Psychological Assesments Supporting Surrogacy Contract
It is a legal requirement that a psychological assessment is undertaken on both parties to the agreement. 
As the Courts are deemed to be the upper guardian of children, they want to confirm that appropriate procedures are in place to ensure the wellbeing of children to be conceived.  They want to ensure that their is sufficient care and protection of children and have a responsibility to ensure appropriate care is provided for children.
The psychological assessment will differ per individual psychologist performing the assessment, but needs to consider adequate provisions for the care, upbringing and general welfare of the child that is to be born into a stable home environment, ensuring that adequate provision is made for the child's position in the event of death of commissioning parents, divorce, change in circumstances, etc.
Courts will require confirmation of the situation and circumstances of the commissioning parents in detail including:
  • Support systems (if any)
  • Financial positions
  • Living conditions
  • How the child will be cared for
  • Expert assessment reports are required
  • Proper and full details of the commissioning parents
  • Psycho Socio analysis.
For the surrogate mother an expert analysis is required.
A police clearance may also be required or assistance with an affidavit.

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