Arrive as Egg Recipients and Leave as Proud Parents

There are so many websites and online publications on the subject of parenthood, in these (and especially in the social media posts of friends) the overarching narrative that comes across is this: The journey of parenthood is beset with challenges but deeply rewarding. The love of a parent is a one of a kind love, there is really no bond like the kind a parent feels for their child. It changes everything; in a relationship you experience another dimension of your partner’s character and, for the self, it is the lens that brings every facet of life into focus.

The side of the story that is not as prevalent is that for an increasing number of women, conception is simply not possible and however blameless the reasons, the inability to conceive comes with a deep sense of failure and loss for these women. If you find yourself in this category we want you to know that egg donor services are worth serious consideration and nothing to be ashamed of.

Sometimes the people with the healthiest lifestyles can’t have children without help, and we should know! For over a decade we have been providing reliable and confidential egg recipient services for women looking for a suitable and healthy egg donor. In those years we have facilitated well over 2,000 opportunities through our egg donation services and by enlisting to become an egg recipient, you could count yourself among them.

baby2mom also understands that married couples are encouraged to be fruitful and multiply as indicated twice in Genesis (1:22, 28), so the agony of not being able to procreate runs deep and it is heartwarming to have a solution when your eggs are not working.

We understand that there are many questions and fears around the concept of receiving a donor egg. We try to answer all of these concerns and eliminate the uncertainty by providing as much information and support as possible. We have developed a state-of-the-art database that provides all the information required to find the perfect egg donor match for you. The initiate to help our recipients has been extended to the development of an app to make this process as easy and reassuring as possible.

We’re one of the most established and longest running egg donor agents in the country. We offer ongoing support through the entire egg donation process and connect you with the right fertility treatment centres. We’re open about the challenges and rewards of the egg donor process, and we adhere to a strict code of conduct so that your request is dealt with privately and professionally.

Thank you for coming here. Visiting this page might be your first step to becoming an egg recipient. Our record speaks for itself and we urge you to take the next step and mail us. We aim to demystify the egg recipient donor process through clear communication and a wealth of information in to help you actualise your desire to be a parent.

Review our TV interviews, which clearly explain the process for recipients and answer the frequently asked questions.