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Motswaco egg donation interview

27 March 2016, Sunday Times
surrogacy sunday times march 2016

Title: The genetic link is beset by twist and turns
Publication: Saturday Star
Publication Date: March 2016
Comment for the Saturday Star on surrogacy legal matters

July 2015, Jenny Currie interviewed for the Pretoria News,
Discussing egg donation by baby2mom

Jenny Currie interviewed for Pretoria News
July 2015, Babys and Beyond
egg donation in South Africa in 2015

egg donation in south africa in the media

February 2015, Vrouekeur
egg donation in the media

November 2014, Good Morning Africa, #first-egg-donation-app, world's first egg donation app launched

17 June 2014, Vukani FM, Egg donation in the Eastern Cape

March/ April 2014 Issue of Fertility Road

Changing Face of Egg Donation

Egg Donation Explained in detail in the Your Pregnancy, January 2014

Your pregnancy egg donation feature

egg donation feature in your pregnancy

January 2014, Inspiring true account of how a recipient conceived through donor eggs through baby2mom

True Story Involving Egg Donation Miracle

15 October 2013, Discussion with Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon on Vuka Africa, ANN7 regarding egg donation and surrogacy

12 August 2013, Vrouekeur, Eierskenking (Egg Donation)

egg donation eierskenking

9 August 2013, Surrogacy featured on Tswhane tv, Talk to me

August 2013, Summerstrand University Website
University Egg Donors

July 2013, Issue 16 of Fertility Road Newsletter

egg donation newsletter

July 2013, Fertility Road

egg donation story

egg donation stories of the heart

20 May 2013, Egg donation standards in South Africa with Cape Talk 567/ Radio 702

Interview on Radio 702, 20 May 2013

Egg Donation Explained
Explaining Egg Donation

Egg Donor Interview On Tswane TV - March 2013
Egg Donation Egg Donor Interview

Interview on egg donation in South Africa with Dr Rodrigues in November 2012
egg donation medical

Voice of Wits, Egg Donation, 4 September 2012, discussing egg donation in South Africa
Voice of Wits, Egg Donation and Surrogacy, 2 August 2012
Egg Donation Surrogacy

Good Morning Africa, Interview with Experienced Egg Donor, June 2012
Become Egg Donor

Fertility Road, Summer 2012

Egg Donation Ethnicity

egg Donation Ethnicity

Good Morning Africa TV Interview on Surrogacy in South Africa - June 2012
Surrogacy in South Africa

Good Morning Africa TV Interview on Egg Donation in South Africa - May 2012
Egg Donation in South Africa

Fertility Road April/ May 2012
Egg Donation Abroad 1

Egg Donation Abroad

Todays Child February 2012

egg donation in SAegg donations in SA

egg donationssa egg donation

Scoop News - December 2011
Surrogacy SA

Mamas and Papas, November 2011 - Single Dads by Choice Through Surrogacy and Egg Donation

single dads by surrogacy

Single dads by surrogacySingle dads by surrogacy

Great Expectations on ETV - Egg Donation in South Africa, baby2mom represented from egg donor agency - 24 October 2011
Egg donation in SA Psychological aspecst of egg donation
Egg Donation in South Africa Psychological Considerations of Egg Donation

egg donors egg donation recipient
Interviewing Egg Donors Egg donation recipients

Final Comments on Professional Egg Donation

Professional Egg Donation
SAFM - Surrogacy Restrictions to Foreigners, baby2mom radio interview, 17 October 2011

News 24 - October 2011 - Surrogacy Court Orders Approved in Pretoria

Fertility Road August/ September 2011 on Egg Donation in South Africa
International Egg Donor Programs
Egg donation in south africa

Brazil TV - International Surrogacy - baby2mom talks on Surrogacy in South Africa July (see 40 minutes into the show)

Mamas and Papas - Surrogacy in South Africa May 2001
Donate Your Eggs - Womans Health, May 2011
Fertility Road - Surrogacy in South Africa, April 2011
Special Assignment - Labour of Love - Surrogacy in South Africa, SABC 3, 7 Febuary 2011
Morning Live, New legislation on Surrogacy in South Africa, SABC 2, 7 Febuary 2011
3 Talk, Surrogacy in South Africa, 3 Febuary 2011
Sunday Tribune, Surrogacy Legalities in South Africa, 23 January 2011
SAFM interviews Jenny Currie from baby2mom Egg Donation on Surrogacy Legalities in South Africa, 20 January 2011.
The Star, Surrogate Gives Birth to Triplets, January 2011
Sunday Times, Hope for Infertiles, January 2011

Sunday Times Jan 2009

Radio 702, Discussion of Surrogacy on Radio, November 2010, Surrogacy and Egg Donation Discussions
Fertility Road, October/ Novermber 2010, Top UK Magazine on fertility aspects including egg donation, showcasing baby2mom's egg donation program in South Africa
Chai FM, Surrogacy and Egg Donation in South Africa, Octobre 2010
Today's Child, August 2010 - Surrogacy in South Africa
You Pulse, July 2010, Jenny on Living Donations regarding surrogacy and breast milk donation
Living donations Surrogacy

Living Donations breast milk donation

Real Magazine, July 2010, Surrogacy in South Africa
Real Magazine Surrogacy July 2010

Real Magazine Surrogacy 2 July 2010

Marie Claire May 2010, Surrogacy
Marie Claire Surrogacy 2010

Vrouekeur, May 2010, Eier Skenking
Vrouekeur Eier Skenking 2010

Vrouekeur Eier Skenking 2010 2

Mamas and Papas, Why Donate Your Eggs, November/ December 2009

702 Surrogacy in South Africa, 27 October 2009

Surrogacies, Sunday Times, October 2009
Surrogacy Sunday Times

Surrogacy Sunday Times 2
Surrogacy Sunday Times 3

Woeker Met Jour Eierselle, Rooi Rose, September 2009
woeker met jou eierselle
Woeker Met Jou Eierselle 2
Woeker Met Jou Eierselle 3
Surrogates No Longer Legal Parents, Sunday Times, June 2009

Surrogates not legal parents June 2009

Surrogates no longer legal parents June 2009 2

Egg Donation in the Pretoria News and Cape Argus, January 2009
Gift of Life 2009

IOL/ Pretoria News, January 2009

IOL News January 2009IOL news January 2009 2

IOL News January 2009


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