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South African Egg Donor Agency Provides Hope for Families

Established in 2007, baby2mom is a South African egg donor agency dedicated to the provision of a safe, trustworthy egg donation programme and professional support for both egg donors and recipients. Since opening our doors to the lives and hearts of incredible people from all around the world, we have grown into a leading egg donor agency.

Jenny Currie, the owner of baby2mom, has been extensively featured on prominent news channels and in well-known magazines. She has engaged with the public on processes, challenges and the joys associated with all aspects of fertility treatments. See Jenny in action discussing fertility.

As a leading egg donor agency in South Africa, baby2mom has a solid history of over 1,000 successful egg donation programmes, and is growing every year. Our agency focuses on connecting egg donors and recipients with reputable fertility clinics that specialise in egg donation and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), which contributes to an exceptional success rate.

Our agency provides hope that you and countless others can conceive. Through the kind and compassionate actions of donors, you can match your traits to our extensive database of registered donor profiles quickly and accurately. Our agency provides continuous support to donors and recipients throughout the duration of the egg donation process.

Egg Donor Agency Services

Complete professionalism with confidentiality, anonymity and honesty is guaranteed when you choose baby2mom as your egg donor agency. We have signed the SASREG code of conduct, confirming our compliance to the strict ethical guidelines that govern egg donation and agencies in South Africa.

  • Egg Donation – Find out more about our egg donation programme and the process that provides infertile couples with hope and gratifying results
  • Egg Donors – Register to become an egg donor today. Please carefully fill out our registration to increase the accuracy of matching your profile to a recipient
  • Egg Donation Recipients – Find your perfect egg donor match and begin the incredible journey into parenthood with the generosity and compassion of donors

If you would like FREE access to our donor database, need information about the donation process or baby2mom as an egg donation agency, contact us today.


baby2mom has signed the Sasreg code 
of conduct confirming egg donation 
services in South Africa in accordance with guidelines of professionalism, 
confidentiality and anonymity 


  • Rendering services since 2007
  • One of most established egg donation agents in South Africa
  • Experience in over 1,000 donor programmes.


  • Professional reputation
  • Professional guest on TV
  • Experienced author on egg donation worldwide 


  • Dynamic, updated, user-friendly website
  • Contact us directly. 

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