Reserving Your Preferred Egg Donor Profile

Reserve Your Egg Donor, Simply

We are all unique so the process of selecting the right donor profile will differ for all of us.  We advise you to see which person speaks to your heart and you will know that you are making the right decision for yourself.  This is the very first step in beginning the process of egg donation.

To aid the process, we would like to advise that the process of reserving an egg donor is as follows:

  • Advise your preferred donor reference number.  This is the unique number which identifies that person.  It is recommended that you advise your top three preferred egg donor profiles. Please be mindful if the donor has specific criteria as to whom she may donate.
  • The availability of the donors will be confirmed in order of the recipient's indicated priority.
  • The availability of all donors need not be confirmed if the first preference is available.
  • Please also provide the name of your clinic, name of doctor, fertility clinic file number (if you have one) recipient’s full names (both partners if a couple) as well as race and relationship status.  This information is required to ensure that the recipient's profile matches the donor's specifications.
  • baby2mom will confirm acknowledgement of the request to reserve a donor and obtain confirmation from her regarding her availability to donate in the indicated area.  Feedback on her availability will be provided as soon as possible. In the event that the first option is no longer available, baby2mom will proceed to confirm with the next preferred option.  Efforts from our side will be undertaken within a couple of hours, but please allow that the donor may not respond immediately.
  • Once confirmation of the egg donor's availability has been advised, the fee to reserve the egg donor (as discussed) is payable within three working days.

Please remember to copy all required information about the profile as once the payment and acceptance of terms and conditions have been accepted, her profile will be removed from the database as part of the communication to other recipients that she is no longer available.

Acceptance of the baby2mom terms and conditions is required immediately to confirm acceptance of the egg donation agency's process.

Once payment has been received, we will proceed to communicate all details to the fertility clinic and proceed with the screening as per guidelines provided by the clinic. Introductions to the clinic will be facilitated if the recipient is new to the fertility clinic.

baby2mom will be available throughout the process to intervene in the event of any queries and offer full support to all parties involved. For any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.