Surrogate Moms

Surrogacy is an exceptionally special calling and an appeal is made to woman who enjoy being pregnant to come forward as surrogate moms or surrogate mothers to help those who are dependent on surrogacy to create their families.

To be a surrogate mom, woman are required to:

  • Have at least one living child
  • For South African surrogacy, the surrogate mother should have South African domicilium - that is the intent to permanently live in South Africa
  • Avail themselves for appropriate medical and psychological testing as part of the surrogacy screening process
  • Engage in a process of discussion between commissioning parents to reach agreement on a surrogate agreement
  • Sign a surrogate motherhood agreement which is approved by the High Courts
  • Relinquish all rights and responsibilities of the child at the time of birth
  • Be able to seperate emotionally and physically from the child carried
  • Be of of majority age (at least 18) and not older than 50.

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