Thank you for agreeing to participate on the baby2mom egg donor program

Important Information for Egg Donors to Confirm Prior to Committing to An Egg Donor Program:

Egg donation is a truely special and generous gift and once a recipient is in need of donor eggs, it is after a long and difficult decision of accepting this fact, so we attempt to manage expectations and emotions of egg donation recipient as best as possible whilst ensuring our fantastic egg donors are well informed and understand their responsibilities and dedication required.

Kindly read through the following and acknowledge your committment by completing the form at the end.

Please confirm:

  • Agreement to avail yourself for the egg donation screening within a reasonable time. This is likely to entail a session with a social worker/ psychologist and necessary medicals. The latter will probably include blood tests and an internal scan. Whilst this is your gift, please try not commit to the donor screening if you do not plan to proceed with the full egg donation program as this results in uneccessary costs for the egg donation recipient (on top of already expensive fertility treatment).
  • Availing yourself to take the contraceptive pill as may be directed by the fertility sister to sycnhronise your cycle with the recipient of your precious donor eggs.
  • That you will be committed to participate at the clinic for about two weeks for the internal scans and will take intramuscular injections to stimulate egg development over this time. You will be guided on how to do this and will need to keep appointments and dates as advised – depending on your cycle.
  • Your understanding and agreement of vaginal egg retrieval – either under anaesthetic or sedation – depending on the egg donor clinic.
  • That you are either on the copper T loop, oral contraceptives, mirena or none, NOT the three month injection. Confirmation is also required that you have regular cycles.
  • That you have both ovaries.
  • Whether you are on any medication.
  • That you are not a virgin.
  • That you have not partaken in any recreational drugs for the last 12 months.
  • No substance abuse or dependency issues in you or your immediate family.
  • No diseases/ deformaties/ genetic issues in you or your immediate family.
  • No psychological illnesses in you, your parents, parent’s siblings or grandparents.
  • That you claim no further rights/ responsibilities over a child conceived of egg donation.
  • That you are in a position to commit to the program and if any consent and/ or support is required from a significant other, this has been obtained.
  • Any petrol/ reimbursement costs required are communicated upfront.
  • To the best of your ability, you can participate on the egg donor program.
  • That you are not committed on any other egg donor program – only this one through baby2mom Egg Donation Agency.
  • You understand every thing and can access further egg donor information online or will ask any further questions where you need guidance.
  • You agree to have your name added to whatsapp groups for purposes of the egg donation cycle.
  • baby2mom representatives may use all communication means (including but not limited to cellphone, email, facebook and employer) to reach you should regular forms of contact not be fruitful.
  • Your agreement to keep Jenny at baby2mom updated with screening and the progress of the egg donor program.

By completing the form below I acknowledge acceptance of the above commitment and your agree to proceed as a participating egg donor. Please note any specific comments as may be necessary/ relevant, in the message section.