FAQ for Intending Parents Via Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a highly exciting and hopeful process and best embarked upon when all parties are adequately briefed.

1Question: How do I find a surrogate mother?
Answer: It is preferable that commissioning parents find their own person.
2Question: Is there a waiting list?
Answer: We have not experienced a waiting period in the past, but circumstances can change at any time.
3Question: How long does the process take to find the right person?
Answer: This is a delicate process and both parties need to be confident and sure that they are comfortable with one another.
4Question: Is there a standard surrogacy donation?
Answer: The exchange of money for surrogacy is not permitted. Surrogates may only obtain an amount for loss of income earned.
5Question: Is surrogacy in South Africa legal?
Answer: The New Children's Act has become effective on 1 April 2010 requiring at least one of the commissioning parents to be domiciled in South Africa at the time of completing the agreement. The requirements for this surrogate contract include:
  • Identity documentation
  • Conformation of the medical requirement for a commissioning parent to require a surrogate mother
  • Medical and psychological assessment of the surrogate mother confirming her suitability to proceed as a surrogate
  • Psychological assessment of the commissioning parent confirming her/ his/ their suitability to become parents via surrogacy.
6Question: Who holds legal rights and responsibilities at birth?
Answer: Commissioning parents hold legal rights and responsibilities over the child as a result of the court order obtained even before the child's conception.
7Question: What are the costs involved?
Answer: Fertility clinic costs, legal fees and associated fees to prepare for the application (including psychological assessments and medical screening), surrogate reimbursement costs
8Question: Do medical aids cover costs?
Answer: Yes, provided the surrogate is not pregnant at the time of requesting cover. This is also dependent on the specific plan.
9Question: Is a waiting period for medical cover applicable?
Answer: Subject to underwriting, no waiting period will apply.
10Questions: What are the implications if the surrogate has not previously been on a medical aid?
Answer: A late joining fee may be applicable, subject to underwriting.
11Question: What type of medical cover will the contributions cover?
Answer: Contributions will cover day-today, chronic and major medical costs depending on the plan selected.
12Question: What will contributions cost every month?
Answer: These can range from around R1,000 per month for a hospital plan only to R3,500 for an executive plan.