donation Recipient

Message from Egg Donation Recipient in North West

Morning Jenny

Thank you for your email and all the effort that you go through.
Thank you very much
Recipient of Donor Eggs

Egg Donation Pregnancy Confirmed!

Hi Jenny ,
I am very very happy my dear to tell you that I done my pregnancy test this morning and it was good. I'm pregnant, at last ! I am very happy mummy, and so, very thanks you for all you have done for me because this is your work. I bought my medication this morning and will return back home on friday.
I should write you when I arrive, and should tell you when I will go to scan in two weeks.
Very very thanks, have a nice day.....
Egg Donation Recipient from Africa

Message from Egg Donation Recipient

Thanks, Jenny. I really wish everyone else was as prompt and reliable as you are.

Kindest regards,
Parent to Be

Message from Recipient of Donor Eggs

Hi Jenny

Thank you so much for your concern.

May God bless you.

Kind regards
Egg Donation Recipient

Message from Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny
Just wanted to say thanks for all your help so far, if all proceeds to plan we should be receiving our donation next week! It has all been such a smooth process and largely thanks to you making it such a smooth process. Thanks again and i will keep you posted as to how it goes.
Kind Regards
Recipient of Donor Eggs

Egg Donation Recipient from Cameroon

Dear Jenny,
I also be very very happy to give you good news today. last time. The lab told me this morney that I had 31 egg, wonderful and beautiful news. yesterday, I had 14 embryos, and today, 17 embryos and all are feeling very very good. I am very happy you can't know mummy. the transfer is on saturday morning and the pregnancy test on 18th, I want to stay here, and finish all before return back to CAMEROON. very very thanks!!!

Message From a Traditional Surrogate

Hi Jenny,
I just wanted to say thanks for putting me in touch with G. Everything went brilliantly and the little twins are four weeks old today! This has been an amazing and truly rewarding experience!

Many thanks,

Johannesburg Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny

I would like to take this time and saying thank you very

Thanks again
Receiver of Donor Eggs

From An Egg Donation Recipient

Hi Jenny

So sorry it has taken me so long to reply, i have been without a computer this week. Thank you so much for all your help so far, the process has been hassle free and we really appreciate all the help.

Kind regards
Mommy To Be

Surrogate Delivers Twins

Hi jenny, I had the c-section done 2day and both babies are healthy.

Message from a Surrogate

Hi Jenny,
I hope this email finds you well. I’m not sure if the commissioning parent has shared any of the good news with you, so I thought I better let you know incase he hasn’t.

We are expecting triplets and found out on Friday that it is 2 boys & a girl. I’m almost at 18 weeks and everything is going very well.

The due date is 15th November if all goes well. All three babies are healthy and show no signs of abnormalities etc… and they are very busy babies…moving around a lot inside.

I’m doing well, not craving anything YET, and I get the occasional nausea and I already have swollen ankles. I get tired too, but the Dr. said this is normal especially in multiple pregnancies.

I hope you are well.

Have a lovely evening.

Kind Regards

Egg Donation Brings Twins

Just to let you know about the safe arrival of my twin baby boy and girl at the the Clinic on the 29/06/2010.
They both healthy and beautiful and arrived at just over 34 weeks.
Their names are Z and G and i'm really really thrilled.
Again many many thanks and I will send you a pic when they a bit bigger.
Egg Donation Recipient

Egg Donation Recipient Pregnant

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for your kind thoughts - we appreciate it !

The test came back positive !
We're SO, SO HAPPY, and continue to pray for a normal, healthy pregnancy.

Please send our 'heart-felt thanks' and gratitude to our donor - she's a star!

God bless !
Kind Regards,
Egg Donation Recipient

Pregnant With Donor Eggs

Hello Jenny
Excellent news, my blood pregnancy test came back positive, I am delighted.
It is early days, so we are hoping everything will go smoothly. If we are expecting twins I will let you know.
Many thanks for the donor website, its one of the best I have accessed.
Have a good weekend.
Egg Donation Recipient

baby2mom's Reputation Re Egg Donation

From Egg Donation Recipient:

Thanks for your help and amazing effiency - we really feel in good hands with you!

Receiving Donor Eggs

Egg Donation Recipient Writes to Her Egg Donor

Liewe Engel,
Hierdie week is die groot week wat al die inspuitings begin. Ai, hoe kan ons jou in woorde of dade ooit genoeg bedank vir dit wat jy bereid is om vir ons deur te maak en te gee. Jy is voorwaar iemand wat ‘n hart van goud het, iemand wat bereid is om onvoorwaardelik te gee! Die afgelope (amper) 4 jaar was uitmergelend, uitputtend en somtyds ondraaglik. Maar nou is daar vir ons ‘n baie groot lig in die tonnel en vertrou ons dat God hierdie uitkoms gegee het sodat Hy vir ons ‘n hoop en ‘n toekoms kan gee! Dankie, dankie, dankie dat jy bereidwillig is om deel van Sy plan vir ons lewens te wees! Ons bid dat, maak nie saak wat die uitkoms van die IVF gaan wees nie, God jou uit jou sokkies sal seën. Dat Spreuke 3:6 deel van jou wandel met God sal wees en dat jy elke dag Sy liefde en getrouheid intens sal ervaar.
Met harte vol dankbaarheid

Message from Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny,

Eventually, after all the waiting…. this week all the action started! I would like to send our donor a message. Thank you so very much for the part that you are playing in making our biggest dream come true! You are a true angel!

Pregnant With Donor Eggs From the Cameroon

good mornig sister Jenny just to tell you that I have deliver since the 8 of june by opération I am so happy and I enjoy with my baby and I want to comme back to take another I am verry glad and wnt to know after how many time I come back.

Pregnant With Donor Eggs

Hi Jenny
Hope you are well. Just wanted to give you some feedback on the treatment , it all progressed very well. I had my pregnancy test on Friday morning and it was positive. My husband and I are thrilled. We are just praying that all goes well and are looking forward to the 6 week scan to hear the baby’s heart beat so it will all seem more real.

I am being cautiously optimistic at the moment as the first 3 months are so critical. I want to thank you for all your assistance in organizing everything. I will let you know how my pregnancy progresses.

Egg Donation Recipient

From Egg Donation Recipient

Dear Jenny,
I am very happy for you sister, I am seing all things you are doing to help me, thank you very much, thanks again mummy, may God bless you to always doing so to help we......