Becoming an Egg Donor

Egg donors are women who have decided to generously give of themselves and their time to donate their ova or eggs to help a couple conceive.The first step to become an egg donor is to complete our egg donor application form. The more detailed your profile, the easier it is to make a connection and match egg recipients to donor profiles more accurately. We can unfortunately only work with potential egg donors who are based in South Africa.

Our database will include your profile details, baby pics if available and unique profile number (we maintain a strict code of confidentiality to protect your privacy), which will only be available to potential egg recipients registered with baby2mom.

Egg Donor Program

Once you have been chosen as an egg donor you and your recipient will begin the egg donation process. For egg donors this process focuses on:

Health Assessments – A fertility specialist will perform an ultrasound, pelvic exam and blood tests. A qualified psychologist will perform a mental evaluation and provide counselling to ensure that you are mentally prepared for the egg donation process.

Fertility Medication - Once you and your recipient’s menstrual cycles have been synced, as detailed in the egg donation process, you will begin your fertility medication.

These are daily injections (not as bad as it sounds, it’s a little needle as seen in this egg donor video) to stimulate the production of healthy eggs. This process lasts roughly 14 days.

Monitoring – You will have to frequently attend the fertility clinic during the 14 day fertility treatment to carefully monitor the development of your eggs and your response to the medication.

Egg Retrieval – You will have to take the day off for the egg retrieval. This is a relatively minor procedure that takes between 20–30 minutes, which is performed under sedation or anaesthetic. Your eggs are retrieved via a sonar-guided "suction” needle. There are no incisions made. You may be groggy after the procedure and should have someone on hand to drive you home.

Potential Egg Donor Risks

You should be fully informed about your decision to become an egg donor and we have made it our mission to ensure you have all the facts. These are potential risks associated with donating eggs.

Fertility Drugs – Side effects vary from donor to donor and many don’t experience them at all. You might experience moderate weight gain, mood changes and bloatedness. There is a very small chance of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). This is limited by the 14 days of careful monitoring while on fertility medication.

Egg Retrieval – You may experience mild discomfort during and after the retrieval process and the risks associated with various anaesthetics can be explained by your anaesthesiologist.

Long Term Risks – There is no evidence of any long-term effects to your fertility or general health due to egg donation.

You will have the full support of baby2mom and your fertility clinic will always be on hand to guide you through the process. You are bringing an amazing amount of joy into the lives of very lucky people and you will not be alone as you do it.

Egg Donor Compensation

We do not buy eggs or pay per egg donated. However, you will be compensated for the time and effort that it takes to deliver this extraordinary gift of life. You will receive R7,000 compensation on the day your eggs are retrieved.

Please contact us if you have any questions on how to become an egg donor or how to donate your eggs.