Egg Donation FAQ

1Question: Will baby2mom consider what is important in a donor for me?
Answer: Yes, absolutely.
2Question: Will I meet the donor?
Answer: No, South African egg donation is confidential and anonymous. You will however be able to view and copy her detailed profile as she has provided. Neither meeting nor exchange of identifying details can ever be provided.
3Question: Will the donor know me?
Answer: No, reference is made the above answer. The confidentiality and anonymity applies to both parties.
4Question: Will my donor be able to trace my child conceived through her help?
Answer: No, there is no egg donor registry in South Africa.
5Question: Can I breastfeed having conceived through donor eggs?
Answer: Yes - your pregnancy will be as for any normally conceived pregnancy, except the way the baby is conceived.
6Question: Is there an age limit to receive donor eggs?
Answer: Yes, around 51.
7Question: Is there a limit to the number of embryos that are transferred?
Answer: Yes - usually two embryos are transferred. Sometimes three embryos are transferred with written consent between egg donation recipient and fertility specialist.
8Question: Will baby2mom be able to refer me to a fertility specialist?
Answer: Yes,we work with all reputable fertility clinics, so can refer you to clinics based on your preferred region.
9Question: Can I select my own fertility specialist?
Answer: Yes, certainly.
10Question: What happens if I have remaining viable embryos after embryo transfer?
Answer: Viable embryos can be frozen the day following embryo transfer. These can be used for a further attempt or even to assist with a sibling - with exactly the same gene material. The success rates with frozen embryo transfer is exceptionally high. Processes offered by your clinic will be able to confirm the availability of this as well as the costs.
11Question: What is the cost of egg donation?
Answer: Please refer to more about this online.
12Question: What should I consider in an egg donor?
Answer: Understand that you are receiving donor genes, so your baby will adopt the genetic traits. Physical traits are genetic. Interests, social behaviour and intelligence levels will also be influenced by lifestyle and the exposure your child has to life.
13Question: Does it matter if my donor smokes?
Answer: All donors are thoroughly screened and their hormone levels carefully considered. Medical history will always be considered before she is approved. Once confirmed, her smoking status will not adversely affect the outcome.
14Question: Will freckles influence anything?
Answer: No.
15Question: Can I select someone who is a different race to me?
Answer: Yes, provided she has consented to donate to different race groups
16Question: What is egg donation really all about?
Answer: Egg donation is truly about helping. Many woman will not otherwise have the chance for a conception unless through the help of an egg donor.
17Question: Is this all legal in South Africa?
Answer: Yes, more details online.
18Question: Can I visit areas where I may need to take anti-malaria medication while coming to South Africa?
Answer: It is not recommended to be taking any anti malaria medication while having fertility treatment.
19Question: Is there a difference in success rates between proceeding with fresh or frozen sperm?
Answer: No, the success rates are exactly the same.